Конспект урока "Королевская семья" 9 класс

Конспект урока по теме «Королевская семья»
Тема: «Королевская семья».
Цель: обобщение знаний по теме «Королевская семья».
- учебная ознакомление с жизненным укладом и обычаями современной королевской
семьи в Великобритании;
- обучающая активизация приобретенных навыков в речи, развитие и углубление навыков
понимания устных и письменных сообщений по теме «Семья».
- развивающая развитие кругозора учащихся, воспитание у учащихся положительного
отношения к культуре, обычаям и традициям народов, говорящих на английском языке,
формирование понимания роли семьи в жизни современного человека.
Форма: урок-встреча.
Педагогические технологии: игровая технология, ИКТ
Оборудование: медиапроектор, компьютерная презентация.
Этап (цель)
Виды деятельности
Речевая зарядка,
внимания к цели
Вступительное слово учителя.
Беседа о значении семьи в жизни
современного человека.
навыков устной речи
по теме «Семья».
Сообщения учащихся по теме
«Королевская семья» с
использованием компьютерной
презентации, видеоматериалов.
Углубление навыков
сообщений по теме
Лексические упражнения.
Углубление навыков
понимания устных
сообщений по теме
Аудирование текста «Королевская
семья» (видеофильм).
языковых средств
при решении
Дискуссия по теме «Преимущества
и недостатки того, что ты член
королевской семьи».
Контроль усвоения
Оценка деятельности на уроке.
T: Good morning. Today we will continue and summarize the topic "Family". I have a surprise for
you. At our lesson you will have an opportunity to talk to children like you but from Great Britain.
Let me introduce them: Julia and Mary. Today we will talk about families in Russia and Great
Britain. And what is more interesting our guests will tell us about the Royal Family. We've
discussed this family at our previous lessons and you can share your information with Julia and
As we know everybody has a family. Is your family important for you? What does your family
mean for you?
P1: Family means a lot for me.
I have a family that loves me.
We support each other in different situations.
P2: The only people who will always love and understand me are my family.
P3: I enjoy spending time with my family.
We don't see the world in the same way. But I know they wish me well and I appreciate
their pieces of advice, but sometimes ignore them.
T: I think it is clear that there is no difference between ordinary families in Russia and Great
Britain. So I offer to continue our meeting with discussing the Royal family.
Julia and Mary, please tell us about this great family. And you, children, be very attentive and add
your information, ask questions if you have any.
Julia: It is a great pleasure for us to tell you about our most famous family - the Royal family. It is
rather large. The members of the Royal family: the Queen's husband Mr. Philip, Duke of
Edinburgh, her sons Charles - Prince of Wales, Andrew - Duke of York, Edward Earl of Wessex,
her only daughter Princess Anne, Prince Charles' wife Camilla Parker-Bowles and his sons Prince
William and Prince Henry and others.
family review (computer presentation)
P4: We've read that for more than a thousand years Britain has always had kings or queens except
for the ten years between 1649 and 1659. In the past, kings had great power and they really helped
to make history. They started wars, made laws, and did things in their own way. But gradually
more and more power went to Parliament.
Elizabeth II calls the Windsor family a «Firm». She thinks of it as a business rather than a
family. And the main business of the royal family is…well, probably being royal. And they are
paid for it. The Queen is one of the richest women in the world and yet she gets about 8 million
pounds a year to be queen. But many people agree that she does her job well and she deserves her
P5: When Elizabeth was 13 she met Prince Philip of Greece. He was six years older then her. He
came from the Greek royal family, but also had relatives in the Danish, British and Russian royal
families. During the war he was in the Navy and that was when Elizabeth first saw him. Certainly
at that time she was only a schoolgirl, but later they fell in love and in 1947 they got married.
The next few years were very happy. They had their first children: a son, Charles, born in 1948,
and a daughter, Anne, born in 1950.
