Конспект урока "Социальные сети" 9 класс

Конспект урока по английскому языку в 9 классе «Социальные сети»
Ход урока
Деятельность учителя
Деятельность учащихся
1. Организационный момент
- Hello, students. I’m glad to see
you. Let’s start our lesson. Look
at the screen, I’ll show you the
video, about the man who earned
a lot of money. How did he do it?
- Your ideas?
- Yes, and today we are talking
about social networking. (slide2)
1. Ознакомление с новой
лексикой, актуализация
- What social networks do you
Yes, you are right. But today we are
talking about international networks:
Facebook, Twitter, Instagramm.
I want you divide into 3 groups. Listen
and remember your number: one, two,
three, one, two, three….
Ones are here, Twos are here and threes
here (students change their places).
You have got handout 1, ask your
partners about using social networks and
fill the information in the table, you
have got 5 minutes.
- Times up. Please, summarize
your results
- Thank you very much. Now listen
- Hello, teacher! We are glad to see
you too.
students watch the video
- He was the creator of the popular
social network
- Вконтакте, Одноклассники,
students look at the screen
Students work in groups. They get
handout 1. They ask each other and fill
the information in the table.
One student from each group reads the
and remember your social
networking. Twitter, Facebook,
Instagramm (teacher is going
around the classroom and says the
name of the social networks)
- We have 3 groups: Twitter,
Facebook and Instagramm. You
should read the information about
your social networking and fill
the gaps words in bold. You have
4 minutes. Handout 2.
- Times up. I’ll give you the
original texts and you can check
- Now, please share your
information. (handout 3).
- Let’s organize three different
groups. Number 1 is Twitter,
Facebook and Instagramm,
number 2 and number3.
Ask your partners and fill the table. Use
target vocabulary! You have got 7
minutes. (handout 4)
Teacher is going around the classroom
and controls the students’ pronunciation.
- Ok. Let’s check your memory
about target vocabulary. I need 2
On the board you see Russian
statements. Students say English
expressions, volunteers hit the
Russian variant by the hammers.
(cards, two hammers).
- Thank you very much, takes your
seats. Let’s invite another pair.
- Now let’s play again. I’ve got a
hat in which I put cards with the
Students reorganized into another
Students have new task.
Students compare their variants and
correct mistakes.
Students get the target vocabulary with
necessary words.
Students work in new groups, ask each
other about another social networks.
Two volunteers come to the board and
take the hammers. Students say English
expressions, volunteers hit the Russian
variant by the hammers
Each student takes the card from the hat
and tries to find the synonym from
target vocabulary.
You should find the most
appropriative word from target
vocabulary. Everyone can name the
word, if you don’t remember. (hat,
cards with definitions).
2. Активизация учащихся в
употреблении в речи
тематического языкового
- Now you suggested to create your
own social networks, which
doesn’t exists yet.
You are to invent: a name of social
networking; age of users, whom does
it unit; distinctive features and
Look at the screen. (slide3).For
example: My networking is for
housewives about 40-50 years old. Its
name is Cookbook. They can upload
new pictures and new recipes. There is a
like button or even live-voice calls to
each other. And very popular “problem
page”, where women complain about
their husbands. Special feature of our
Cookbook is “photoshop”, where you
can improve your appearance without
hard diets and sport. You can post your
new photo to your husband.
- You are working in 2 groups.
Take paper and markers. You have 10
- Ok. Come to the board and
present your social networking.
- Thank you very much. Your
presentations were creative and
interesting! The lesson is over.
Good bye!
Students listen to the teacher´s
Students look at the screen.
In groups students create their own
social networking.
Each group tells about their social
networking and shows posters.