Сценарий "The Journey of Blue arrow"

The Journey of Blue arrow
Scene 1
(Франческо -- у витрины игрушечного магазина)
Franchesco: What a beautiful train!
(В доме Феи. )
Fairy: (укладывает игрушки) This is for Jianni and that is for Marchello. …And
this one? Who could have ordered this doll?.. Ah! Certainly, it’s for Angella.
(замечает за окном Франческо) There he is (Открывается дверь.
Входит Франческо.)
Franchesco: Seigneor Fairy. (Ветер сдувает со стола листы бумаги. )
Fairy: Close the door! Immediatey! (Франческо и Фея собирают разлетевшиеся
листы бумаги. ) Well, What do you need? I guess, you’ve come to beg this
Blue Arrow train again.
Franchesco: Seigneor, I like this Blue Arrow so much!
Fairy: As far as I remember, your name is Franchesco, isn’t it?
Franchesco: Yes, Seigneor, it is.
Fairy: You aren’t in the list… Don’t you see I’m busy. It isn’t a right day today. I
have no time to speak to you. I have a thousand things to do!
Franchesco: Seigneor Fairy. I have never received a present from you
Fairy: Again! I messed everything up. (Обращаясь к Франческо ) Will you finally
leave me?! (Выпроваживает Франческо. Переворачивает табличку на
двери с надписью “Closed )
Puppy: (Обращаясь к игрушкам ) What is she saying to him?
Fairy: Everyone wants to get nice presents from the Fairy but no one is wiling to
pay. Everyone asks for a loan. And this one… wants the Blue Arrow, the
most expensive toy!.. May be, He also wants to receive all the passengers as a
gift! (Уходит. Игрушки оживают. )
Scene 2
Monkey: Have you heard? Have you heard? She won’t give him anything for
Christmas this year?
Doll: She is totally heartless. That is what I say. Poor thing!
Monkey: Poor, poor Franchesco!
Puppy: I wish I were gifted to him. He would play with me then.
Soldier: Boys like to pay with toy soldiers.
Indian: Franchesco has been dreaming of a Blue Arrow.
Puppy: Let’s go to him on the Blue Arrow.
Doll: I would be so happy to ride around the city!
Engine driver: But we don’t know where he lives.
Puppy: I’ll be able to find the way. After all, I am a dog.
Soldier: This is a riot! There should be an order. Discipline is first and most.
Doll: You don’t want to ride, do you? Then, stay here in this dusty shop window!
Soldier: Stay here?! Commanded by this old Fairy?! -- Never! Let’s go!
Toys together: Let’s go! Let’s go!
Engine driver: (Звонит в колокольчик.) Seigniors, please take your seats. The
train is leaving at midnight.
(Часы бьют 12 раз. Поезд отправляется. Появляется Фея.)
Scene 3
Fairy: New Year! New Year! Everyone enjoys the holiday while I’m so busy with
all this stuff! I have to deliver a thousand of presents to children and all within
one night. (Замечают, что нет игрушек.) Oh! They have stolen it! Blue
Arrow! What is going on! I’m wondering if Franchesco did it! What a mean
boy! (Выбегает из дома.) Thieves! Robbers! Help! Help!
(Немая сцена. Подбегает полицейский. Фея и полицейский машут руками, что-
то говорят. Мими прозодит поезд..)
Soldier: Stop! (Поезд останавливается)
Toys: What’s the matter? What happened?
Soldier: The cavalry is moving in our direction. We can be spotted.
Teddy-bear: Quiet! They can hear us.
(В доме Феи)
Fairy: Just think of it! They stole toys on a New Year eve. (Укладывает игрушки в
корзину.) If only I were rich! I would give presents to all children for free.
(Одевается. Выходит из дома. Рассматривает зонтик) Its worn out.
(Раскрывает зонтик. Улетает. Появляется поезд. Останавливается на
площади у елки.)
Doll: Ah! How joyful and beautiful it is here!
Monkey: Yes, yes… It’s wonderful!
Soldier: May I invite you for a dance! Orchestra! Waltz! Everyone is dancing!
(Танцуют Кукла с Солдатом, Обезьянка с Медведем.)
Puppy: It’s time to go!.. Franchesco…
Doll: Let’s stay here for a little bit.
Indian: The Puppy is right. We must hurry.
Engine driver: Hurry up, seniours. The train is leaving.
Teddy bear: He is drowning
Monkey: Help him.
Puppy: I will rescue him.
Soldier???: Hold be tight. I am made of wood.
Hostile aircraft!
Teddy-bear: Pull faster, pull.
Fairy: Interesting. I just saw the Blue Arrow. Where did they disappear? I
have no clue.
Doll: It seems like we will stay here forever
Teddy: It is not mice, it’s me. But I am very scared.
Soldier: Quiet. They will hear us.
XXXX: There is another trail here
Puppy: The back door.
Driver: What happened?
Puppy: Traces have disappeared.
Monkey: How could they disappear? Could not Francesco simply fly
XXX: Snow destroyed the traces.
Soldier: We rode a long way to no avail.
Doll: What shall we do?
Driver: The train cannot go in such a blizzard. We have to wait.
Puppy: I am not staying with you. I will be looking for Francesco.
Teddy: You kidding. You will not find him in such a blizzard.
Puppy: I will search around the entire city.
Fairy: That is it. I will have to fly back home due to weather conditions.
Coachman: What is the point of flying on the umbrella when airplanes are
readily available?
Fairy: It is none of your business.
Coachman: What did you say?
Fairy: I said let’s go.
Fairy: Blue arrow. There you are.
Doll: We wanted to find Francesco.
Monkey: And did not find him.
Teddy: He will definitely come here.
Fairy: Fine. Let it be your way. We will make a party for all children. Stay
Francesco: Whom do you belong to? What is your name?
Let me go. I am innocent.
Policeman: Go. We will investigate this later.
Fairy: Even during the day they do not leave me alone.
Policeman: I brought you the thief.
Francesco: Seigneor, I am innocent.
Fairy: A thief. What a nonsense. Let him go immediately.
Policeman: But yesterday you told me that he has stolen toys from you.
Fairy: Yesterday remained in the past year. And today a new year has
begun. Let the boy go.
Policeman: Deal with him your self, Seigneor. Happy new year.
Fairy: Puppy?
Francesco: It is my friend, Seigneor.
Fairy: I have seen him somewhere. He looks like… Never mind, that one
was smaller and it did not bark. Do you want to work for me?
Francesco: Of course. I would be glad to work of a Fairy.
Fairy: It seems like you wanted to get the Blue Arrow.
Francesco: I am working now and I do not have time for playing.
Fairy: Go to the square to the New Year tree and tomorrow we will не
понимаю дальше.
Francesco: OK.