Сценарий "Однажды в Коннахте" 9 класс

«Однажды в Коннахте» Спектакль по мотивам Ирландских сказок. Автор : Пащенко Полина Александровна
МБОУ «Гимназия № 6» города Брянска
Scene 1
Beautiful green valley. There sacks with fresh apples everywhere. Patrick is lying on one of the them. ( “ Ev Sistr Lau is
played here) One old monk is coming to Patrick.
Patrick, my son, wake up!
Oh, what's up! What's up! I want to watch my dream uo to the end, it's the most beautiful dream I've ever seen.
Wake up, please, my son it's time to make new miracles! People are waiting for!
Oh.....I'm so tired( opening his eyes and rubbing them) I'm sorry, Holy father. I didn't recognize you. You know....I
saw a wonderful dream...I saw piles of apples and barrels with ale, and than all that turned into golden coins. It was
a wonderful dream..I didn't want to wake up.
My son, I think that your dream will come true, You are wanted in Connacht.
Where? I don't want to ride, it's so tiresome.....I like to be here in Ma Jadou.
But You are from Wales!
Oh, please don't shout so loudly, my Holy father. Yes, I'm from Wales, but here Sistr is the sweetiest, here is my
But, my son, our brothers invited you to help them.
But what am I to do there, what's my jab( bret. Job)?
Oh, first you are to help them with the apples, they didn't manage to get good sistr this year, than you are to make
Irish people to live in peace, now they are pagans, not kind christians.
Pagans, christians...........It doesn't matter, if they have good sistr, they will live in peace.
Ok, I will go and help them. I will teach them how to plant good apples and how to drink nectarious sistr!
But be careful, my son. This land is full of pagans, indecent people, they can hurt you! They can tempt you! Be care-
ful, my son!
Ok, my Holly father, I will follow your advice, I will look ahead and around me. Farewell, my Holly Father. I will
do my jab with faith and pleasure.
( Ev sistr is played again)
Short historic information about St. Patrick, his youth, his first trip to Connacht.
Scene 2
Empty green hills. Patrick is walking along them with his red sack.
Why, on Earth, there are no people here! No pagans, no monks! Where are those whom I must help?! Where are
those who want to tempt me and destroy my soul! Where are those people?!
He climbs the hill and seas the Abbey.
Oh, I guess it's the Abbey where I must plant apples. I try to get there and I think I should knock at those luxurious
gates! Oh my God, I've never seen such a beautiful monastery!( he is knocking at the door). Oh, my kind brothers,
open the door please, it's me, Dark Patrick!
An old monk opens the door.
Good day, my Dear son! We need you so much!
Good day, Holy Father! I'm ready to help you with the apples, with your Sistr and It'll be very good to roast some
potatoes for supper.
But, my son! Sistr is just half of job. Our king has called you to help him. He is so aggrieved!
But what happened?
He had 3 sons
Our King is the kindest King in the world. But he had three naughty sons Dicklan, Darty and Darmid. They threw
some stones into the chimney of Lord of ravens.
Lord of Ravens? Who is he?
He is one of the strongest Dark Magicians. He keeps all our town in great fear!
But what did he do to the King?
Oh, he cursed his sons last night. He said that one of them will be a killer, the other will be a beggar and the third
will be a thief. And King Donog is ill now, because Kromakhi cursed him also.
Oh, I think I can do this jab and break the spell. Show me the way to the palace!
Patrick is in palace, he sees king lying in his bed surrounded by the best professors and doctors. 4 ravens are sitting in the
corners of the bed.
Good morning, dear sirs! I'm Dark Patrick, I've come to help you. I will cure king Dormid and send 4 ravens away.
Please, call your princes also!
( one from the crowd) But how will you help us! You look like a beggar.
The King Don't argue, My Holly father sent this fellow to me. He really can make miracles. Don't worry, Patrick, you
will get a lot of gold for you jab.
But frankly speaking I don't need any gold! Let's not waste time! Call the princes.
3 young men enter the room.
What's your name?
My name is Diglan
What spell did Kromakhi put on you?
I am to be a thief. I will be afraid of the law all my life.
Your majesty, Send your son to the University. He will be a judge and he will never be afraid of the law.
