Тест "The Noun"

The Noun.
1. Give the Plural of the following nouns if possible.
1. a leaf
6. advice
2. an editot-in-chief
7. an eye
3. a museum
8. a fish
4. a potato
9. progress
5. a man-servant
10. a penny
2. Translate the following word-combinations. Use the Possessive Case.
1. новые книги этих студентов
2. современная детская больница
3. одна из старых подруг моей тёщи
4. дорогой мужской галстук
5. модный женский журнал
6. первое стихотворение Байрона
7.все друзья Петра
3. Choose the right verb.
1. The class (is / are) working on their individual projects today.
2. The fish is the aquarium (is / are) waiting for their daily feeding.
3. Supernatural phenomena (is / are) of great interest to many people.
4. The crew (was / were) asleep in their bunks.
5. The news (have / has) just been received.
6. The criteria for promotion (is / are) clearly stated.
7. The police (have / has) already arrived.
4. Correct the mistakes. (There is a mistake in each but one sentence.)
1. What a fine weather we are having today!
2. Jackie needs a piece of good advice.
3. It will be my father’s-in-law birthday on Sunday.
4. How much fish are there in this lake?
5. She has nature like her grandfather’s.
6. His politics is dirty.
7. Can I introduce Nelly Brown I told you about yesterday?
5. Transform the sentences.
1. The boy took the bag og Miss Green and put it on the sofa.
(Use the Possessive Case)
2. This shop sells different sorts of tea.
(Use the mass noun as countable)
3. I need a book on French Grammar.
(Leave out the word «book»)