Презентация "Из Жизни насекомого"

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Тема: «Из Жизни насекомого». Butterfly, butterfly Where do you fly? So quick and so high In the blue, blue sky.
  • Butterfly, butterfly Where do you fly? So quick and so high In the blue, blue sky.
Are they animals?
  • .
  • 1.Flying about the field gathering honey 2. I have wings but I’m not a bird I am small and colorful. I live in gardens and fields and forests. I used to be a caterpillar. I am a… 3. I am small and shy. I have eight legs. I eat bugs. I catch them in my web. I am a…
They are… INSECTS [ˈɪnsekts] What we are going to do?
  • Today we are going to travel to an interesting world of insects.
  • We will learn the names of some insects, will read the text about them, get new information about insects
Look at the Video Look at the Video Name the insects Find insects 
  • Ladybird, hen, dragonfly, bee, goose, deer, fly, camel, ant, tortoise, beetle, duck, cow, mosquito, dog, wasp, grasshopper
What insects can’t fly?
  • Listen to the text and fill in the gaps
  • Parks, ten, homes, insects, insects, eat, birds, honey There are about ..(1). million types of insects in the world. These little creatures live in our .(2).. and gardens. Some live near water, others live in fields, ..(3). and forests. Some .(4).. come out during the day while others come out at night. ..(5). are really important. They keep our gardens clean because they .(6).. dead leaves and other waste. They are also an important food for .(7).. and other animals. Some insects, like bees even make food - ..(8)..

Let’s relax


Writing Let's check. Are you ready? Tell about the insects using the table.Who can? Guess the feelwords Homework:
  • Homework:
  • Make the passport of your favourite insect
  • learn the words
  • Reflection
  • What can you do at the end of the lesson ?
  • I can understand words
  • I can use the words
  • I can find information in the texts