Конспект урока "Pet’s hotel and Zoos"

Animal World
Тема урока: Pet’s hotel and Zoos.
Ход урока.
Орг. момент: Проверить готовность уч-ся к уроку.
Приветствие: У: Good morning I’m glad to see you
Уч-ся: Good morning We are glad to see you too
У: Thank you. Please, sit down. The theme of our lesson today is “Pet’s
hotels and Zoos.
Please open you books by Derevyanko at page 74 and Let’s do ex№1
Основная часть: Ex№1. (Look at the pets. Lesten and their names)
аудирование текста
Ex2. 1. Where does Tom work?
He works at a pet’s hotels
2. What is a pet hotel?
It’s a hotel where pets live
3. Where do you take your pet, when you go to holiday?
We take it at the pet hotel
4. How many rooms are there in this hotel?
There are 30 rooms there.
Is there a kitchen and a bathroom?
Yes, there is. There is also a play ground.
Who lives in this hotel?
Dogs, cats, fish, hamsters, budgies, guinea [gini], pigs, mice,
tortoise live there. What’s the name of the hotel?
The name of the hotel is “Bow- Miaow”
У: Ok. And now lets read ex№3 a at p.74 and say what animal is it ?
Уч-ся: (читают текст)
У: What’s in English for whiskers (усы). What animal is it?
Уч-ся: It’s a mouse
У: Excellent. Now I want you to do Ex14 at p 74. Fill in the gaps with
these words
(They do the ex)
My name’s Brownie I am five years old. I am long and my legs are
short. But I can run very fast I don’t like cats. I have got many dog
friends at the hotel. We play all day I don’t miss home
У: Ex №5 p75. What does the fish say. Make up the story.
Уч-ся: Hello, my name’s Bubble I’m five months old. I’m small and red. I
have a long tail and I can swim. I eat worms. I have no friends at the
hotel and I miss home.
У: What’s in Russian for worms (черви).
У: Ex№6. Listen and sing.
У: Let’s do ex№7. Read the words with the letter G/g. Make two
[d ] page, hedgehog, giraffe, budgie
[ g ] go, guinea pig, garden, good, gorilla
У: That’s OK. Thank you. Please write down your homework in to your
diary books.
H.W. Ex 8, p.75. You must write an ad for the dog who needs a
loving friend. OK?
У: And now open your books by Vereshchagina at p.31 and let’s control
the text you have read at home. Please answer my questions.
1. Where is Wendsor Safari Park?
2. When does it work?
3. What must visitors to remember in this park?
4. What sections are there in the park?
5. What can you see in a Sea world section?
6. What about the Bird world section?
Уч-ся: 1. Wendsor Safari Park is near London, in the South of England
2. It is open from 10 o’clock to 7 o’clock
3. Visitors must remember three important things: they must drive
slowly, never open the car window and never get out of the car in the
places where wild animals live free
4. There are three sections in this park a Sea world section, a Bird
world and of course an Animal world section.
5. In a Sea world section we can see dolphins, sea-lions, fish and other
sea animals.
6. In the Bird world section there are hundreds of different birds from
lots of different countries.
У: OK. Today you work brilliant . Your marks are good and excellent.
Let’s play our favorite game “The stairs”. You must write only
У: OK. We have 5 minutes and I want we have fun Open Cambridge
English at p.106 and lets divide the animal into groups
Flies, cats, whales, ostriches, horses, mosquitoes, salmon, dolphins,
tiger, bats, crocodiles, lions, goldfish, sharks, flying fish, parrots,
monkeys, cows, bees, penguins, rhinoceroses.
Заключение: Оценить учащихся
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