Конспект урока "Телевидение и Интернет" 10 класс

Конспект урока английского языка. Булатовой С.В.
10 класс
Учебник Английский язык. Учебник для 10 - 11 класса общеобразовательных учреждений/ В.П. Кузовлев, Н.М.
Лапа, Э.Ш. Перегудова и др. – 6-е изд. – М.: Просвещение,2000. – 253с.
Дополнительная литература: Virginia Evans, Jenny Dooly Enterprise 3 - Express Publishing, 2001.
Тема урока: Телевидение и Интернет.
Цель: Сопоставить телевидение и Интернет как средства массовой информации.
1. Познакомить с преимуществами и недостатками использования сети Интернет.
2. Систематизировать знания о преимуществах и недостатках телевидения.
3.Формировать навыки исследовательской деятельности (отбор, систематизация информации, проведение
социолингвистического исследования).
4. Развивать умение работать в группах.
5. Воспитывать интерес к исследовательской работе.
Оборудование: телевизор, видеомагнитофон, карточки для индивидуальной работы, листы бумаги для работы в
Предварительно была сделана видеозапись об использовании Интернета.
Этапы урока
Ход урока
Орг. момент.
Введение в тему
проблемы, задач,
хода урока.
Yesterday I got a subscribe massage by e-mail and came across a very
interesting problem: Is the Internet useful or harmful invention? Are you
ready to help me? The topic of our discussion is: Television and Internet.
Try to define the problem of our lesson.
Teacher writes down the problem on the board, eliciting it from students:
Problem: What do you prefer: Television or the Internet?
What do we have to do to answer this question? Teacher elicits from
students the steps of their work, using key-words (to revise, to learn, to
compare; the plan of the lesson should be written on the board).
1. To revise the information about television.
2. To learn some information about the Internet.
3. To compare television and the Internet.
This plan will help us to get our aim. What do you think the aim of our
lesson is?
Aim: to discuss the problem:
What do you prefer: Television or the Internet?
Suggested answers:
What is better:
television or the
What to choose:
television or the
Internet? And so on.
Students suggest the
steps of the work, try
to define the aim of
the lesson.
Форма работы:
2-3 ученика –
Let’s revise the information about television, and first of all I wish all of
you to take part in our talk-show.
At the same time teacher gives 2 or 3 students an individual task on the
1.Choose the correct answer.
1. The BBC has ____ television channels.
a) two b) three c) four d) five
2. _____ offers more serious programmes than___ - documentaries,
discussions, operas and concerts.
a) BBC1; BBC2 b) BBC2; BBC1.
3. Thanks to _____, TV viewers in Britain can watch TV from many
European countries.
a) satellite b) radio c) computer d) the Internet
4. Most towns and cities in Britain ____ their own regional newspapers.
a) has b) have c) are d) is having
5. How many companies does channel 3 consist of?
a) 12 b) 13 c) 14 d) 15
Answer the question:
What is your favourite channel? Why?
Teacher takes a microphone and asks students Will you answer my
questions? Sample questions for talk-show: Do you like watching TV?
What programmes do members of your family like to watch?
Why do people watch soaps?
How many channels do you have?
What are the most useful channels and why?
Students answer
teacher’s questions
2-3 students work in
written form.
What invention gives us the opportunity to watch programmes from all
over the world?
What channels in Britain do you know?
What are the differences between them?
What are the most popular channels in Great Britain?
What is your favourite channel?
Thank you for your answers. It was really very interesting to listen to your
Групповая работа.
At the previous lesson you were divided into 2 groups to prepare the poll.
To prove that television has a lot of advantages and disadvantages you had
to interview your schoolmates and sum up this information. I’m so curious
about the results. Now you are given 3 minutes to discuss your results and
one person of you will inform us about them. Will you write down the key
words of advantages and disadvantages on the sheets of paper with a
marker and place them on the board.
According to your research into the problem television has both
advantages and disadvantages. Let’s repeat them. This group (who studied
disadvantages) will repeat advantages one by one; the other group will
repeat disadvantages.
Students discuss their
results in groups and
perform them with
help of diagrams
(prepared in advance)
and key-words.
Изучение нового
We are approaching to the second part of our discussion. And now we are
going to learn some information about the Internet.
Let us use television (video) and listen to expert’s opinion about the
Your task is to choose the correct answer:
What is the manager talking about:
a) advertisement on the Internet;
b) e-mail services;
c) Advantages and disadvantages of the Internet.
Advertisement for the Internet promises you a world of information,
entertainment, on-line shopping and e-mail services. But the real world of
the Internet may not be as perfect as the advertisements suggest.
Using the Internet offers man advantages. Firstly, all of the latest
information is available to you at any hour of the day or night. It is much
faster and easier to surf the net in search of information from all over the
world than to travel to libraries on dozen of countries. What is more, on-
line shopping makes it possible to search through catalogues to find
exactly what you want at the best price, saving both time and money. By
joining a newsgroup or a chat group, you share your hobbies and special
interests, and perhaps make friends all over the world. Also, e-mail is
popular because it is faster than sending a letter and cheaper that a
telephone conversation. On the other hand, the Internet has several
disadvantages. For example, with so much information available, finding
what you can take you hours. Multimedia web pages with photographs
music and video make downloading slow and boring. Moreover, there is
too much advertising instead of real information. As for Internet
friendships, sitting at home in front of your computer making ‘chat
friends’ is not the same as actually meeting people. In conclusion, the
Internet obviously has both good and bad points. Fortunately, the system
is improving all the time, and any problems which still exist can be
solved. Whether we like it or not, the Internet is here to stay, so we have
to make the best possible use of it.
Yes, you are right. The correct answer is “c”.
Now we are going to watch this episode again, but you will have another
task. The first group has to choose and write down the key words of
advantages of the Internet, and the second of disadvantages.
Then place them on the board and perform, using the key-words.
You may think of your own advantages and disadvantages of using the
Suggested key-words:
Students watch video
and choose the correct
Students work in
groups, choosing
advantages and
disadvantages of the
Internet. They write
down the key words,
think of their own
advantages and
disadvantages, place
the information on the
board and
perform it.
1. You can learn the latest information at any time
2. You can save your time and money buying things on-line
3. You can share your interests with chat groups
4. You can make new friends in chat groups
5. You can send e-mail fast and cheaply
6. You can advertise something
7. You can read magazines, books and newspapers on-line
1. It has so much advertising instead of real information.
2. Web pages with music photographs, and video make surfing slow
3.With so much information finding what you want can take hours
4. Making ‘chat friends’ is not the same as meeting people.
5. The Internet is a ‘drug’ impossible to resist
6.The Internet may lead to poor health
7.Viruses can break your computer
итога, дискуссия
по проблеме
урока. Выводы.
It was very useful for us to learn all this information. Now I think you are
ready to express your opinion: What is your preference: Television or the
Internet? Why?
Teacher asks every student in the group.
I see that your preferences and justifications are different.
In conclusion let me remind you English proverb:
How many men, so many minds.
In other words: Tastes differ.
Suggested answers.
- I prefer using the
Internet because
I can learn the latest
information at any
time. What is more, e-
mail services are fast
and cheaply.
- I choose television,
because using the
internet is very
expensive and it may
lead to poor health
And so on.
Оценка работы
I’d like you to write a short composition answering the question:
What is your preference: television or the Internet?
Will you mention the most important advantages and disadvantages of the
Internet and television and express your opinion.
The task for creative: ask your friends and schoolmates about advantages
and disadvantages of the Internet, sum up the information and prepare a