Конспект урока "Ecology. Think globally, act locally"

Тема урока :“Ecology. Think globally, act locally.
1) образовательный аспект:
• развитие неподготовленной монологической речи на основе
прослушанного текста, на основе фоновых знаний по теме;
• понимание высказываний учителя и собеседника в
различных ситуациях общения, в том числе при наличии
незнакомых языковых средств; понимание учебных текстов
2) воспитательный аспект:
формирование эстетического воспитания учеников;
3) развивающий аспект:
• развитие творческой деятельности;
• развитие аналитико-синтезирующее мышление;
1 преодоление коммуникативного и эмоционального барьера
при говорении на английском языке;
2 развить умения сравнивать, обобщать, логично мыслить;
3 Овладеть моделями высказывания на ИЯ;
Схема урока:
1.motivation of the lesson- 5min.( a song);
2.The aim and the expected results-1min.
3.Practice of listening,and speaking-10min
4. To learn to design posters;10min.
5.Presentation of anti-litter poster;10 min.
7.Home task: to make your own anti-LITTER poster. 2min.
Оборудование: интерактивная доска, ноутбук, магнитофон,
учебник, рабочая тетрадь.
Ход урока.
1. Организационный момент.(Работа в режиме T-P1,P2,P3,)
T;-Good morning dear children. I`m glad to see you . Let`s start our
2.First, I`d like you to listen this song and to understand the main
idea.(the song attachment- 1). OK. What is the main idea of it? Who
asks us to help? Do you agree that it`s time to act?( short discussion).
3. А .Let`s start to work over the topic “ The ecology. Think globally,
act locally. It sounds like a motto( слайд1)”Please, try to explain the
name of the lesson. Now, look at the screen. Here are some new words
( слайд 2 ) So, read the text and answer the questions using new
text:(attouchment-2), (слайд 3-6)
В.. The questions:
1)What are the reasons of the ecological problems?
2)What kind of them do you know?
3)Can we do anything to help to solve them?
4) )What do you know about environment in our region?
You know that one of the main ecological problem is connected with
litter in our towns, villages , forests. During our period I want you not
only to learn more about it and the serious harm, but try to design the
anti-litter poster ,which is one of modern oral weapon against people`s
indifference. ( слайд7)
After we`ll work in small groups making anti-litter poster .The content
should include the answers to:
--What worries people about their own area? Litter.
-- What can we do about it? ………… (students advice\ suggestions)
It was a secret for most of you, but some students worked like
correspondents preparing some photos and additional information.
Let`s start to work in groups over the projects using their material. (
student use photos, pencils..)
In 10 min. each group has opportunity to present their poster.
5. Presentation of the group projects.
6.And at the end of the lesson I suppose, you`ll read one old wisdom
and then give me your conclusions about it. (Do you agree with an old
man? Give some arguments.)
7. Now, your home task: make you own anti-litter poster searching this
problem in our village.
A song.
Today you are going camping
With your family , friends or class.
Please, help us, don`t drop any litter!
`Cos` your litter lives longer than us!
Refrain:`Cos nothing is forever
And nature is getting tired.
If we don`t stop and think today
Tomorrow the Earth could die.
Today you cut down your forests
But the planet needs our leaves.
Please stop it because without tomorrow
You`ll have no air to breathe!
You can have a bath or a shower
But today is time to think.
Save the rivers because without them
You`ll have no water to drink.
Today we are still in your forests,
In the sky, in the rivers, but look:
Don’t kill us! Because your children
Will see us in picture books
Attachment 2
Since ancient times Nature has served Man ,being the source of his life.
For thousands of years people lived in harmony with environment
And it seemed to them that natural riches were unlimited .But with the
development of civilization man`s interference in nature began to
increase .
Large cities with thousands of smoky industrial enterprises appear all
over the world today. The by-products of their activity pollute the air
we breathe, the water we drink, the land we grow grain and vegetables
Every year world industry pollutes the atmosphere with about 6.000
million tons of dust and other harmful substances . Many cities suffer
from smog. Vast forests are cut and burn in fire. Their disappearance
upsets the oxygen balance. As a result some rare species of animals,
birds, fish and plants disappear forever , a number of rivers and lakes
dry up.
The pollution of air and the world`s ocean, destruction of the ozone
layer is the result of man`s careless interaction with nature, a sign of
the ecological crises. Environmental protection is of a universal concern
. That`s why serious measures to create a system of ecological security
should be taken.
Attachment 3