Диалоги по английскому языку 9 класс

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ДИАЛОГИ 9 класс
Билет 1 Language Courses
Вы хотите поступить на курсы иностранного языка. Позвоните на курсы и узнайте, где они
находятся, каковы сроки обучения, сколько стоит обучение и что необходимо для поступления.
S: Hello, is it London Language School?
T: Yes, London Language School, can I help you?
S: Well, you know, I’ve read an advertisement in our local newspaper about English courses and I’d like some
information about them.
T: All right. What exactly would you like to know?
S: How long are the courses?
T: What course would you like to sign up? We can offer you English for Business, General English Course and
Intensive Course.
S: Mm…. General English Course.
T: This course lasts for three months.
S: Are there classes every day?
T: No, it is supposed that students have an hour and a half lesson three times a week in groups of 4-5 students.
S: Fine. How much does it cost?
T: 2000 roubles per month.
S: I see. Then, it’s reasonable. I hope my English will improve quickly. Please tell me where your Language
School is located.
T: Certainly. We’re situated at University Street, 17, next to the Art Gallery.
S: Thank you. When do the classes start?
T: In a week.
S: Shall I register for the course?
T: Well, you’ll have to arrive at our office and fill in an application form, that’s all.
S: Thank you very much. Goodbye.
T: Goodbye.
Билет 2 At the Weekend
Вы с зарубежным другом, который гостит в вашем городе, планируете, что будете делать в
выходные. Спросите, когда он/она свободен/свободна, обсудите, чем вам заняться, почему именно
S: Hello, .....! Is everything OK?
T: Hi, .....! I’m fine, thank you.
S: You seem very busy. You’re going somewhere, aren’t you?
T: You are right. I have an invitation to Tanya’s birthday party today.
S: I’m sorry, I’m not on time.
T: Of course, you are! I’m always glad to see you.
S: Have you got any plans for the week-end?
T: Why, I’m free on Sunday. Do you have anything to suggest?
S: How about going on an excursion?
T: It’s great! Where shall we go?
S: Well, it depends on your interests. Would you like to go to Moscow?
T: Thank you very much, but I’ve been to Moscow twice, and besides, it’s too tiring to wander about a large
city in such hot weather.
S: OK. Then, let’s go on a trip along the Volga.
T: I like this idea, but won’t it be too boring to spend the whole day on board a ship?
S: Not at all. You will be watching picturesque scenery passing by and there will be stops in some ancient
Russian towns.
T: Oh, it’s marvellous! I like the idea greatly! Do you know exactly what sights to see there?
S: Don’t worry. There will be a guide to accompany us on the trip. By the way, the excursion will be in English.
T: Good. I think it will be a great experience.
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S: I’m sure, it will. I’m rushing to book the excursion. Bye for now.
T: Thank you. Bye-bye.
Билет 3 Going on an Excursion
Вы с зарубежным другом, который гостит в вашем городе, собираетесь поехать на экскурсию.
Обсудите с другом, куда и когда лучше всего пойти; кого с собой пригласить. Примите совместное
S: Hello, ..... So, you’ve been enjoying your time in Russia, haven’t you?
T: Very much. These are fantastic holidays.
S: I’m sure you’ve done a lot of sightseeing since you arrived here at Dubna. What are your plans for
T: Well. I’m free tomorrow. Why?
S: I’d like to go on an excursion to Moscow. Would you like to go with me?
T: I’d love to. Where shall we go?
S: You know, Russia is visited by millions of tourists every year. There are lots of attractions in our country,
but first of all the foreigners come to Moscow to see the Kremlin. Here you can admire ancient cathedrals and
churches. Would you like to visit the Armoury? And I can also book tickets to the Diamond Exhibition.
T: Great! And where shall we go after the Kremlin?
