План урока "Традиции Рождества" 6 класс

План урока английского языка
на тему «Традиции Рождества» в 6 классе.
1.Организационный этап. (2 минуты)
Good Morning! I am very glad to see you. How are you? (ответ детей)
Sit down, please. I hope, you will enjoy our lesson and be friendly to each other. I
wish you a good luck! Let’s start!
Перед каждым из вас лежат оценочные карта: Christmas tree. You should
decorate it. Вы можете её украсить, раскрашивая шарик после правильного
ответа. Подпишите свои елочки! Если вы закрасите 8-10 шариков, то
получаете оценку «5», если 6-7, получаете оценку «4», 5 шариков – оценка
2.Этап мотивации.
1) We start our lesson, which is connected with English holidays. What holiday
can you see on the screen? Children’s answers.
Which holiday will we celebrate soon? Children’s answers :Christmas
Who can guess this word? (один ученик составляет слово)
Right! Today we will speak about Christmas.
2) Do you like Christmas? Why?
Childrens answers.
3.Этап актуализации и фиксирования индивидуального затруднения в
пробном учебном действии.
Today well talk about Christmas.
1) What words do you associate with Christmas? Choose the word: read, translate
and put it to our word Christmas.
Обратите внимание, что остались некоторые слова. Что вы думаете про них?
Они вам пока не знакомы.
2) How do British people celebrate Christmas?
There are some interesting traditions. They sing songs, write letters to Santa,
decorate Christmas tree and get presents. Today you’ll know some British symbols
of Christmas and how British people celebrate Christmas. Today you’ll write
letters to Santa Claus and get presents.
I asked you to prepare some information. What have you done?
Come here and tell us about Christmas traditions. Thank you.
Listen and write new words, then add it to the word Christmas.
4)Этап закрепления с проговариванием во внешней среде.
1) Now we are going to work in 3 groups.
Santa Claus will ask you some questions. Quiz from Santa Claus.
You should answer the questions. Read the questions please. Первая группа
отвечает, за правильный ответ – каждый в группе раскрашивает шарик, если
группа не отвечает, то право отвечать переходит к другой группе.
2) You are well done! Let’s have a rest and sing a Christmas song.
3) There is another famous Christmas tradition. We are going to write letters.
T: Why do the children write letters?
C:-They want to get presents.
What would you like to get on Christmas?
Let’s work in pairs. Role-play a dialogue. Use the example.
Составьте диалог в группе – спросите, что бы вы хотели получить на
рождество. Шарики раскрашивают только отвечающие.
Thank you. You are well done!
5) Этап включения изученного в систему знаний.
1) It’s time to write letters. Complete the letter.
2) Let’s decorate Christmas tree. Complete the sentences with prepositions.
3) What is the difference? Compare the pictures.
4) It’s puzzle time. Crossword.
6) Этап рефлексии.
1) So, it is time to finish our journey to Christmas. What have you learnt during the
During today’s lesson I have ( found out , learnt, remembered) about …
3)Now look at your Christmas Trees. What marks do you have? Поднимите руки
у кого 8-10 шаров закрашено «5»…
4)Did you like our lesson?
If you say yes put your small Christmas tree next to our big Christmas tree.
If you say No - put your small Christmas tree on the teacher’s table.
6) Thank you for your work! Our lesson is over. Good luck and Merry Christmas!
1)It is the most favourite winter holiday in Britain. British people celebrate it on
the 25
of December. They decorate houses and Christmas tree with colored balls.
London streets have got beautiful decorations at Christmas. There are lots of
Christmas traditions in Britain.
3)Long ago, each child hung a stocking or a sock over the fireplace. They believed
that Santa left presents inside the socks for them.
4)Today the red socks are fabric bags still called stockings. Giving presents is a
Christmas tradition and Santa Claus comes through the chimney and puts presents
inside and under the Christmas Tree. The children put their presents too.
5)On Christmas table there is a turkey or a ham, potatoes and pie, many food and
drink. Some people have a ham or a goose. Pumpkin pie, plum pudding and
fruitcake are favourite desserts.
2)Every Christmas British people are presented a big Christmas tree by Norway.
They put it up in Trafalgar Square in London.
A star
A Christmas
A bell
A candy
a Christmas
a wreath
a stocking
a Christmas
a present
a ribbon
a wrapping
Santa Claus
A sleigh
A reindeer
A fireplace
An elf