1st raven is flying away
What's your name?
My name is Diarmuid
And what is your curse?
I am to be a murderer and I will always have a knife in my hands.
Your majesty, Send your son to the University. He will be a doctor, and than his knife won't be a knife of a murder-
raven is flying away
What's your name?
My name is Daty.
Tell me about your curse.
I will be a beggar and I will depend on people's charity.
Your majesty, Send your son to the University. He will be a poet and he will earn money by his pen and ink.
3d raven is flying away
Patrick Be careful when you see these 3 things : horse's hooves, bull's horns and an Englishman's smile
The King Oh, Dark Patrick you've made me feel better! You've brought peace and harmony to my palace.
raven is flying away.
Your Majesty, I'm always at your service. I'm glad that I've solved your problem.
Don't be so shy, Patrick. You may ask what you want.
OK, your Majesty. I want to go to the Abbey and to help my brethren with apples and potatoes. It's my only wish.
OK, but be so kind and have dinner with us. My wife wants to see you.
Scene 3
Queen Beibhinn
Patrick greets her.
2 maids are standing in the corner.
Look, our Queen is talking to the Saint.
And do you know that our Queen was an ordinary peasant?
Yes, many years ago she was an ordinary Beibhinn O'Donnel
But how did our King choose her?
Oh, she is very wise woman. She was the most beautiful young girl and our king fell in love with her. But she prom-
ised that if the king offended her, she would go away with the most precious things from the palace. One day Queen
Beibhinn was good and graceful to one poor monk. The monk said that his was the Lord's staffette. Beibhinn asked to re-
ceive the guest. The King didn't like her behaviour. They had a quarrel, and the Queen decided to leave the palace. In the
morning she took all the most beautiful jewelry and went to the bridge, than she returned to the palace and took her son,
and than she took our King and said that he was her most precious thing.
Oh, Now I know why she is so famous and respectable. Our Great Beibhinn!
The maid When the woman is at home, all the troubles will leave it
Scene 4
Queen and St. Patrick
Come to me, Dark Patrick, don't be afraid. Many years ago I lived in the village in Konnacht. I never show my su-
periority, I treat all the people equally.
I'am at your service, Madam. I guess you want me to help you once again.
Yes, Dark Patrick. You know my scientistsfrom Margett have a contest with the scientist from Oxford. I want your
Don't worry, Madam. Please, call all your scientist and professors to me.
Professors are standing in front of Patrick, Patrick is looking at them.
Tell me, My sirs. Is there “Master of Latin”, “Master of Greek and “ Master of Great Sciences” in front you?
Oh, yes ,Dark Patrick, I'm Finnigan, Master of Latin.
I'm Aentain, Master of Greek .
I'm Tibbot, Master of Great Sciences
So, my dear Masters, Tell me how many cross -roads do you have on the way to our king Donog's palace?
3 Cross-Roads, Dark Patrick!
And on each cross-road you have a stone, am I right!
Yes, you are, Dark Patrick!
Than, my dear sirs, you should put on the clothes of ordinary bricklayers, take a hammer and go to your stone. We
have 3 Great Masters and 3 cross-roads.
But how we, so famous people we work like ordinary bricklayers!
Queen Stop arguing, my dear professors! Put on the clothes and take your hammers. It's my order.
We are at your service, my dear Madam!
They are going to their stones with their hammers.
Appear professors from Oxford. They are going to the 1
Good morning, can you tell us the road to the palace.
Vale! Via in quatro mile cubitut!
Oh, a simple bricklayer is speaking Latin! Oh, it's impossible
At the second cross roads
-Good morning, can you tell us the road to the palace?
Kalimara! Dramosh ine se bi mili.
Oh, a simple bricklayer is speaking Latin! Oh, it's impossible!
At the third cross road
-Good morning, can you tell us the road to the palace?
But the bricklayer just draws a formula on the stone
Oh, what is it!
Dark Patrick He is greating you in the language of Great science and he wrote that the road to the palace is about 1
Oh, what a wonderful country! Even folk speaks Latin, Greek and Language of Great Science here! I think that we
won't have a contest with the professors. They will surely win! Let's go back to Oxford!
