Конспект урока "World Religions" 10 класс

Трошина Елена Васильевна
Учитель английского языка
МОУ «ГИЯ» г. Ухта
Класс: 10
Тема урока: World Religions
Базовый учебник: «Английский язык 10 класс. Учебник для школ с
углубленным изучением иностранного языка». Афанасьева О.В., Михеева
Тип урока: урок систематизации и обобщения знаний и умений
Деятельностная цель: формирование у учащихся способностей к
структурированию и систематизации изучаемого предметного содержания и
способностей к учебной деятельности.
Содержательная цель: сформировать целостную систему знаний по теме
«Мировые религии».
Задачи урока:
Образовательная: активизировать и совершенствовать актуальный
словарный запас учащихся, формировать у школьников операционные
умения решения проблемных задач
Воспитательная: воспитывать толерантное отношение к религиям
разных народов
Развивающая: развивать навыки сотрудничества и коммуникации,
организации эффективной работы в группах по решению проблемных
Формы работы учащихся: индивидуальная, групповая
Оснащение урока: УМК «Английский язык 10 класс. Учебник для школ с
углубленным изучением иностранного языка». Афанасьева О.В., Михеева
И.В., презентация по теме урока, раздаточный материал (тест по теме, тексты
Religion in Great Britain”, “Druids in pre-Roman Britain).
Ход урока:
1. Вступительное слово
I am sure it’s not a surprise for you the topic we are going to speak today is
religion (Слайд 2). It’s not the first lesson we talk about it but there is something
we haven’t mentioned yet.
2. Целеполагание.
Guess what an important thing we haven’t spoken about yet. You know a lot about
religion in Russia but we know practically nothing about (ответы учащихся).
- We know nothing about religions in Great Britain. (Слайд 3).
Where can we get information about it? (ответы учащихся).
At the lesson the easiest way is a text.
3. Повторение и систематизация изученного материала.
Before speaking and getting some information about religion in Great Britain let’s
revise the main things of this topic. (Слайд 4).
Task 1 - Finish up the sentences:
Religion is...
Among people of the world there are those who...
Such behavior as... have been condemned by the world religions.
Pagan Russia became a Christian country...
The main principle of the Orthodox Church is...
Easter is... (Слайд 5).
The holly book of Christians is... which includes...
Those who follow Islam are called...
They believe in one God called...
People can worship at...
Christianity is based on...
Buddhism is a religion about...
Buddhists believe that...
The Orthodox Church is usually built...
4. Самостоятельная работа с самопроверкой. Выявление и исправление
допущенных ошибок.
Task 2 Match the names of the religions with the facts about them (3 minutes).
(Слайд 6).
Which religion:
1. Has the largest number of followers in the world (Christianity)
2. Has the second largest number of followers (Islam)
3. Has a fish as one of the symbols (Christianity)
4. Believes that Adam, Abraham, Jesus and Muhammad were all prophets
(Islam) (Слайд 7).
5. Believes in Allah (Islam)
6. The followers do not believe that the word was created by God (Buddhism)
7. The followers eat a special type of food during their holiday (Judaism)
8. Men cannot be bareheaded when in the place of worship (Judaism)
Exchange your papers, look at the correct answers (Слайд 2) and check the
5 0 mistakes
4 1 mistake
3 2 mistakes
2 -3 mistakes and more
5. Предъявление нового материала. Работа в группах.
Do you think this statement is true or false: (Слайд 8) The predominant religion in
Great Britain is Church of England (ответы учащихся).
To get the correct answer let’s work in groups. Read the text and try to find the
information just to fill in this table (предъявление текста Religion in Great
Britain (приложение 1).
The main
religion in the
Middle Ages
The reason of
changing the
main religion
The role of the
What religion
is predominant
in Britain
What other
religions are
What conclusion about religions in Great Britain can you make?
The British pride themselves in tolerance and adaptability. Everyone in Britain has
the right to religion freedom.