P6: In 1952 King George VI died. Elizabeth was only 25 and she was Queen of Great Britain and
Northern Ireland. Like other kings and queens since 1066, she came to Westminster Abbey for the
coronation in the royal carriage with its fine horses. But, unlike other kings before her, she wanted
the ceremony to be on television. The church and the government didn't welcome the idea. It was
an important ceremony and not a public show, they said. But Elizabeth won. The whole country
watched how the heavy gold crown was placed on the young Queen's head.
Mary: And now I have a chance to show you a short film about this ceremony.
(video film «The coronation», computer presentation)
P7: What traditional ceremonies does the Queen have to keep?
Julia: There are hundreds of traditional ceremonies which the Queen has to keep. Each year, in
September or October, there is the State Opening of Parliament. The Queen, wearing her crown,
arrives at the Houses of Parliament by carriage. There she reads the Queen’s Speech, which
discusses the government’s work for the next year.
Another traditional ceremony takes place on the Thursday before Easter Sunday. The Queen gives
out purses of money to older people who have done good work. This is called « Maundy money»
and tradition is almost seven hundred years old.
Every summer the Queen gives three or more royal garden parties at Buckingham Palace. About
8,000 guests come to each party.
P8: And what do the members of the Royal family usually do?
Mary: The Queen and other members of royal family often travel abroad as guests of other
countries. They meet important visitors. They are invited to the opening of hospitals, schools,
museums, embassies not long ago Princess Anne came to Moscow for the opening ceremony of
the new British Embassy. So their life is quite busy. Besides, the Queen acts as head of the
government so every day she reads official papers from the government and once a week she has
a meeting with the Prime Minister. She also has to read the report of the day from the Parliament.
Any law made by Parliament really becomes a law only if the Queen agrees to it. But no king or
queen has refused a new law since 1701!
Being Queen is not a 9 to 5 job, and Elizabeth II has to work from early in the morning until
late at night. Of course, she has some free time. In her spare time Elizabeth II enjoys horse racing,
fishing, and working in the country side. She also likes taking photos on her travels.
P9: We know that in 1981, people not only in Britain but in many other countries watched the
wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer. Diana looked lovely in her beautiful dress
with a long train. She seemed a perfect bride for Prince of Wales. She was young, beautiful,
elegant. Her family were relatives of the royal family, so there were no problems there.
(video film «The wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer», computer presentation)
Diana and Charles had two sons, William and Harry. Journalists and reporters were quick to write
about royal scandals. They followed Diana everywhere and wrote a lot about her private life.
Finally Diana decided to tell her own story. She worked with a journalist and his book Diana, Her
True Story was printed in 1992 and sold millions of copies. The Queen called 1992 her ‘terrible
year’. The book and newspaper reports told everybody about Prince Charles’ lover Camilla Parker-
Bowles. Charles and Diana divorced.
T: Well, I think you have known very interesting facts about Lady Di. And now I'd like you to do
a small test. Please fill in the blanks and then read the text. Our guests will correct you if you are
Test 1
Diana Frances _________ (Lady Diana) was _______ on July 1, 1961. She ______ two older ________ ,
Sarah and Jane, and a younger _______ , Charles.
After _______ school in 1978 she worked as a ________ , waitress, cleaning ________ and a ________ at
the kindergarten. Her ________ with the Prince of Wales began in 1980.
Diana and Charles were _______ on July 29, 1981 at St. Pauls ________/ The ________ was _________
in 74 countries and _________ by 750 million people worldwide. Diana was the first English woman to
_______ an heir to Englands throne in over 300 years.
accident/announced/beloved/charity/divorce/fell in love/fleeing/mother/paparazzi
She was a devoted ______ to her sons. She also worked for ______ and was ______ by public for her
warmth and humanity.
The separation of the Prince and Princess was ________ on December 9, 1992. The ______ became official
on August 28, 1996.
In 1997 Princess Diana ________ with Emad Dodi’ Fayed, the son of a billionaire. Their romance
ended abruptly on August 31, 1997 when both were killed in a car ________ in Paris while ______
from ________.