Scene 5
Queen- We will have great holiday in our city! I want all my people to be here, poor and reach, young and old, ordinary
and famous! We will have great fun!
Dancing reel
Scene 6
People sitting round the fire.
Dark Patrick Let's taste Sistr from my magic bottle I brought it from ma Jadou! This Sistr will never come to end, if
you share it with your friends.
One of the maids Ah! Help me, there is a snake in the grass!
Patrick kills a snake with his stick Now, girling, you are saved! And I think tomorrow those fellows will tell that I killed
all the snakes in Konnacht!
The maid Oh, thank you, Dark Patrick! What do you want for your miracle?
I don't need anything! I will tell you a legend! Listen!
Cap O'Rushes( it is played on the stage)
Well, there was once a very rich gentleman, and he’d three daughters, and he thought he’d see how fond they were of
So he says to the first, “How much do you love me, my dear?”
“Why,” says she, “as I love my life.”
“That’s good,” says he.
So he says to the second, “How much do you love me, my dear?”
“Why,” says she, “better nor all the world.”
“That’s good,” says he.
So he says to the third, “How much do you love me, my dear?”
“Why, I love you as fresh meat loves salt,” says she.
Well, he was that angry. “You don’t love me at all,” says he, “and in my house you stay no more.” So he drove her
out there and then, and shut the door in her face.
Well, she went away on and on till she came to a fen, and there she gathered a lot of rushes and made them into a
kind of a sort of a cloak with a hood, to cover her from head to foot, and to hide her fine clothes. And then she went on
and on till she came to a great house.
“Do you want a maid?” says she.
“No, we don’t,” said they.
“I haven’t nowhere to go,” says she; “and I ask no wages, and do any sort of work,” says she.
“Well,” says they, “if you like to wash the pots and scrape the saucepans you may stay,” said they.
So she stayed there and washed the pots and scraped the saucepans and did all the dirty work. And because she
gave no name they called her “Cap o’ Rushes.”
Well, one day there was to be a great dance a little way off, and the servants were allowed to go and look on at the
grand people. Cap o’ Rushes said she was too tired to go, so she stayed at home.
But when they were gone she offed with her cap o’ rushes, and cleaned herself, and went to the dance. And no one
there was so finely dressed as her.
Well, who should be there but her master’s son, and what should he do but fall in love with her the minute he set
eyes on her. He wouldn’t dance with any one else.
But before the dance was done Cap o’ Rushes slipt off, and away she went home. And when the other maids came
back she was pretending to be asleep with her cap o’ rushes on.
Well, next morning they said to her, “You did miss a sight, Cap o’ Rushes!
“What was that?” says she.
“Why, the beautifullest lady you ever see, dressed right gay and ga’. The young master, he never took his eyes off
“Well, I should have liked to have seen her,” says Cap o’ Rushes.
“Well, there’s to be another dance this evening, and perhaps she’ll be there.”
But, come the evening, Cap o’ Rushes said she was too tired to go with them. Howsoever, when they were gone, she
offed with her cap o’ rushes and cleaned herself, and away she went to the dance.
The master’s son had been reckoning on seeing her, and he danced with no one else, and never took his eyes off her.
But, before the dance was over, she slipt off, and home she went, and when the maids came back she, pretended to be
asleep with her cap o’ rushes on.
Next day they said to her again, “Well, Cap o’ Rushes, you should ha’ been there to see the lady. There she was
again, gay and ga’, and the young master he never took his eyes off her.”
“Well, there,” says she, “I should ha’ liked to ha’ seen her.
“Well,” says they, “there’s a dance again this evening, and you must go with us, for she’s sure to be there.”
Well, come this evening, Cap o’ Rushes said she was too tired to go, and do what they would she stayed at home.
But when they were gone she offed with her cap o’ rushes and cleaned herself, and away she went to the dance.
The master’s son was rarely glad when he saw her. He danced with none but her and never took his eyes off her.
When she wouldn’t tell him her name, nor where she came from, he gave her a ring and told her if he didn’t see her again
he should die.
Well, before the dance was over, off she slipped, and home she went, and when the maids came home she was pre-
tending to be asleep with her cap o’ rushes on.