S: Let’s go to Red Square, which is the heart of Moscow. There are a lot of interesting places there. The most
beautiful, from my point of view, is St. Basil’s Cathedral. In front of it there is a monument to Minin and
Pozharsky. And if you go down Tverskaya Street, you’ll see a monument to Prince Yuri Dolgoruky, the
founder of Moscow, and a monument to Alexander pushkin, a famous Russian poet.
T: Fine. What else is worth visiting?
S: Well, if you are interested in arts, we can go to the State Tretyakov Gallery, where you can see the works by
Russian artists or to the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, where there is a huge collection of pictures and
sculptures by Western masters.
T: That sounds interesting.
S: You can invite Laura to go with us. I know she is keen on Russian history and art.
T: Right you are.
S: Well, Moscow is a very large city and it will take long to see it. Let’s start doing it tomorrow. What time
shall I pick you up? Does 9 a.m. suit you?
T: Yes, 9 o’clock is fine.
S: See you then.
T: OK. Thank you very much for your invitation.
Билет 4 Writing an Article
Вы должны написать статью о защите окружающей среды в школьный журнал, который издается
на иностранном языке. Обсудите с редактором, какие проблемы следует осветить, как назвать
статью, к какому сроку ее сдать.
S: Hello, I am to write an article on environmental problems for our school English Magazine, aren’t I?
T: Yes, you are.
S: Well, I’d like to discuss some questions with you.
T: Of course, I’ll answer all your questions.
S: What shall I write about? There are a lot of environmental problems to be concerned about: air and water
pollution, global warming, endangered animals, and others. Which of them should I write about?
T: It’s up to you. You may write about the problem which you are most interested in, or which you think is the
most urgent.
S: All of them are urgent, and all of them are interesting to me. For example, I can start with the litter that is left
everywhere by everybody.
T: Fine. What exactly will you write about?
S: I think there is so much litter because of lack of education. Lots of people just don’t know that it’s wrong to
drop litter. What is more, the streets are dirty and unpleasant. Moreover, if litter is left too long people can even
catch diseases from it.
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T: It sounds interesting. Isn’t water pollution a serious problem too?
S: Of course, it is. I know that factories dump waste into rivers and seas, so the water there becomes poisonous.
As a result, people can suffer from stomach problems if they drink polluted water. Do you think that air
pollution is a really serious problem? Factories and cars pollute the air we breathe. In large cities the
concentration of harmful substances in the air is rather high, it’s really bad for people and it can cause
disastrous consequences for their health.
T: This question should be touched in the article as well. And another important question is the protection of
endangered animals.
S: You are quite right. Now I understand what I should write about. To my mind I should also add some
solutions to these problems to make our planet better and safer place to live on.
T: Quite right. It's not too late to solve them.
S: What about the title of the article? Do you think “Our Planet Is in Danger” will be O.K?
T: Yes, that’ll do.
S: And when exactly do I have to hand this article in?
T: Will next week be all right for you?
S: OK, I’ll do it. Thank you. Goodbye.
T: OK. See you.
Билет 5 Getting a Grant
Ваш класс выиграл конкурс, и вам дали грант. Объясните иностранному журналисту, от кого вы
получили грант, за что и что вы планируете купить на полученные деньги для школы.
S: Good afternoon and welcome to our school, ......... We are ready to answer your questions.
T: Thank you. If I’m not mistaken, your class has won a grant. Am I right?
S: Right you are. There is a program of the Russian government called the National Priority Projects. One of
the projects focuses on education. There are competitions held within the National Project 'Education'.
Our school took part in the competition as an innovative school in our district and won 1 million rubles.
T: Why was the grant given to your class?
S: The pupils of our class took part in the contest ‘Teenagers of the 21
T: What kind of contest was it?
S: We took part in sports competitions, in art, information technology and speech-writing contests. So, we can
say it was an all-round competition.
T: How many pupils took part in the contest?
S: I don’t know exactly. A lot of schools competed against each other for the grant. Each of the contestants had
to answer questions on the variety of subjects. Our class team won most of the competitions, and we were
awarded the grant.
