Презентация "The Moscow Kremlin" 8 класс

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The Moscow Kremlin
  • Moscow Kremlin is the historical center of Moscow, which situated on the left bank of the Moscow River, on the Borovitsky Hill, the most ancient part of the city. Existing walls and towers were built in 1485 - 95. The total length of the walls - 2235 m, height of 5 to 19 m, thickness - from 3.5 to 6.5 m. The Kremlin has 20 towers. The highest tower - Spasskay, it has a height of 71 m.
  • The largest tower of the Kremlin is Spasskaya Tower. Princes and kings drove through its gates to the Moscow Kremlin.
  • Troitsciy Tower is a tower-giant. It’s height is 71 meters.
  • Cathedral Square. It is surrounded by three majestic Cathedral - Uspenskiy, Blagoveschenskiy and Archangelskiy. Each cathedral has an appearance and function.
Uspenskiy cathedral
  • The kings in this cathedral in a festive atmosphere were married on the reigning. A Russian-warriors, before they going to battle, swore in the cathedral to spare there life for Moscow.
Blagoveschenskiy cathedral
  • The cathedral was built in 1489 and at the beginning it has 3 domes.
  • Archangelskiy Cathedral is the most magnificent of the Kremlin cathedrals. The cathedral is a tomb of the Moscow princes and kings.
  • Tsar-kolokol
  • Tsar-pushka  — Russian artillery monument it cast from bronze in 1856 by Russian master Andrei Chokhov.
  • Diameter is 6.6 m, weight is near 200 tons
  • The Belfry of Ivan Velikiy. The bell tower is an example of the influence of the Italian tradition of building the bell towers. After add to the height of 81 m in 1600, the bell tower became the tallest building in Moscow before the XVIII century.
Pokrovsky Cathedral (St. Basil's Cathedral )
  • Pokrovsky Cathedral (St. Basil's Cathedral )
  • Orthodox church is widely known that monument of Russian architecture. Before the XVII century it was usually called the Troichkiy.