Конспект урока "Протяни руку помощи" 11 класс

Оберухтина Наталья Людвиговна МАОУ СОШ №2 г. Белоярский ХМАО
Тема урока: Протяни руку помощи. 11 класс УМК « Spotlight» О. Афафнасьева и др.
Тип урока: комбинированный.
Цель урока: совершенствование социокультурной компетенции учащихся; развитие
устно-речевых умений. Тема урока и цель соответствуют возрасту учащихся, их
интересам, потребностям и познавательным возможностям.
Познавательная познакомить с социальными проблемами в подростковой среде.
Развивающая - самостоятельно и мотивированно организовывать свою познавательную
деятельность, работать с различными источниками информации, анализировать
полученную информацию и делать соответствующие выводы; формировать умения
работать в группе, используя элементы технологии сотрудничества.
Воспитательная - формировать правовую культуру личности, предупреждать насилие,
правонарушения среди подростков, воспитывать толерантное отношение к мнениям
других людей.
Учебная - совершенствовать навыки говорения, формировать умение логически
рассуждать при выполнении творческих заданий.
Ход урока
Hello. I’m glad to see you. How do you feel?
When do people feel bad? When they have problems.
What kinds of problems do you know? Let’s speak about different psychological problems and
try to find the ways to solve them.
Warming Up
So, what is stress?
What causes it?
What do you usually do to relieve stress?
S1 As far as I know, stress is a natural reaction and it is a normal part of our lives.
T How do you handle your stress?
I do some relaxing exercises or hang out with my friends.
T What is your point of view?
S2 Stress is the way our body cope with the environment. I know there is emotional and
physical stress. To relieve emotional stress you should sleep enough, eat regular meals. Above
all, try to keep a sense of humour
T. Right you are, but you didn’t answer the question. What causes stress?
S2 Well, I feel stressed when I have too much work to do.
T. And what about you?
I feel stressed when I have got a bad mark, when I argue with my friends, parents,
when I’m tired.
S4 I think that stress is caused by peer pressure or bullying.
T Well, and what is peer pressure and bullying? Translate it, please.
Peer pressure-pressure from people of one’s own age to behave in a way that is similar or
acceptable of them.
Now look at the picture. Is it peer pressure or bullying? Describe it.
Оберухтина Наталья Людвиговна МАОУ СОШ №2 г. Белоярский ХМАО
And now its time to get more information about stress, peer pressure and bullying.
Text for Auding.
Open your books .Read the statements.
Listen to a radio interview with some teenagers talking about peer pressure.
Number the statements in the order you hear them.
There is one extra statement you don’t need.
And now do the task.
Let’s check this exercise. Put this letters in the right order, look at the screen. These are the
right answers D A F E B
Find exercise 5 on page 31.You can see underlined phrases. Match and translate these phrases
through the list of meanings.
Complete this dialogue with the sentences A-F. Read and act out it. (E A C B F D)
What is this dialogue about?
When we get into different situations we often use Everyday language expressing negative
feelings, sympathizing, encouraging
How can we express negative feelings, sympathizing, encouraging? (уч-ся проговаривают
Well, we have 3 groups
Look at the screen. There are 3 situations.
Group № 1 You found out that your best friend is lying to you and you are angry.
Group№ 2 You didn’t do well in your exams and you have problems with your friends.
Group№ 3 Your friends are trying to make you miss lessons from school but you don’t want to.
Act out short dialogues.
Answer the question, please.
Are these situations problems or conflicts?
What is the difference between a problem and a conflict?
S5 A conflict is more serious than a problem. It is more difficult to resolve a conflict and it takes
more time, and personal strength.
What kinds of conflicts do you know?
S6 Conflicts with parents, with friends, at school.
Well, so there are 3 groups of conflicts: at home, at school, with friends. And these conflicts
provoke all the troubles, such as stress, peer pressure and bullying. Now we are going to read a
short story. Read it fill in the gaps and answer my questions.
Charlotte’s story
Last year we moved to a new town and I started at a new school. At first I was really happy
about the school and I made friends with the popular girls in my year. But soon they started to
pick on me because I was too “posh”.
I think they were jealous of me because I had nice clothes. Whenever I walked past them, they
called me names or tripped me up and they sometimes hit me. They even wrote nasty things
about me on the desk tops. Nobody did anything about it. It was horrible. They made my life
miserable. In the end I felt really sad and lonely.
When did Charlotte become a victim of bullying?
Оберухтина Наталья Людвиговна МАОУ СОШ №2 г. Белоярский ХМАО
Why did the girls bully her?
What sort of things did they do?
Did anyone help Charlotte?
How did Charlotte feel?
What conflict have we come across?
S7 I think it’s bullying.
So, we have come across with such a problem as Bullying
It’s a serious problem in many countries. In the UK, for example, 8 out of every 10 children are
bullied at some time. About 10 young people commit suicide every year because of bullying.
What should you know about bullies?
You know, when you get into troubles you need a helping hand. Who can help you?
Would you like to get involved with Child line?
How can someone get involved?
Well, we have got a lot of information and are ready to work out some rules to prevent or resist
these problems and conflicts.
Let’s design leaflets to support children when they come across with stress, peer pressure and
bullying. You should describe the problem and write some rules which are the helping hand to
teens. Present your work to class.
Start working in groups.
Защита буклетов Put the marks to yourself
Now we are making the conclusion of our serious work at this lesson. You'll agree with me that
our life is full of problems and conflicts of different sorts. But we cannot be happy and
successful if we don't know how to solve different problems and we don't want to find ways out
of difficult situations. It's very important to have people that we can rely on and who can give us
help and support
About three thousand years ago Confucious (an ancient Chinese thinker known for saying wise
things) said: “the person who helps others – helps himself”.
I thank you for your creative and fruitful work.
Good bye.