T: My congratulations! What are the pupils of your class going to spend the money on?
S: You see, our class team has won the grant, but we all think that it belongs to the whole school, not only to
the pupils of our class. This matter was discussed by the teachers and pupils of our school. We`d like to have
modern sports facilities and equipment at our school. We love doing sport.
T: Thank you very much for the interview.
S: You’re welcome. It was a pleasure to speak to you, ....... Goodbye.
T: Goodbye.
Билет 6 A trip to the UK
Ваш друг вернулся из поездки в страну изучаемого языка. Расспросите его о поездке: где он был,
что произвело на него наибольшее впечатление и почему.
S: Hello, ......? What a nice surprise! It`s great to see you!
T: Hi, ......! I haven’t seen you for ages. Where have you been?
S: I’ve just come back from Britain.
T: Have you? How did you like it there?
S: I enjoyed it greatly! I can’t say I’ve seen a lot, but I liked the places I visited: London, Stratford-upon-Avon,
Windsor and Oxford.
T: How long did you stay there?
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S: For a week. I wouldn’t mind staying there longer. You know, you need lots of time to see all British
T: Sure. You visited Stratford, Windsor, Oxford and London within a week! How did you manage?
S: Stratford and Oxford are small towns; it took me a day to go sightseeing there. Another day for Windsor all
the other time I went sightseeing in London. And I can’t say I was able to see much of London. So, I have an
excuse to come back there some day.
T: You are right. What impressed you most?
S: The Tower of London. I’ve read a lot about it beforehand, so I have already known that it was built by
William the Conqueror. Once it was a fortress, then a royal palace, a zoo and even a prison for the nobles. Now
it’s a museum guarded by the famous “Beefeaters”. And that legend about the ravens living in the Tower… Do
you know it? The legend says that without ravens the Tower and the British monarchy will fall. That’s why
their wings are cut back and they are carefully guarded. It has always been my dream to visit the Tower and to
see everything with my own eyes. And now my dream has come true!
T: And what about the weather?
S: About the weather? Unfortunately, when I was in London, it rained the whole time, but it didn’t prevent me
from enjoying the sights. I liked everything I saw there. Have you ever been there? If not, I definitely advise
you to take the first plane to London and have the time of your life!
T: Thanks a lot. I will.
S: Well, ......., I’m afraid, I have to go. Goodbye.
T: Goodbye.
Билет 7 Asking the Way
В одном из европейских городов вы отстали от группы во время экскурсии. Вам нужно добрать до
отеля, где вы остановились. Спросите у прохожего, каким транспортом туда быстрее добраться,
сколько это займет времени и где ближайшая остановка.
S: Excuse me…
T: Yes, can I help you?
S: Oh, I’m a stranger here and I` m completely lost. I don’t know how to get to the hotel I’m staying. Could
you help me, please?
T: Sure. Do you the name of your hotel?
S: The name of my hotel is the “Astoria”, it is situated in Green Street. Could you tell me the way to the Hotel,
T: The Astoria Hotel? Let me see… It’s near Victoria Station.
S: Is it far from here? Shall I take a bus or the underground?
T: Yes, it’s quite a distance from here, so it’s better to take the Tube.
S: Could you show me the nearest underground station?
T: I think, it’s more convenient to get to Victoria by bus. Bus 9 will take you right there.
S: Thanks a lot. Where is the nearest bus stop?
T: Turn to the right and keep straight on until you come to the traffic lights.
S: I see. I turn to the right and go straight ahead as far as the traffic lights. How long does it take to get there?
T: It`s a five-minute walk.
S: Thank you very much for being so kind. I’ll follow your advice.
T: You’re welcome.
Билет 8 In a shop
Вы в магазине в одном европейском городов и хотите купить что-то из новой одежды на лето.