Well, next day they says to her, “There, Cap o’ Rushes, you didn’t come last night, and now you won’t see the lady,
for there’s no more dances.”
“Well I should have rarely liked to have seen her,” says she.
The master’s son he tried every way to find out where the lady was gone, but go where he might, and ask whom he
might, he never heard anything about her. And he got worse and worse for the love of her till he had to keep his bed.
“Make some gruel for the young master,” they said to the cook. “He’s dying for the love of the lady.” The cook she
set about making it when Cap o’ Rushes came in.
What are you a-doing of?”, says she.
“I’m going to make some gruel for the young master,” says the cook, “for he’s dying for love of the lady.”
“Let me make it,” says Cap o’ Rushes.
Well, the cook wouldn’t at first, but at last she said yes, and Cap o’ Rushes made the gruel. And when she had made
it she slipped the ring into it on the sly before the cook took it upstairs.
The young man he drank it and then he saw the ring at the bottom.
Send for the cook,” says he.
So up she comes.
“Who made this gruel here?” says he.
“I did,” says the cook, for she was frightened.
And he looked at her,
“No, you didn’t,” says he. “Say who did it, and you shan’t be harmed.”
“Well, then, ’twas Cap o’ Rushes,” says she.
“Send Cap o’ Rushes here,” says he.
So Cap o’ Rushes came.
“Did you make my gruel?” says he.
“Yes, I did,” says she.
“Where did you get this ring?” says he.
“From him that gave it me,” says she.
“Who are you, then?” says the young man.
“I’ll show you,” says she. And she offed with her cap o’ rushes, and there she was in her beautiful clothes.
“Scaborough fair “ is played there
Well, the master’s son he got well very soon, and they were to be married in a little time. It was to be a very grand wed-
ding, and every one was asked far and near. And Cap o’ Rushes’ father was asked. But she never told anybody who she
But before the wedding she went to the cook, and says she:
“I want you to dress every dish without a mite o’ salt.”
“That’ll be rare nasty,” says the cook.
“That doesn’t signify,” says she.
“Very well,” says the cook.
Well, the wedding-day came, and they were married. And after they were married all the company sat down to the
dinner. When they began to eat the meat, that was so tasteless they couldn’t eat it. But Cap o’ Rushes’ father he tried first
one dish and then another, and then he burst out crying.
“What is the matter?” said the master’s son to him.
“Oh!” says he, “I had a daughter. And I asked her how much she loved me. And she said ’As much as fresh meat
loves salt.’ And I turned her from my door, for I thought she didn’t love me. And now I see she loved me best of all. And
she may be dead for aught I know.”
“No, father, here she is!” says Cap o’ Rushes. And she goes up to him and puts her arms round him.
And so they were happy ever after.
Scene 7
Dark Patrick I like your legend, girling! Now I'd like to tell you my story. It happened long ago in ma Jadou, in my Ab-
bey. I just arrived from Wales and was told that the King of Brettany had a great trouble, his favourite geese was ill. You
know, he liked this geese very much and it brought him fresh trout from the river. So I went to King's Earlin palace. But I
was dressed as an ordinary tinner. I met my King in the forest and said Hey, your majesty, I'm a tinner, I can make old
things new. I also said that I can make his geese young again. The King was very surprised, first he cried and tears of joy
were shining on his face, than he handed the geese to me. He promised that he will give me all the lands where his geese
would fly that day. I took the geese and blew on its wings. And than it rushed inti the sky and made a great circle, I think
it traveled all over Ma Jadou. King Earlin wanted to present all these lands, but I refused, because he treated a simple
tinner with great respect. Than, I told him my name, and he prayed for a long time. I also prayed and I want the geese to
be forever young. You know, autumn usually comes very soon, she has very quick pace, a pace of a good hound.
Innkeeper Stop thief! Stop thief!
Patrick What's the matter? Why do you think that this man is a real thief?
Innkeeper Listen, listen to me everybody. This fellow sat in my inn and didn't pay for his meal.
Patrick And did he eat or drink anything?
The fellow No, no I just sat at the table. I was very tired and I decided to have short rest there. I had a small piece of
bread in my beg and I want to steep my bread with the smell of dishes.
Innkeeper You see! You see! He is a real thief!
