Конспект урока "The fauna of Kazakhstan" 8 класс

Grade 8“ә”
Grammat theme: There is /there are
Lexical theme: The fauna of Kazakhstan
The aims of the lesson: to speak about animals;
to teach pupils to work in the group; to help each other
to improve pupils skills in speaking, reading, understanding, translating, and writing about animals.
to enlarge pupils vocabulary
The methods of teaching: Speaking, writing, listening, reading
The equipment of the lesson: active blackboard, slides ,a book, pictures,
The result:Pupils know how ask and answer the questions, pupils will take some advice of spelling the
The plan of the lesson:
I. Organization moment
II. Checking up home task
III. Presentation of lesson materials
IV. Consolidate of new material
V. Reflection
VI. Home task
The procedure of the lesson:
I. Organization moment
a)T: Good afternoon children
P:Good afternoon teacher
T:How are you
P:We are fine, thank you , And you
T:I’m fine today. Take your seats
Who is on duty today
P: I’m on duty today
T: Who is absent?
P:All are present
T:What day is it today?
P: Today is ….
T:What date is today ?
P:Today is 3 February
What month/season is it now?
T:What’s the weather like today?
P: The weather is cold, warm, windy today
II. Checking up the home task
T: Guys. Let’s check up your home task .What is your home task?
P:Our home task is ex … p..
T:OK.. Sit down please.
Warming up
talk about animals, question - answers: - Do you like animals?
-What animals do you know?
-What group of animals do you know?
-Where they live in the forest?
-Do they live in the forest?
-Do they live in deserts?
-Do they live in oceans?
-And have you got them at home?
III. Presentation of lesson materials
T:Read the task ex 1
The fauna of Kazakhstan
The desert zone with poor vegetation and salt water is the habitat of large hedgehogs,mouflon,gazelles
,antelopes , desert lynx.Manuls can be found there too. Until recently , the desert area was inhabited by
cheetah, which disappeared because of the sharp reduction in the number of gazelle-its main
food.Seleviniya which has not been discovered outside of Kazakhstan , can be found only in the
Betpakdala,in some parts of North Balkhash, in the Alakol and Zaysan basins . Antelopes- saiga and
gazelles winter in these deserts .Some species adapted to living in the sands are typical for sandy
deserts:ground squirrels,sand cats. In the desert rivers,wild boars,sandstone hares are common.In reed
thickets along the coast of lake Balkhash , Sasyk kol and other lakes,colonies of pelicans,
spoonbills,white and gray herons,cormorants and gulls can be found.
The fauna of the mountains bordering on Kazakhstan from the Sounth and East is extremely diverse.In
the coniferous forests of the Altai,typical forest animals are found -elk,deer,musk-deer,ibex,argali,Altai
mole,brown bears,lynx, sable,wolverine,snow leopard ,flying squirrel,chipmunk,Altai marmot. In the
mountains to the south of the Zaysan basin there live deer, roe deer,argali,Siberian ibex,a brown bear,a
lynx,snow leopards,manuls and long-tailed ground squirrel.
T:Let’s do crossword
Look at the picture.(оқушыллар суретке қарап крассворд шешу керек)
IV. Consolidate of new material
. Write wild or domestic animals.
Fox, rabbit, cat, horse, elephant, wolf, dog, lion, tiger, cow, bear, monkey, pig.
Wild animals Domestic animals
V. Reflection
T:Did you like this lesson?
Was this lesson interesting?
Giving marks
T: … you marks..
VI. Home task
Guys open you dairy book and write down your home task
Your home task is ex ex 2 p 133 learn by heart the poem
Guys stand up please
The end of the lesson:
Our lesson is over , thank you for your attention , see you next lesson.
Good bye
P:Good bye teacher
Мұғалімнің қолы мен бағасы …….........