6. Работа в парах.
I think there is one more interesting thing we should speak about. I’ll try to help
you understand what I mean.
Before the 10
century Russia had been a pagan country. What do you know about
beliefs or religion in Britain in pre-Roman time? Possible these pictures will help
you (Слайд 9-10).
In pairs discuss what you know about these people or if you’ve got some questions
or some associations about them, talk about everything you are interested in (3
What questions would you like to ask about these mysterious people? (вопросы
7. Поисковое чтение текста.
Read the text and find the answers to these questions.
(Чтение текста Druids in pre-Roman Britain (приложение2).
8. Рефлексия.
Was the lesson interesting for you?
What new things have you learned?
What was the most interesting part of the lesson?
What was the most difficult for you?
9. Домашнее задание.
Be ready to tell some things about the Druids according to the text.
Приложение 1.
Religion in Great Britain
British religion used to be closely connected with kings, queens and politics.
England was a Roman Catholic country until 1534.
In 1525 King Henry VIII decided to divorce his queen, Catherine of Aragon,
because he fell in love with Anne Boleyn. But when Henry asked the Pope for the
permission to divorce Catherine, he refused.
Henry was so angry with the Pope that he ended all contact between England and
Rome. He divorced Catherine of Aragon without the Pope’s permission and
married Anne Boleyn.
In 1534 Parliament named Henry head of the Church of England. This was the
beginning of the Anglican Church. The Protestant movement was growing very
strong at that time. When Henry quarreled with Rome and ordered the Bible to be
translated into English, the way was open for Protestantism to spread in England.
Over the next years many people changed to this new religion. In 1553 Mary,
Henry’s daughter, became Queen of England. The country re-entered the Roman
Church, because she was a Roman Catholic.
Protestants were glad when Mary died, because while she was Queen, many
Protestants were burned for their beliefs. After Mary, Elizabeth became head of the
Anglican Church and Roman Catholicism was never again the official religion in
Nowadays there is a paradox about religion in Britain. On the one hand this is
officially a Christian country, where Church and state are linked (связаны). On the
other hand, Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs form quite a large part of the population,
and the British pride themselves in tolerance and adaptability.
Just over three-quarters of the UK population reported having a religion. More than
seven out of 10 people say that their religion is Christian (72%). After Christianity,
Islam was die most common faith with nearly 3% describing their religion as
Muslim (1.6million).
The next largest religious groups are Hindus (559,000), followed by Sikhs
(336,000), Jews (267,000), Buddhists (152,000) and people from other religions.
There is quite a strong Roman Catholic community - many Irish, Italian and
Polish immigrants keep their faith. The Greeks and Russians in Britain have
brought with them their own orthodox church
Everyone In Britain has the right to religion freedom.
Приложение 2.
Druids in pre-Roman Britain
In ancient times the Druids were the priests (жрецы) of the Celtic tribes in Britain.
But to state the fact does not convey the breadth (широта, размах) of their
influence in Celtic society. The Druids were a sort of super-class of priests,
political advisors, teachers, healers (целители), and arbitrators among the Celtic
They had their own universities, where traditional knowledge was passed on by
rote (i.e. memorized). Druids had the right to speak ahead the king in council, and
may in some situations have held more authority than the king. They acted as
ambassadors in time of war; they composed verse (стихи) and unheld the law.
They were a sort of glue holding together Celtic culture.
We know that the Druids used both animal and human sacrifice
(жертвоприношение), and that many of their observances (обряды, ритуалы)
centered on oak groves (дубовая роща) and water. The Isle of Anglesey, in
present-day Wales, was a center of Druidic practice.
Certainly the Romans seem to been horrified by the instances of human sacrifice
among the Druids. In 61 AD the Romans exterminated (истреблять) the Druids,
effectively destroying druidism as a religious force until a form of druidism was
revived in the 19th century.