Конспект урока "Молодежные субкультуры" 10 класс

Урок английского языка в 10-м классе на
тему: «Молодежные субкультуры»
Учитель английского языка МАОУ СОШ №3 Шипикина Елена Николаевна
Цели и задачи урока:
Учебный аспект: формирование лексических навыков говорения, развитие умения
аудировать с целью извлечения конкретной информации и детального понимания
содержания, (технология обучения в сотрудничестве).
Развивающий аспект: развитие способности к сравнению, обобщению, умению решать
поставленную проблему (технология проблемного обучения, ИКТ, проектная технология)
Воспитателльный аспект: формирование терпимого отношения к попыткам
самовыражения молодежи и понимания этих попыток.
Оборудование и ТСО:
1. Учебник (10–11-й класс, Кузовлев),
2. Activity Book (к учебнику Кузовлева 10–11-й класс),
3. Книга для учителя (к учебнику Кузовлева 10–11-й класс),
4. Аудиозаписи,
5. Ресурсы Internet,
6. Мультимедиа проектор,
7. Магнитофон.
План урока:
1. Организационный момент.
2. Мозговой штурм.
3. Речевая зарядка.
4. Обучение устной речи.
5. Аудирование с целью извлечения конкретной информации.
6. Защита презентаций
7. Подведение итогов урока.
1. Организационный момент.
T. Good morning, boys and girls! I'm glad to see you. You may sit down.
To create a certain atmosphere of our lesson, enjoy our slide show.
На экране идет слайд шоу под музыку (2,5 мин.) с фотографиями представителей разных
I suppose you have understood what the theme of our lesson is. Yes, today we are going to
speak about different groupings, their clothes, music and their values. At the end of the lesson
you will have to answer the question why teenagers join this or that subculture.
2. Речевая зарядка с использованием ИКТ технологий
a) Brainstorming for you now! You should tell me what associations you have when you
hear these words:
punks (strange hairstyle, pierced lips, tattoos)
Goths(black clothes, black nails, black lipstick, pale faces)
Hippies(peace, love, drugs, freedom, living in community, chains and bracelets)
Emos(sadness, pink and black colours)
Skinheads(leather clothes, bold heads, chains, violence, aggression)
Thank you, now I see that you have some stereotypes of youth groupings.
b) T. Can you identify the people in the pictures? (Демонстрация на слайдах фото из
- I think she is hippie. (Фото девушки-панка)
P.1 She is not hippie, she is punk, because she has brightly coloured hair.
T. I think he is Mod. (Фото девушки-гота)
Далее ученики комментируют слайды, соглашаясь, или нет с учителем.
Please take you sits according to your group division. (использование технологии
обучения в сотрудничестве) There will be a group work now.
c) The next task. You have some cards with statements concerning different subcultures.
Your task is to match the statements and subcultures. One representative should go to the
blackboard and do the task. You have one minute to think it over. There are some extra cards.
Группам раздаются конверты с заданиями. Учащиеся подбирают предложения,
подходящие для характеристики субкультур. В группах одинаковые предложения, но
разные субкультуры. По одному представителю от групп выходят к доске и магнитами
прикрепляют характеристики к доске.
T. Now, music pause for you! Relax a bit, enjoy music and tell me please who is fond of
listening to these music styles?
Учащимся предлагается прослушать несколько коротких композиций и ребята должны
сказать какие молодежные субкультуры предпочитают слушать такую музыку и
используя информацию в упражнении в рабочей тетради (упр.2 стр.27), дать краткую
характеристику музыкального стиля.
Диск. Запись №31 Open your Activity Books at page 27, ex.2 What are the characteristics
of the following music styles? Choose from the box.
Звучат отрывки из:
1)reggae Bob Marley
2)rock’n’roll – Elvis Presley
3) techno Prodigy
4) punk rock Sex Pistols
5) psychedelic rock Pink Floyd
Activity Book ex.2 p.27 What are the characteristics of the following music styles? Choose
from the box.
T. And now answer my questions, please.
T. What music style is characterized by electronic equipment for light and sound?
P.1 Psychedelic rock.
T. What music style is characterized by a few simple phrases and electric guitar with drums?
P.2 Rock’n’roll.
T. What music style is characterized by violent words and is very aggressive?
P.3 Punk rock.
T. What music style is characterized by futuristic machine-made sound?
P.4 Techno.
