Задания к аудированию 6 класс

Unit 1
“Why does it rain on the road?”
Task - Answer the questions.
1. What was the name of the boy?
2. Was the sun shining?
3. Who sometimes makes mistakes?
4. What kind of weather has become in Europe?
5. Did the father and his son have their umbrellas with them?
1. Tom.
2. Yes, it was.
3. Weathermen.
4. Changeable.
5. No, they didn’t.
Unit 2
“How climate can influence meals”
Task - Complete the sentences using the words in brackets
(restaurant/out in the street/drink/ home town/ moved /Italy )
1. People prefer to eat under the moon in ________.
2. When Renato was 32 he _____to London .
3. He decide to buy a ________.
4. He could forget his ___________.
5. One day he put some tables ___________.
6. Mr. Jenkins spent 25 minutes to _____his soup.
1. Italy.
2. Moved.
3. Restaurant.
4. Home town.
5. Out in the street
6. drink
Unit 3
“Mice and lions”
Task - Correct the statements.
1. It was a beautiful morning in early summer.
2. Tom Robinson decided to take his children to the zoo.
3. He wanted to show rare species of animals.
4. Not far from the cages there were big baskets for rubbish.
5. The children were happy to see the wonderful lions.
1. False (Spring)
2. False (class)
3. True.
4. True.
5. False (the mouse)
Unit 4
“Why don’t we stop him?”
Task - Answer the questions.
1. When did the women’s club have a meeting?
2. Who came to the club one Friday?
3. Did he speak about air or water pollution?
4. What kind of positive and negative effects did the person speak?
5. What does a lot of harm to the city atmosphere?
6. What is much healthier?
1. On Friday.
2. A gentleman.
3. Both.
4. About cars and buses.
5. Cars.
6. To walk or to ride a bicycle.
Unit 5
“Choosy Mr. White”
Task - True or false.
1. The Russian climate is very mild.
2. One day Mr. White woke up in the afternoon and saw that his garden was full of snow.
3. He couldn’t take his car out.
4. Mr. White asked a man to clear the snow away from the garage.
5. The snow was piled on the top of Mr. White’s car.
1. False. The British.
2. False. In the morning.
3. It’s true.
4. It’s false. The path.
5. It’s true.
Unit 8
“Playing with god”
Task - Choose the best variant.
1. Neil lived with his parents in _____of England:: а) the North b) the South c) the West
2. Neil and his parents __________ the place: а) loved b) admired c) loved and admired
3. Neil’s farther worked __________of York: а) In an office b) in the University c) at college
4. ______ Mr. Brown had lunch with the family: а) One Friday b) On Saturday c) On Sunday
5. Neil and Mr. Brown talked for _______: а) Half an hour b) quarter of an hour c) an hour
1. A
2. C
3. B
4. C
5. A
Unit 9
“Driving to the royal hotel”
Task - Who is that?
1. ______a businessman from France.
2. ______wanted to see.
3. ______advised to visit the British Museum.
4. ______he was going to stay in a Royal Hotel.
5. ______lost his way.
1. Paul.
2. Paul.
3. Ian.
4. Paul.
5. Paul.
Unit 10
“How to make everybody happy”
Correct the statements.
1. Kevin lived in a big city and earned his living working for a small company.
2. He liked the noise of the city, the traffic and the crowds in the streets.
3. Once Kevin decided to go away for a short while in the country, where his Uncle Ronald
4. Uncle Ronald’s cottage was situated on the bank of a small river.
5. There was a lovely church on the top of the mountain.
6. Uncle Ronald and his nephew went for a walk, drove in the car, sang songs and laughed.
7. Once Uncle Ronald noticed a strange thing.
8. Kevin’s uncle waved to everybody to make people happy.
1. It’s false. (in a large company)
2. It’s false. (he didn’t like all those things)
3. It’s true.
4. It’s false. (Uncle Ronald’s village)
5. It’s false. (on the top of the hill)
6. It’s true.
7. It’s false. (Kevin did)
8. It’s true.
Unit 11
The wrong family.
Complete the sentences using the words in brackets.
(was pleased/ the bank/ in the window/glove-making/ earn his living/ to work)
1. Jim was a clever young man who hated ____________________.
2. He preferred to _____________being a thief, but he didn’t want to steal things himself.
3. Once Jim got interesting information about the head of the ______________factory.
4. The head of the factory lived with a daughter on _________ of the river.
5. Jim________to get the information.
6. The man saw a girl and a man playing a duet on a piano ______ .
1. .. .to work.
2. … earn his living
3. …glove-making
4. ….the bank
5. …was pleased
6. …in the window
Unit 13
“He didn’t like saying “No” ”.
Task - Who is that? Jim or Tim???
1. ______was hardworking.
2. ______kind.
3. ______ found a picturesque place at the top of a huge rock.
4. ______was bad at cooking.
5. ______cut the bread.
