Презентация "My school" 9 класс

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Let's go on an excursion of our school.

Welcome to our school! My school is a two-storied

building with a lot of classrooms, where we learn different subjects





We are thankful for our teachers who work with us.


The classrooms for the primary school are on the first floor and the classrooms for the high school are on the second floors.

Sports hall

Manual training


We have manual training lessons where boys do woodwork and girls learn how to sew and cook.


All the classrooms of our school are spacious and light.

Everything is new in our school – desks, tables, chairs.

We can see a computer classroom where students learn to work on computers and make programs on subjects.


We often take books in our library. There are collections of short stories, books of adventure, tales and historical novels that discover panoramas of history and life of foreign countries, psychological novels, and the immortal classics.


The school canteen is one of the biggest and liveliest places of our school. There are enough tables and chairs for all the students of our school to sit and enjoy their time there.



We also have a big assembly hall. Different competitions and events are held there.


We learn information about some periods of Russian history: The World War II.


I like to play hockey. Hockey is very popular now. I take part in different competitions. I think that it is very important for a man to be healthy and keep fit. I like my team.

We often perform at many concerts and festivals. We learn a lot of dances and they come from different country. If you have chosen a hobby according to your character and taste you are lucky, because you life becomes more interesting.