Презентация "Sergei Prokofiev" 9 класс

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Who Was Sergei Prokofiev (1891-1953) Prokofiev composed his first piece of music when he was five. He entered the St. Petersburg Conservatoire at the age of 13; he brought to his entrance examination four operas, a symphony and a number of piano pieces. After the October Revolution Prokofiev emigrated to America. However he soon realized that it had been a bitter mistake.  But living abroad Prokofiev remained Russian, a citizen of his country.   At the height of his fame Prokofiev still felt unhappy, homesick and lonely, living far from his native land. He missed Russia and kept thinking about going back. He believed that a composer who had lost his roots and musical traditions of his nation would inevitably lose the desire to compose and to create.  
  • It was only his motherland that could give him spiritual strength and be
  • a pure source of inspiration.
Between 1927 and 1932 Prokofiev took several trips to the Soviet Union. His concerts in Moscow and Leningrad aroused great interest among the music lovers.  
  • People listened to his music in complete silence. During these concerts Prokofiev felt that he was listened to by his compatriots.
When he came to Russia in 1927 he wrote: "I have to live in the atmosphere of my homeland. I have to see Russian winter and its changeable spring. I have to hear the Russian language and talk to people who are my people; so that they give me back something I lack here - their songs, my songs. Yes, I am going back!"   In 1932 after his return to the Soviet Union, Prokofiev devoted all his inspiration to his people. For 20 years until he died in 1953 he served his country. In his new compositions he strove for clarity. The influence of Prokofiev's music can still be traced in the works of contemporary musicians. His invaluable heritage includes eight operas, seven cantatas, seven ballets, seven symphonies as well as numerous piano pieces. Among them there are such masterpieces as the opera "War and Peace," the ballet "Romeo and Juliet," and the cantata "Alexander Nevsky". Alexander Nevsky Romeo and Juliet War and Peace Cinderella
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