6. ______ cooked the meal
7. ______”I’d like you to go and get some water”
8. ______ “I don’t like saying “No” all the time.”
1. Jim
2. Tim
3. Tim and Jim
4. Tim
5. Jim
6. Jim
7. Jim
8. Tim
Unit 14
“Three answers”.
Task - Answer the questions.
1. What was Ed’s job?
2. Where did he work?
3. What kind of expeditions did he take part?
4. What was his weak point?
5. Did stupid people say funny or unusual things?
6. What was the argument of a man who was not very clever?
1. He was a very smart journalist.
2. He worked for a popular newspaper.
3. He took part in rescue expeditions.
4. He liked arguing very much.
5. Both.
6. There were three answers to every question.
Unit 16
“How had we all met?”
Task - Choose the correct variant.
1. When Dick was six years old he stayed with his great-grandparents for a few weeks ______.
а) In the winter b)in the summer c)in the spring
2. ______ was situated on the bank of the mighty Mississippi.
а) The farm b) The house c) The village
3. Dick’s _________told him a lot about their family which he hadn’t known before.
а) great-grandfather b) great-grandmother c) great-grandparents
4. Dick’s parents lived in ________.
а) York b) China c) New York
5. The boy was born on the shores of_________.
а) Lake Mississippi b) Lake Michigan c) the Missouri
6. _______couldn’t understand how they had all met with such a mixture of birthplaces.
а) Granny b) Dick’s parents c) Dick
1. B
2. A
3. B
4. C
5. B
6. C
Unit 17
“A very important person”
Task - Complete the sentences using the words in brackets.
(give lectures/during/plane/secret work/British planes/ VIP)
1. During the Second World War it was difficult to travel by_______.
2. The number of _________was not great.
3. Mr. Brown worked for the armed forces_________the war.
4. He was doing very _________and took serious decisions.
5. Once he had to fly to _________to some army officers in Edinburg.
6. Mr./Brown couldn’t go to Edinburg because of a _______ .
1. Plane
2. British planes
3. During
4. Secret work
5. Give lectures
6. VIP.
Unit 18
“How he saved 5 pounds?”
Task - Choose the correct variant.
1. Henry was _________.
а) A soldier b) a major c) a general
2. One day he decided to ____________.
а) Do some sightseeing b) have a picnic c) visit another city
3. After a long journey Henry asked for ______________.
а) help b) chemist’s shop c) a good doctor
4. Dr. Smith was respected for his ____________.
а) Wisdom b) wisdom and honesty c) honesty
5. The doctor is paid ______pounds for later visits.
а) 10 pounds b) 15 pounds c) 20 pounds
6. The doctor asked Henry to _________________.
а) to take the medicine b) to visit another doctor c) to buy a medicine
1. B
2. A
3. C
4. B
5. A
6. A
Unit 19
“It’s No good to be a workaholic”
It’s True/False/not stated
1. An important businessman went to see a doctor because he had a toothache.
2. The doctor asked him to concentrate on sleeping.
3. The businessman’s activity was connected with flowers.
4. He lived in Scotland.
5. The doctor advised his patient to learn to draw.
6. The businessman telephoned the doctor the next day.
1. False. He couldn’t sleep.
2. False. On pleasant things.
3. Not stayed
4. True.
5. False. To paint
6. True.
Unit 20
“Worse than a small Child”
Task - Who is that? Mr. Harris or Mrs. Harris???
1. ______had four children.
2. ______wanted to take the children to the funfair park.
3. _____didn‘t want to go to a funfair in the park.
4. _____drove the family to the park.
5. _____was forty-seven years old.
6. _____liked the roller coaster most of all.
7. _____was very tired.
1. They.
2. Mrs. Harris
3. Mr. Harris.
4. Mr. Harris.
5. Mr. Harris.
6. Mr. Harris.
7. Mrs. Harris.
Unit 21
“He never told a lie”
Task - True/False/ is not mentioned in the text.
1. Once there lived an extremely good teacher but then he became old and retired.
2. He had a lot free time and he spent it in the park.
3. He used to ride a bike there.
4. Once he noticed a group of young girls in the park.
5. In one of the trees there was a graceful small cat.
6. The boys had never told a lie in their lives.
1. True.
2. True.
3. Is not mentioned in the text.
4. False (boys)
5. False (bushes)
6. False (The man)
Unit 22
“Don’t speak too soon”
Task - Choose the correct variant.
1. Jack was a young man who worked _______.
а) In an office b) at the factory c) in school
2. Every summer on holiday he went to different places by _____.
а) Car b) plane c) train
3. Every day during his holidays he walked or rode a horse for ___.
а) Four or five hours b) three or four hours c) five or six hours
4. Jack’s stepbrother Nick had walked _______.
а) The Urals b) the Alps and the Rockies c) the Rockies
5. Nick was going to America in ________.
а) August b) June c) April
1. A
2. C
3. C
4. B
5. A