Грамматический тренажер "Времена английского глагола"

Grammar Tenses (Revision)
I. Irregular Verbs
Write the past and the past participle forms of the following verbs.
Do … … make … … give … … tell … … buy … …
Bring … … come … … drive … … hide … … go … …
Have … … know … … blow … … see … … get …
II. Make Questions
When I came home, the teenagers were dancing.
1) yes/no 2) what 3) who 4) weren’t they.
III. Tenses. Choose the correct form.
1. Я учу английские слова обычно на ночь.
a) study b) am studying c) have studied
2. Я учу английский язык уже несколько лет, с 2004 года.
a) am studying b) have been studying c) study
3. Сейчас я учу английский язык (пишу тест).
a) study b) am studying c) have been studying
4. Вчера в это время я готовился к тесту.
a) prepared b) had prepared c) was preparing
5. Я уже прочитал две английские книги.
a) read b) have read c) am reading
6. К концу года я уже выучу 1200 английских слов.
a) will learn b) will have learned c) will be learning
7. Я окончу школу в 20.. году.
a) will finish b) will be finishing c) finish
8. Мой брат окончил школу 2 года тому назад.
a) finishes b) finished c) had finished
9. Он работал год, перед тем как поступил в институт.
a) worked b) had worked c) was working
IV Put the verb to study in the correct form according to adverbial modifier of time.
I (study) English.
1.every day 2.right now 3.for five years 4.already 5.yesterday 6.when he came
7. for 2 hours when he came 8. tomorrow 9.tom-w at 6 o’clock 10.tom-w by 6 p. m.
V. Fill in the gaps with the correct forms of the verbs in brackets.
I ..1..(study) at Moscow University in the historical faculty for a year. The students of our faculty
often ..2..(go) on excursions to ancient Russian towns. Two weeks ago we ..3..(go) to Pskov. Our
guide ..4.. (be) Sergey Volkov. He ..5.. (graduate) from our faculty a year ago. Now he ..6.. (take)
a post-graduate course. In a bus one of students of our group ..7.. (ask) me: “ ..8.. you ever … (be)
to Pskov before?” – “ No, I haven’t. But not long ago I ..9.. (visit) Kolomenskoye. ..10 .. you
ever … (be) there?” – “No, I haven’t. But I hope I ..11.. (go) there as soon as I pass my tests”. –
“Now we .. 12.. (prepare) for the exams. Our group ..13.. (be going) to Yevpatoriya as soon as we
..14.. (pass) our exams. I ..15.. (read) a lot about the excavations in Evpatoriya. The
archaeologists ..16.. (carry out) excavations there for many years”.
III. 1.a; 2.b; 3.b; 4.c; 5.b; 6.b; 7.a; 8.b; 9.b.
IV. 1. I study English every day. (Pr. S.)
2. I am studying English right now. (Pr. C.)
3. I have been studying English for five years. (Pr. Per. C.)
4. I have already studied English. (Pr. Per.)
5. I studied English yesterday. (Past S.)
6. I was studying English when he came. (Past C.)
7. I had been studying English for 2 hours when he came. (Past Per. C.)
8. I will study English tomorrow. (Fut. S.)
9. I will be studying English tomorrow at 6 o’clock. (Fut. C.)
10. I will have studied English tomorrow by 6 p. m. (Fut. Per.)
V. 1. have been studying;
2. go;
3. went;
4. was;
5. graduated;
6. is taking;
7. asked;
8. have…been;
9. visited;
10. have…been;
11. will (‘ll) go;
12. are preparing;
13. is going;
14. pass;
15. have read;
16. have been carrying out.