Презентация "London" 7 класс

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Complete the sentences with suitable words

  • The Houses of Parliament is the ……… of British Government.
  • They are situated on the ……… of the river Thames.
  • The Houses of Parliament is 940 ft in ……… .
  • Big Ben is the name of a huge ……… in one of the tall ……… of the Houses of Parliament.
  • People can get ……… the Tower and see how Big Ben works.
  • There is no ……… and there are three hundred and forty ……… up to Big Ben









  • Buckingham Palace is the same age as Saint-Petersburg.
  • The Queen lives in Buckingham Palace from September till March.
  • It is finally became the official Royal Palace in 1837.
  • The monument to Queen Victoria is opposite Buckingham Palace.
  • All the windows in the Palace are cleaned every six weeks.
  • A flag always flies above Buckingham Palace when the Queen is in Residence.
  • The men in front of Buckingham Palace are not just ceremonial guards but also serving soldiers.
  • More than 50000 people visit the Palace each year.


1. The Tower of London is the home of the __________

a) Crown Jewels b) Queen’s dresses c) Royal weapon

2. It was originally designed as a __________

a) Palace b) Cathedral c) Fortress

3. It was designed by __________

a) William the Conqueror b) King Arthur c) Richard the Lion’s Heart

4. The Tower is more than __________

a) 600 years old b) 700 years old c) 900 years old

5. It has served as a __________

a) fast food restaurant b) prison c) a café

6) It became a prison __________

a) after the Middle Ages b) before the Middle Ages c) in the 20th century

Choose the correct answer:

Our visit to one of the largest cities in the world and the largest city in Europe


1. We visited ...

2. London Eye surprises because …

3. The Houses of Parliament amaze because ...

4. Big Ben is magnificent because ...

5. Buckingham Palace is impressive because …

6. Tower of London is a mysterious place because …

7. Madame Tussaud’s Museum has …

8. I want to tell you about the place I liked most. It is ...

9. I’d like to visit London once again

because ...