Конспект урока "School English" 10 класс

Предмет Английский язык
Класс 10
Тема:School English
Наименование учебника, авторы учебника: EnjoyEnglish 10,
М.З.Биболетова, Е.Е. Бабушис, Н.Д. Снежко
Автор: Малинова Юлия Ивановна, учитель английского языка МБОУ СОШ
№21 Г. Шарья
Цель урока:
Расширение возможностей учащихся в общении на английском языке и
использование его в дальнейших академических и профессиональных целях.
Ход урока
Орг. момент
I. Warmingup.
А. When I was a student my favourite subjects were.. Can you guess what was my
favourite subject at school? Yes, it was English. And it became my profession.
Now I am a teacher of English. Tell me please, what is more difficult to teach or to
We start with a dialogue. Look at the slide.
Read the dialogue and comment it on.
- I taught my dog how to speak.
- I never heard him talking.
- I said I taught, I didn’t say he learned.
(the students comment the dialogue. The main idea of the dialogue is that you will
never teach somebody if he doesn't want to learn)
Teacher: So we all agree that we should learn and what is more important want
to learn. Education plays an important role in our life. Surely, all students have
different skill and abilities to study. What subjects are you good at? (the students
give their answers)
Today we are going to apply our skills to different subjects Math, Literature and
Let's start with History. Recently you have done the research on your Stories from
the Past, I mean your family stories. And in my opinion the best project was made
by Nastya Atakhanova
(the student present her project)
Teacher: Thank you Nastya. And who is good at Math? Let's check it.
I'm sure you know these signs + (plus) and (minus) in English and you can solve
the simpliest mathematic expressions like 2+2 or 5-3, for example. But do you
know howto say in English - сложение, вычитание, умножение, деление? Now
try to match these basic mathematical operations and the signs to express them.
(Слайд 1) Use your worksheet
addition -
subtraction :
multiplication +
division x
now check yourself (Слайд2)
addition +
subtraction -
multiplication x
division :
And now read the expressions, translate them and find the most general one
To multiply something by something
To divide something by something
To subtract something from something
To add something to something
To calculate something
Let's practice.
a) Find the mathematical expression described in the left column (now check
yourself (Слайд4)
1.twelve divided by four gives three
a) 120 : 20 = 6
2 twenty multiplied by six is one hundred and twenty
b) 20 x 6 = 120
3 one hundred and twenty divided by twenty gives six
c) 12 : 4 = 3
4 four subtracted from twelve makes eight
d) 2² = 4
5 if we square two, we'll get four
e) 3² = 9
6 if we square three, we'll get nine
f) 12 4 = 8
b) Say the following in words (now check yourself (Слайд5)
45 + 50 = 95
3 x 9 = 27
64 6 = 58
36 : 6 = 6
Teacher: Well done. Look at the slide and try to translate the following words
Teacher: Do you remember how to solve a system of linear equations? It was your
home task to study the example of solving it. So, try to do it now. Solve this
system of linear equations (
𝑋 + 𝑌 = 8
𝑋𝑌 = 20
. You may work in pairs but I want
someone to do it on the blackboard. Who wants to?
Teacher: OK, Sergey, well done.
And at last Literature. Have you ever written poems? I want you to make up a
“Five-line stanza”. In Russian it sounds like“Синквейн”. inq"in French means
“5”. Синквейнis a five-line poem.
Teacher: Here are the rules what a five-line stanza consists of: (слайд)
1. The first line has got one word consisting of one syllable. It can be the title of
the poem.
2. The second line has gotthree words. They describe the subject, topic.
3. The third line consists ofthree words. They describe actions.
4. The fourth line consists of two words. They describe something special
about the topic, some feelings.
5. The last line consists ofone word consisting two syllables. It should give the
1. Первая строка содержит одно двуслоговое слово. Это может быть
названием стихотворения.
2. Вторая строка содержит три слова (описывает предмет, тему
3. Три слова (действие)
4. Два слова (что-нибудь о предмете: чувства, что-либо особое)
5. одно двуслоговое слово (описание)
1) Hobby
2) Interesting, popular, favourite.
3) Tocollect, toplay, toread.
4) Tastes differ.
5) Free time.
1. School
2. New, interesting, important
3. Write, read, create.
4. The second house
5. Splendid!
Teacher: Now work in groups, I give you five minutes for making your own
poems up. Then you will read them aloud.
The end of the lesson: our lesson is over. Everyone worked hard at the lesson. But
the most active pupils were …, their answers were quite correct so that they get
excellent marks.
For the next lesson I’d like you to make a “Five-line stanza”. If you liked or didn't
like our lesson, tick the appropriate smile in your work sheet