T. What music style is characterized by a heavily accented beat?
P.5 Reggae
4. Обучение устной речи с использованием элементов проблемной технологии
T. So, there are many subcultures in the world and in Russia. They have different images, they
prefer different music and they have their own values. Which peculiar features of the groups do
you approve or disapprove of?
Look at the blackboard. You see a pattern for you. (I think the fact that….. is good. I don’t think
the fact that………..is good)
P.1 I think the fact that hackers are clever is good.
P.2 I don' t think the fact that skinheads are aggressive is good.
P.3 I don' t think the fact that ravers are violent is good.
P.3 I think the fact that hippies want to change the world to the best is good.
P.4 I think the fact that hackers do not protest against their parents is good.
P.5 I don' t think the fact that punks reject everything is good.
5. Обучение аудированию.
T. Now, listen to the text and answer the question “What do some teens think about joining
a subculture? (Учащиеся слушают высказывания своих сверстников, делают
Anthony: It seems to the kids that the parents are always saying NO! That everything about us,
our hair, our music, our clothes, the way we talk, our heroes, our dreams, all are considered bad
by the generation who can't stop patting itself on the back over how democratic and liberal it is.
Dick: I think, the inspiration to form a youth culture comes out of a combination of fashion, style
and music. And that often it's the particularity of the music, which then gathers a group and then
extends and develops.
Roger: You want, to know when you're 14,15,16,17, you want to know who you are and try out
all sort of options. The way you look, or the way you dress will tell you and everybody else
something about the person you need to be.
Tracy: In many ways the elder generation cannot understand the younger, because so much has
increased in complexity. Besides the youth always tend to change the world.
Angela: You're unsure of where you're going. Some people know exactly where they're going
but most teenagers don't have an idea, and it's a way of, kind of, having something that they can
say they belong to and that they are a 'whatever'.
(После прослушивания записи учащиеся высказывают свое мнение)
I suppose you have heard about generation gap (конфликт поколений), haven’t you? It is
misunderstanding between the younger and the older generations. I would like you to listen
to a poem by W.Shakespear. It’s “A Madrigal”
Crabbed Age and Youth
Cannot live together
Youth is full of pleasure,
Age is full of care
Youth like summer morn,
Age like winter weather,
Youth like summer brave,
Age like winter bare,
Youth is full of sports.
Возраст и юность вместе не могут
Юность в забавах, возраст в тревогах,
Юность – как летнего утра дыхание,
Возраст – как зимней поры увядание.
Юность, как лето, теплом приобнимет
С возрастом зимняя стужа нахлынет.
В юности думаешь: жизнь бесконечна!
Возраст попросит оставить беспечность.
Две параллели не могут быть вместе…
Юность! Тобой восхищаюсь! Пою тебе песню!
I suppose that you are ready now to speak about the main problem of our lesson. Do you
remember it? Yes, the main problem of our lesson is to decide why teenagers join different
subcultures. What do they want to show?
-they want to express themselves
-to show off
-to change the world for the best
- to try out all sorts of options
- to protest against their parents and social norms
- to be in a collective
- to rebel against the society and older generation
- to express their own identity
T. Really I agree with you. But what makes them join this or that grouping?
P. they have same ideas, beliefs, the same way of life, they like listening to the same music.
I think that now you can give the definition of a subculture. Try, please.
A subculture is a group with a distinct style and identity. Different subcultures have their own
beliefs, value systems, fashion and favourite music.
6. Защита проектов (использование проектной технологии)
Учащиеся слушают информацию о субкультурах «Эмо» и «Рэпперов» и заполняют
таблицы (работа в группах) Использование технологии обучения в сотрудничестве и
Проверка заполнения таблиц.
Specific features
7. Заключительный этап урока
Выставление оценок -1 мин
Задание на дом - 2 мин. Ex.4 p.36
Рефлексия. 2 мин.
I think you know a lot about different groupings. You can identify them, you know their positive
and negative features, their music, their values.
What emotions do you feel after the lesson? Positive or negative emotions?
-surprise -irritation -happiness -boredom
-joy -sadness -success -unsatisfaction
-admiration -anxiety -proud -fear
I feel …… Because I …..
- …..was /not/ bored. -…...worked hard.
-……answered properly. -……was active and
impassioned. -…..received a reward/ a good /bad/ mark
Организованное завершение урока
We are different. We have our own ideas and dreams, but we should remember of
tolerance and respect people with other points of view, those people who don’t belong to
the mainstream. . I’m sure you can be able to find