Конспект урока английского языка "Который час?" 4 класс

Конспект урока английского языка в 4 классе.
Учебник - М.З. Биболетова
Тема урока: Который час?
Учитель: Кубата О.В.
Ц е л и : тренировка произносительных навыков; повторение и активизация
лексического материала по теме «Время»; применение ранее изученного
грамматического материала (Past Simple); развитие умений и навыков устной
речи и чтения.
Sta g es
I. Introduction.
II. Warming-up.
Pupils answer the following questions.
1) At what time does Mag get up every day?
2) At what time does Mag have breakfast?
3) At what time does Mag come home from school?
4) At what time did Mag do her homework yesterday?
5) At what time did Mag have lunch yesterday?
III. Phonetic exercises.
1. Ex. 14, p. 41 (WB).
Ex ampl e:
1 (Helen)
. Hello! This is Helen speaking! Can I speak to Mag?
2 (Mag’s mother)
. I’m sorry, Helen. She isn’t in! She is in the park.
. What a pity! May I phone back?
. Of course, you may. She’ll be at home at 6 pm.
. Thank you. Bye.
. Bye.
2. New words.
Te a c h e r . Read the transcription of these words.
smart begin (began) farmer
house suddenly mouth
country catch (caught) find (found)
IV. Lexical activities (ex. 13, p. 41 (WB)).
Te a c h e r . Look at the pictures and write the time.
Ex ampl e: 1) It’s half past seven. (7.30)
2) It’s a quarter past eight. (8.15)
3) It’s twenty (minutes) to ten. (9.40)
4) It’s ten minutes past three. (3.10)
5) It’s five o’clock. (5.00)
V. Speaking (Ex. 39, p. 78).
Ex ampl e:
. Becky can watch her favourite film about Tiny at half past eleven.
. She can watch the cartoon “Green School” at ten minutes past six.
. Becky can watch Tricky’s programme “Sing and Dance with Tricky!” at half
past three.
Te a c h e r . Say which programme you would like to watch. At what time can you
watch it?
Ex ampl e:
. I’d like to watch “Good morning, kids!” at 15 minutes past nine.
. I’d like to watch the film “Tiny and his friends” at 20 minutes to eight.
VI. Listening (Ex. 40, p. 78).
Te a c h e r . Listen to the phone call. Say at what time Mag will come home.
Ke y : Mag will come home at half past two.
Ex. 41, p. 78.
Te a c h e r . Match the questions with the answers and read them.
Ex ampl e: Mag got up at 7.00 (seven) am yesterday. She had her breakfast
at 7.30 (half past seven) am. Mag came home at 1.45 (a quarter to two) pm. She had
her lunch at 2 (two) pm. She began to do her homework at 3 (three) pm.
VII. Reading (ex. 42, p. 79).
1. Pre-reading.
Te a c h e r . Read one more story about the smart little Bird. Complete it with the
correct forms of the verbs.
Ke y : ran, saw, jumped, caught, said, said, said, began, was, wanted, flew, was,
was, began, said.
2. Reading.
Pupils read the text aloud and put the verbs into the correct form.
3. Post-reading activities.
1) Ex. 43, p. 79.
Te a c h e r . Choose the title for the story and say why you like it.
2) Ex. 44, p. 79.
Te a c h e r . Find out who said these words.
Ke y : 1) the Cat; 2) the Bird; 3) the Bird; 4) the Cat; 5) the Cat.
3) Ex. 45, p. 79.
Te a c h e r . Answer the Why-questions using information from the text.
VIII. The conclusion of the lesson.
Homework: ex. 10, p. 83; retell the story in ex. 42, p. 79.