Mary: Yes you are right. And as you mentioned Lady Diana had two sons. Do you know anything
about them?
P10: Prince William Arthur Philip Louis Windsor was born on the 21st of June 1982 at St. Mary’s
Hospital in London. He was the first future king of England born in hospital and the first who
attended the nursery school. He has always been popular with his classmates. William spent 3
years at Wetherby school in London. At the age of eight he was sent to a boarding school in
Ludgrove were he spent 5 years. During this time his parents separated.
In 1995 Prince William left Ludgrove and then he entered Eton College. He often visits Queen
Elizabeth on the weekends at Windsor Castle. It has been widely reported that Prince William is
allowed to attend clubs and discos if he obeys the rules set down for him by the queen.
Princess Diana’s influence on William was very strong. Most people note the marked
resemblance between Princess Diana and William.
William is the second in line of succession to the throne, behind his father. Now he is 26.
P11: Prince Henry Charles Albert David, was born on September 15, 1984 at St Mary’s Hospital,
in central London, is third in line of succession to the throne, behind his father and his elder
brother, Prince William.
Harry attended the same schools as William, and in September 1998, he followed his elder
brother to Eton, the most famous private school in Britain founded in 1440 by Henry VI.
Harry wasn’t as academically gifted as his brother William. At Eton Harry had a reputation for
being ‘one of the lads’, unlike his more serious brother William. But in his 24 year his name hit the
headlines in a rather unpleasant way. His experiments with cannabis became public knowledge.
Prince Charles’s reaction was quick.
In March, 2003 Harry played one of the leading parts in Much Ado About Nothing.
William’s role as the future king is clearly defined, but Harry, is the ‘spare’, as his mother called.
Harry is much more relaxed, showing his feelings and saying what he thinks.
T: And now we invite our guests to watch the film about the Royal family and then we will have a
small quiz which will be the summary of all we knew about the Royal family. I hope it will be
interesting for you to take part in it. Please take any place you like. We will watch the film only
once as you've already seen it at our previous lessons. But now you will have to do several
exercises after watching it. But first listen and repeat some words which will help you to
understand the film.
T: Very well. And now I'm sure it will be easy for you to pass the test. Please, have a look at the
screen and listen attentively.
(video film «The Royal family», computer presentation)
T: Please, fill in the gaps in each of the following sentences.
Test 2
Dear guests, please check if the children answer right.
Julia: Yes you are right.
T: So I hope it was very interesting for all of us to know so many interesting facts about the Royal
family. But now I have a question to discuss. It will be pleasant for me to know your opinion. I
think all of you would like to be a member of the Royal family. But don't you think that being a
member of the Royal family has some disadvantages. Let's discuss the advantages and
disadvantages of being a member of the Royal family.
P1: They have a lot of money.
P2: They can travel around the world, get any education they want.
P3: They can meet interesting people: singers, sportsmen, actors, politicians.
P4: They live in beautiful palaces.
P5: Their life is very interesting, they can work for charity.
P6: They have a lot of beautiful, modern and expensive clothes.
P7: There are hundreds of traditional ceremonies which they have to keep, even if they don't want.
P8: They have to read official papers, a lot of letters and answer them.
P9: Journalists and reporters follow them everywhere and write a lot about their private life.
P10: They have to obey the rules set down for them by the Queen.
P11: It is not easy to find a boyfriend or a girlfriend as the whole world will know about it.
T: So now we can see that it is not easy to be a member of the Royal family.
Julia: You have interesting information about the Royal family. It is very pleasant. In many ways,
this is a family like any other, but it is one that fane has placed in an extraordinary position.
Mary: We have some presents for you: English magazines, books and posters. You can read about
the Royal family, English history and traditions.
T: Now it's time to thank our guests for taking part in our discussion and say goodbye to them.
Thank you, dear Julia and Mary. We would be very glad to see you again.
T: Well, now we have some time left. So let's have a quiz.
Quiz (computer presentation)