Презентация "Еcological problems" 8 класс

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Открытый урок в 8 б классе на тему Еcological problems

Учитель: Нигматуллина Р.С.

МБОУ СОШ №3 г. Бирска

The Earth Song

by Michael Jackson

Let’s practice the words and expressions on the topic ‘Ecological problems’ doing some exercises.

So the 1st task is for you.

1 Remember the words and make up the mind – map according to the topic of the lesson.

Environmental problems

Remember the words and make up the mind – map according to the topic of the lesson.

Match the given words with their similar meanings

Amazing to disappear

To die out alarming

Vital problems fumes

Frightening pollute

Unhealthy food environmental problems

Gases wonderful

To damage junk food

to protect to be out of danger

to pollute to allow

to throw to damage

to avoid doing something to clean

to drop litter to clear litter away

to prohibit to catch

to be in danger to avoid doing smth

Match the words (and phrases) with their opposite meanings

Fill in the blanks using the words in the box. (Workbook, ex.17, p.57)

Wastes, throw away, drop, environment, cans of drink, plastic, paper, domestic rubbish, glass, recycled.

These days people have realized how important their .... is. They read newspapers and find out that in one year a European family ... a lot of ...: about fifty kilos of paper and about sixty kilos of .... . Some people throw away ... , plastic packaging, ... their cigarette packets without a thought. But many kinds of ... can be still useful. Most kinds of … and ...., metal, plastic can be ... .

Now work in groups please. Read your own text and fill in fishbone


I see you’re tired. Imagine that you live in an ideal world. You are sitting in the meadow and watching the butterflies flying around you.

Зрительная зарядка: (спокойная музыка).

Look up

Look down

To the left

To the right

To the sky

To the ground

Wink, wink

It’s all right!

Now let’s discuss the main problems of the texts.

The representatives from all the groups announce

the answers.

The first problem is…

The second problem is…

The third problem is…

The possible way to solve these problems are ….


Water pollution

Air pollution

A lot of noise

Cars are the biggest polluters of air

Acid rains

Suffer from smog

A lot of dust, sulfates are thrown into the air

It is not seen but its effects are terrible

Nuclear tests

People cut down trees

Because they need wood and

paper or new places for farms

and houses

Destruction of wildlife

forests are disappearing

The North Sea and the Pacific ocean

Industrial, nuclear waste pollute seas

and oceans Industrial waste

People can’t live without water

A lot of water is poisoned

A lot of litter is on the beaches.

Some of it was left by people,

some was brought by water

Rivers, lakes, seas are

important for the life

Environment (air, water and land where people live in)

Ecology (the right balance between people and environment)

What should be done to protect our planet Nuclear pollution

It is not seen but its effects are


Nuclear tests, wars

Scientists (look for effective ways)

Save water, gas, energy.

Keep your town, streets, yards clean.

Plant trees, flowers and take care of them.


What shouldn’t be done to protect our planet

What can we do to improve the ecological situation?

Make up cinquains about our nature, about the environment together

А Hand, the Line of Grass, Trees Against the Blue Sky Let’s protect our Planet and handle with care!