Итоговая контрольная работа 7 класс 1 вариант (УМК Афанасьевой, Михеевой - 7)

Итоговая контрольная работа 1 вариант (УМК Афанасьевой, Михеевой - 7)
1. Сhoose the right phrasal verb give/make/ take and complete the sentences using the
right form of the verb.
1. Sam ….off your shoes!
2. His parents had a quarrel but an hour later they …up.
3. If you can’t say honestly why they were absent you should …up a good excuse.
4. The family couldn’t … up the idea of celebrating the holiday together.
5. Mother Teresa always…away all her money to poor people.
6. …me back my book, please!
7. I am sorry I was rude I … back everything I said.
8. The teacher said she would… our tests.
9. Her children … after her.
10. I would like you to give me your telephone number and to …down mine.
2. Complete the sentences using be/get in the right forms.
1. Good bye, Sue and …well soon!
2. Sring is coming, it’s ….warmer and warmer!
3. Will you … so kind and open the door for me?
4. Vera and Max are … married next week.
5. I … invited to the wedding.
6. …good and behave like a nice little boy.
7. It …so dark that I couldn’t find the door of the room.
3. Match the idioms and their Russian equivalents.
1 Every dog has its day.
A Не бойся собаки,
которая лает.
2 Dumb dogs are dangerous.
B Cтарого пса к цепи не
3 A good dog deserves a
good bone.
C Всяк кулик в своем
болоте велик.
4 An old dogs will learn no
new tricks.
D По заслугам и честь.
5 Every dog is a lion at home.
E Будет и на нашей
улице праздник.
4. Choose the right adjective to complete the sentences.
1. We are only four. Our eldest/oldest son couldn’t come.
2. Two men entered the hall a short one and a tall one. The later/latter
was wearing a black suit.
3. December is the last/latest month of the year.
4. The next/nearest train to Moscow is at seven.
5. For further/farther information refer to the secretary.
5.Match the columns to comlete the comparisons.
1 As black as
A a kitten
2 As weak as
B a peacock
3 As proud as
C a horse
4 As strong as
D a lark
5 As merry as
E coal
1take 2made 3make 4give 5took 6give 7take 8give 9took/take 10take
1get 2getting 3be 4getting 5am 6Be 7got
1E 2A 3D 4B 5C
1eldest 2latter 3last 4next 5further
1E 2A 3B 4C 5D
Критерии оценивания
«5»: 30 и более баллов
«4»: 2529 баллов
«3»: 2418 баллов
«2»: 17 и менее баллов