Посоветуйтесь с продавцом, что купить, идет ли вам эта вещь, узнайте цену решите, покупать ли
вам ее.
S: Excuse me, could you help me?
T: Yes, certainly.
S: I’m looking for a pair of jeans. Could you show me any?
T: Follow me, I’ll take you to them. What colour would you like? We have jeans in various colours.
S: White, light blue… Light colours.
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T: Here is a popular brand. And what size are you?
S: 10.
T: How about these ones?
S: They look great. Can I try them on?
T: Certainly. The fitting room is over there.
S: Thank you. …………… Unfortunately, I can’t do the zip. Could you bring me a larger size?
T: No problem. Here you are.
S: Oh, this pair fits me perfectly well. Do they suit me?
T: Yes, they suit you nicely.
S: Are they durable? (прочные)
T: Yes, they are.
S: How much are they?
T: They are 500 roubles.
S: All right, I’ll take them.
T: OK, how would you like to pay?
S: By a credit card. Here is my Visa.
T: Thank you. Have a nice day!
Билет 9 Giving a Talk
Вы собираетесь сделать доклад о стране изучаемого языка. Посоветуетесь с учителем, какую тему
выбрать, как подготовиться к докладу, узнайте, сколько времени на него отводится.
S: Excuse me, Mrs ...... Can you help me?
T: Yes, ...... What can I do for you?
S: I am to give a talk about an English-speaking country. Could you advise me what country to choose?
T: You can talk about Australia. We haven`t spoken about this country at the lessons yet.
S: Great! I think I can find a lot of interesting information on the Internet. Do you know any Australian sites?
T: Certainly. Wait, I’ll write down one of them. Here you are.
S: Thank you. I also have “A Glimpse of English-Speaking Countries” – a very good book indeed. What
topics should I cover? It would take too much time to speak about the country in detail. Oh! I know. At first, I’ll
speak about the geographical position of the country, its climate and population. I will speak about unusual
Australian nature. I have a CD-ROM with the Australian sights; I’ll be showing them during the talk.
T: That’s great!
S: Then I’ll say some words about Australian’s industry and the main industrial cities: Sydney and Melbourne,
and of course about the capital of Australia Canberra. Speaking about Canberra, should I describe its
sightseeing in detail?
T: It’s up to you.
S: Then I'll prepare a short fact file including the most fascinating features. How long shall I speak?
T: Is 15 minutes enough? Three other students are going to give talks too.
S: There's no need to worry. Thanks a lot for your help.
T: Very good, ...... I believe it’ll be really interesting.
Билет 10 A Friends Phone Call
Вам позвонил зарубежный друг. Он хочет, чтобы вы его встретили в аэропорту. Спросите, когда и
каким рейсом он прилетает, где хотел бы побывать и что увидеть в вашем городе.
S: Hello, .... speaking! Is that you, ...?
T: Yes, glad you’ve recognised me.
S: Nice to hear you, ...... Have you decided about your trip to Moscow?
T: Yes, I have. I’m arriving in Moscow next week. Could you meet me at the airport, please?
S: Sure. What airport are you coming?
T: Sheremetyevo 2.
S: What is the number of your flight and the arrival time?
T: Flight BA 1809, 15 p.m. Moscow time.
S: I’ve put it down. Don’t worry, I’ll be there in time. How long will you be staying in Moscow?
©Compiled by Tatiana Lepeshkina Страница 6
T: For a week.
S: I’m asking you about it because you didn’t see much of Moscow last time. Now I’d like to arrange
everything for your visit beforehand: to buy theatre tickets, to find out about new exhibitions and so on. What
would you like to see this time?
T: Oh! I really don’t know. I’ll gladly leave it to you.
S: Fine. I’ll take you round the city and show you the most remarkable sights there. Take care and have a good
trip. I’m looking forward to seeing you.
T: So am I. Bye-bye. See you in Moscow soon.
S: Bye.
