План-конспект урока английского языка "Мир Возможностей" 10 класс

Российская Федерация
Городского округа «Город Калининград»
План – конспект
урока английского языка
«Мир Возможностей»
Урок английского языка
для 10 класса
Учитель английского языка
Джураев К.М.
Калининград – 2016 год
Урок английского языка для 10 класса на тему
«Мир Возможностей»
Структура урока:
Организационный момент
Фонетическая зарядка
Речевая зарядка
Проверка домашнего задания
Развитие навыков говорения
Закрепление и автоматизация лексических единиц
Подведение итогов урока. Объяснение домашнего
Цели: развитие навыков говорения, чтения и закрепление лексики по теме; развитие речи, памяти и
мышления; привитие интереса к иностранному языку.
Оборудование: раздаточный материал, учебник, рабочая тетрадь.
Ход урока:
Организационный момент
Hello, children!
Good morning, teacher!
And today Valentine will help me. Valentine, who is absent, please?
Today is the 18
of December; Adrey is absent.
Thank you. Sit down, please.
Фонетическая зарядка
Warm-up exercise
Let’s start our lesson with Warm-up exercise, please, repeat after me:
experience of a lifetime
to provide with
to benefit from
to experience firsthand
appreciation of something
to enhance students' lives
unforgettable awareness of something
to gain skills
(повторяют за учителем, затем самостоятельно)
III. Речевая зарядка. Today we are speaking about the World of Opportunities. What do you
think of the World of Opportunities?
Could you tell, please a sentence about your future plans? What are your opportunities when you
finish the school? Please, everyone say what he or she wants to do after graduating the school.
IV. Проверка домашнего задания.
And now I want to tell you a story.
A little girl came home from school and said to her mother, «Mommy, today in school I was
punished for something that I didn't do.»
The mother exclaimed, «But that's terrible! I'm going to have a talk with your teacher about this
... by the way, what was it that you didn't do?»
The little girl replied, - «My homework.»
So let’s check who will be punished for something that he/she didn't do.
V. Развитие навыков говорения
Now children, I give you some handouts. Please, use these patterns for making your own sentences.
-I'd like to go to another country to study.
-I'd prefer to continue studying.
-I'd rather go on an exchange programme.
-I'd choose to take a gap year.
-I'd prefer not to go away from home.
-I'd rather not waste time on travelling.
There is a list of professions. Please, check if you know all of them. Then answer following
1. What does an architect do? 2. What does a shoemaker do?
3. What does a mason do? 4. What does an artist do?
5. What does a doctor do? 6. What does a hairdresser do?
7. What does a broker do? 8. What does a law student do?
9. What does a laundress do? 10. What does a sportsman do?
11. What does a farmer do?
(to go in for sports, to study law, to cut and dress the hair, to paint pictures, to mend boots and shoes, to
make designs for buildings, to work in stone, to practice medicine, to buy and sell shares, to wash
linen, to grow crops and raise cattle and poultry)
VI. Физкультминутка
VII. Закрепление и автоматизация лексических единиц.
Let’s read and find out how skills are important for your future professions.
Job skills
Skills are the activities that a person does well. What things are you good at doing? Everyone has many
skills. Some- times it is difficult to recognize the skills that you have.
Job skills are abilities you need for a specific job. For example, a chef needs to know how to cook and
bake. A taxi driver needs to know how to drive a car and read signs. A secretary needs to know how to type
and take messages.
Transferable skills, are skills you can use in many - different jobs . You can take skills from one job and
use them in a very different-job. Speaking English well, for instance, is a skill you can use in almost any
job. Some examples of transferable skills are teaching other people, solving problems, accepting
responsibility, organizing- projects, making decisions, and: creating new ideas. Employers want to select
employees who have or who can learn the skills necessary to do the job.
Read each sentence carefully. Choose the best word to fill in the blank.
1______________are activities a person does well. Sentences /skills /potatoes /examples
2. Everyone_______________ many skills. Has /is
3. Sometimes it is difficult _____________________skills you have. To play /abilities /to recognize
4. Job skills are ___________ you need for a specific job. Lessons /abilities /working /
5. ________________ skills are skills you can use in many different jobs. Job /cooking /
transferable /babysitting/
6. An example of a transferable skill is ________________. Driving a taxi /writing well / playing
the violin/cooking Chinese food
7. An example of a job skill is ________________ . Cooking pizza/ working well with people /
accepting responsibility /organizing projects
8 . Employers want to select people who can learn the_______________ necessary to do the job. Skills
/books /idea /shining
VIII. Подведение итогов урока. Объяснение домашнего задания.
And now write down: your homework Ex 23. p 133. Our time is up. Your marks are……
The lesson is over. Good- bye.