Презентация "Eco - helpers" 7 класс

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Презентация к уроку 7v Тема: «Eco-helpers» (учебник ‘Spotlight’ 7класс авторы: В. Эванс, Д. Дули, О. Подоляко, Д. Ваулина)
  • учитель английского языка
  • первой категории
  • ГБОУ Школа №1909
  • Чувашкина М.А.
Match English and Russian equivalents.
  • plant flowers
  • recycle cans
  • collect rubbish
  • build nesting boxes
  • teach the cycle of life
  • clean out a pond
  • read a book about ecology
  • строить домики для птиц
  • читать книгу по экологии
  • сажать цветы
  • чистить пруд
  • собирать мусор
  • подвергать вторичному использованию банки
  • преподавать цикл жизни
Look at the picture at p. 78, and correct the sentences.
  • Sally is teaching the cycle of life.
  • Dave is reading a book about ecology.
  • Tim is collecting rubbish.
  • Jane is planting flowers.
  • John is cleaning out a pond.
Read the sentences and transform them into the present perfect continuous tense.
  • Jane is teaching the cycle of life.
  • _________________________________________
  • Rose is cleaning out a pond.
  • _________________________________________
  • Dave is planting flowers.
  • _________________________________________
  • Tim is building nesting boxes
  • _________________________________________
Label the pictures.
  • a ladder
  • a hammer and nails
  • a spade
  • a watering can
  • a rake
  • a net
  • gardening gloves
  • a plastic bag
Read the dialogue and complete the sentences.
  • Sally ___________________for a month.
  • Dave’s been_____________________.
  • The birds will leave the city if_________.
  • Tim wants to ______on Monday morning.
Fill in with live, life, leave and live [laiv].
  • It is my dream to _______ in New York.
  • We are _______ for London on April 5.
  • ___________ is not all cakes and ale.
  • I like watching _______ commentaries.
Read the examples. How do we form question tags? Find examples in the dialogue in Ex. 3a.
  • He works in the camp, doesn’t he?
  • She can’t come, can she?
Complete the question tags.
  • Rose is cleaning out the pond, _________________?
  • Andy has been reading a book for 15 minutes, __________________?
  • Sally is collecting rubbish, ______________?
  • They study at a secondary school, _____________?
  • You can speak three languages, _______________?
  • He has passed the exam, _______________?
Read the study box. Find examples of (absence of) necessity in the dialogue.
  • I have to take the dog for a walk before I leave. (it is necessary)
  • It is Saturday – I don’t have to go to school today. (it is not necessary)
What does/doesn’t Roger have to do?
  • Order more trees done!
  • Call the recycling centre
  • Tidy the eco-library Sally & Andy
  • Clean out the clubhouse
  • Buy more wood and nails next week
  • Give out membership cards
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