Билет 11 Doing Sports
Вы в гостях у своего зарубежного друга. Вместе с ним вы хотите записаться в спортивную секцию.
Обсудите, каким видом спорта заняться и почему, согласуйте с ним, по каким дням вы будете
заниматься спортом.
S: Hey, ……. Is there any possibility to go in for sport here?
T: Of course! Would you like to go in for some sport?
S: Well, as I’m here for some time, I’d like to. As for me, I think everybody should go in for sport to be strong
and healthy. What do you think about it?
T: I think it’s a good idea. I myself like going in for sport.
S: Could we do it together?
T: I think we could.
S: What sport do you prefer?
T: I like team sports, such as football or baseball. Would you like to play them?
I know how to help you.
S: I’m not sure about baseball we don’t play it in Russia. But look here, let’s join a tennis club. To my mind,
tennis can help us to keep fit and to stay healthy. I have been playing tennis for 5 years and I hardly ever catch a
cold and I never suffer from any serious illness. Can you play tennis?
T: I like this sport very much but I can’t play tennis well. I’d really like to learn.
S: Great! We’ll be playing together. How often shall we go to the club?
T: Twice a week, I think. On Mondays and Fridays, do you agree?
S: Of course, I do. Monday and Friday are suitable for me. I’m very busy all the other days. I can’t wait to get
started. Till Friday, bye.
T: Bye.
Билет 12 Learning Foreign Languages
Вы хотите пойти на курсы иностранного языка. Ваш друг считает, что не нужно учить иностранные
языки, так как это требует много времени и усилий, в то время как всегда можно прибегнуть к
услугам переводчика. Вы с ним не согласны. Приведите не менее двух причин, почему необходимо
изучать ин. языки.
S: Hello, glad to see you, but I’m in a hurry.
T: Hi, where are you running?
S: You know, I’ve decided to take Summer English Course.
T: What? You are kidding! The holidays have begun, it’s time to rest and have fun and you’re going to continue
studies. You are crazy! It’s a waste of time.
S: I don’t agree with you. First of all, I’m interested in learning foreign languages and I’d like to speak English
fluently. Moreover, nowadays every educated person should know at least one foreign language to be a success.
T: What can be interesting in learning all these grammar rules, words and reading texts?
S: Tastes differ. Of course, here in Russia you speak Russian, but what if you go abroad?
T: In each country you can find an interpreter if necessary…
S: I take you point but it’s more interesting for me to learn about everything by myself. I don’t like being
dependent on anybody. What is more, learning foreign languages helps to broaden my mind I can better
understand the people and the culture of English-speaking countries.
T: And why English? There are a lot of other languages. As for me, I like French better.
©Compiled by Tatiana Lepeshkina Страница 7
S: Why don’t you understand? English is the main language of international communication nowadays. The
other reason why people in Russia study English is that it is widely used in computers and other electric
devices. In addition, most young people hope to find an interesting and well-paid job in future, it will be easier
to do it if you know English.
T: You may be right but it takes so much time! You have classes, do homework it’s so boring!
S: It` s so interesting! You meet new people, read books, watch films in class. It` s great! Our teacher is an
Englishman and they use modern methods of teaching at the courses. It’s called diving. Students watch a lot of
films, sing songs and the main thing is that they speak only English at the lessons.
T: Mm… You speak so excitingly that I begin to think about following your example.
S: Well, if you decide to enroll the courses, just ring me up and I’ll give you the number and you’ll see which
of us is right.
T: Thank you, bye.
Билет 13 An Interview with a Foreign Singer
Возьмите интервью у популярного зарубежного певца. Расспросите его, когда он начал свою карьеру,
почему он выбрал этот вид искусства, каковы его планы на будущее.
S: Hello, everybody! Madonna is in our today’s programme, and it’s about music and musicians. Good
morning, Madonna. Your fans want to know all about you and your life. Can you tell us about your attitudes