Patrick Come to me, kind innkeeper. Do you see this purse?
Innkeeper Yes, yes. It's full of gold, I think.
Patrick Come here and bend down, you will get your “reward”.
Innkeeper comes, Patrick shakes the purse near innkeeper's ears and says: Listen, listen carefully! Then Patrick lays the
purse back in his pocket.
Innkeeper But what is it? Where is my money?
Patrick You sold him smell of your food, so you got chink of the coins.
Everybody laughs.
Patrick The house has burnt, but the roof is sound.
Everybody laughs.
The fellow Thank you, thank you! You saved me from severe punishment. What can I do for you.
Patrick Nothing, just tell me a short legend. Besides, What's you name?
My name is Tom Fitzpatrick. I live in a village Donneglow in Connacht
I can tell you what happened to me in the forest! It's more interesting than any legend
Tell us, tell us the story!
You know, I met a leprecon this morning!
What, a leprecon? A real leprecon? But how could it happen?
Scene 7 ( The story is played)
Tom is walking in the forest, he is listening to the birds. Suddenly he hears some strange noise Oh, what is it?
A small creature in green clothes with a jug appears in front of him.
Oh, a leprecon! A real Leprecon! A small elf-cobbler! Oh, my he had only right shoes a real leprecon!
Yes, I'm a leprecon, stop shout, stupid man. Clear off, it's my forest!
Don't be so angry, sir, I've never seen a leprecon before. Can I help you, your jug is so heavy!
Oh, no, it'my jab! It's my jug, clear off, young man!
But what precious thing do you have in your jug?
I have beer.
But where did you get?
I made it myself from pure heather!
From heather?!
Yes, it's a secret of my family.
But sir, can taste your bear?
No, clear off, look your cows are spoiling the field!
What cows?
Tom wants to look back, but he understand that it was a leprecon's joke and catches the creature by the leg. But he
turned the jug upside down.
Oh! Now I've never taste the bear! Than, tell me, where is your gold?
Oh, sir, it's just here in this field. Under this very camomile.
Tom prepairs to dig, but he has no shovel.
Oh, hell! I forgot a shovel. I'll put a ribbon at this camomile and go to the village. And you, old nasty creature,
you mustn't take the ribbon!
Okey- dokey, sir! You will be very happy, when you find my gold.
Tom goes away, the leprecon puts the ribbons on all the camomile and goes away.
Tom comes Oh, an old cunning leprecon! He pulled my leg! Now I won't get my gold!
If my father made me a cobbler, everybody would be barefooted.
Everybody laughs.
Patrick So Tom if you lose, don't lose the lesson! Try to leave in harmony, never try to steal the things, try to earn them!
Look, it's a leaf of shamrock, you can find it everywhere in Konnacht. It has 3 parts, like a Saint Trinity: Great Lord, His
Son and Saint Spirit. I want everybody in Ireland to wear a leaf of shamrock to be lucky and to remember about eternal
harmony of this land. I'm Dark Patrick, your Saint Patron!
And now, Tom Fitzpatrick, bring us sistr and ale from the inn! Tomorrow we will work and now let's continue our holi-
day! Long live King Donog, Long live Queen Beibhinn! And we, my sisters and brothers “ Evon sistr!”
Ev Sistr, Lau”( everybody)
1. Ev sistr 'ta Laou, rak sistr zo mat, loñla
Ev sistr 'ta Laou, rak sistr zo mat
Ev sistr 'ta Laou, rak sistr zo mat
Ur blank, ur blank ar chopinad loñla
Ur blank, ur blank ar chopinad
2. Ar sistr zo graet 'vit bout evet, loñla
Hag ar merc'hed 'vit bout karet
3. Karomp pep hini e hini, loñla
'Vo kuit da zen kaout jalousi
4. Ev sistr 'ta Laou, rak sistr zo mat, loñla
Ur blank, ur blank ar chopinad
1. Пей сидр, Лау, сидр хороший,
Кружка, кружка, поллитровка.
2. Сидр сделан для того, чтобы его пили,
А девушки, чтобы их любили.
3. Давайте любить каждый свою половину,
И никто не будет ревновать.
4. Пей сидр, Лау, сидр хороший.