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May,13 Booking a hotel room Today we are:
  • Review the words
  • Write a spelling
  • Practise in listening and reading
Phonetic drill o, a [ o] dog, want or, aw, ough, au, ore [o:] horse, law, ought Ex. 5 p. 102 Translate into English
  • Отправиться в интересный тур
  • Восхищаться зрелищным видом
  • Наслаждаться музыкантами и танцорами
  • Обеспечивать точной проверкой часов
  • Играть на волынках
  • Танцевать под народную музыку
  • Сокровищница, полная разнообразных вещей
  • Распевать таблицу умножения в классе
  • Спуститься под воду в прозрачный туннель
  • Достаточно интересно, чтобы посмотреть
  • Летать на воздушном шаре
  • Испытать подводное сафари всей своей жизни
  • Ex. 9 p. 64 WB
Spelling Fill the gaps with the necessary form of the verb in brackets 1.Please turn off the light when you ___ the room. (to leave) 2. I hope I will see you before you___ . (to start) 3. Don’t leave until your father ___ back. (to come) 4. He will stay with us after he___ London. (to leave) 5. I am sure she’ll let you know as soon as she___ some news. (to get)   6. If it ___ , we will stay at home. (to rain) 7. What will you do if you ___ soaked? (to be) 8. In case you ___ the 9:30 train, there is another one at 9:55. (to miss) 9. They will take a dog after they ___ a new flat. (to buy) 10. When I ___ a cup of tea, I ask my Mom to make it. (to want) Future Simple, Present Simple, Present Continuous, be going to 1) A: Why are you turning on the television? B: (I/watch) the news. 2) A: Oh, I've just realized. I haven't got any money. B: Haven't you? Well, don't worry. (I/lend) you some. 3) A: I've got a headache. B: Have you? Wait there and (I/get) an aspirin for you. 4) A: Why are you filling that bucket with water? B: (I/wash) the car. 5) A: I've decided to repaint this room. B: Oh, have you? What colour (you/paint) it? 6) A: Where are you going? Are you going shopping? B: Yes, (I/buy) something for dinner. 7) A: I don't know how to use this camera. B: It's quite easy. (I/show) you. 8) A: What would you like to eat? B: (I/have) a sandwich, please. 9) A: Did you post that letter for me? B: Oh, I'm sorry. I completely forgot. (I/do) it now. 10) A: The ceiling in this room doesn't look very safe, does it? B: No, it looks as if (it/fall) down. Translate into English 1) К сожалению, он не может нас встретить. Он собирается навестить свою подругу в больнице. 2) Я уверена, учитель нам все объяснит. 3) Кто-то звонит по телефону. Ты ответишь? 4) Я не знаю, когда он придет. 5) Обещаю, что верну тебе деньги как можно скорее. 6) Кажется, будет дождь. На небе столько туч! 7) Ты поможешь мне сделать гостям чай? 8) Они все решили. Они едут в отпуск на следующей неделе. 9) Их поезд приезжает в 5 утра. Pre-listening activity
  • How do you find a budget hotel: though an online hotel reservations Web site, in a guidebook, or in the phone book?
  • What questions would you ask if you called to make a hotel reservation?
Listen to the dialogue and choose the right answer 1.The man makes a reservation finally for which day? A. March 20th B. March 21st C. March 22nd 2. What kind of room does the man prefer? A. a non-smoking room B. a smoking room C. either one is okay 3. Why doesn't he want to reserve the suite? A. It doesn't have a nice view. B. It doesn't come with a sauna bath. C. It's too expensive.
  • 4. Including tax, how much is the man's room? A. 80 dollars B. 88 dollars C. 96 dollars
  • 5. How do you spell the man's name? A. Maxner B. Maexner C. Mexner


Hotel Reservations Matching Exercise
  • http://www.esl-lab.com/hotel1/hotelreservations-match.htm
Hotel Clerk: Hello. Sunnyside Inn. May I help you? Man: Yes, I'd like to_____ (1) a room for two on the 21st of March. Hotel Clerk: Okay. Let me check our_____ (2)here for a moment. The 21st of May, right? Man: No. March, not May. Hotel Clerk: Oh, sorry. Let me see here. Hmmm. Man: Are you all booked that________ (3)? Hotel Clerk: Well, we have one_______ (4) available, complete with a kitchenette and sauna bath. And the view of the city is great, too. Man: How much is that? Hotel Clerk: It's only $200 dollars, plus a 10% room_________ (5). Man: Oh, that's a little too expensive for me. Do you have a_________(6) room available either on the 20th or the 22nd?


  • Hotel Clerk: Well, would you like a smoking or non-smoking room?
  • Man: Non-smoking, please.
  • Hotel Clerk: Okay, we do have a few rooms available on the 20th; we're full on the 22nd,________ (7) you want a smoking room.
  • Man: Well, how much is the non-smoking room on the 20th?
  • Hotel Clerk: $80 dollars, plus the 10% room tax.
  • Man: Okay, that'll be ______(8).
  • Hotel Clerk: All right. Could I have your name, please?
  • Man: Yes. Bob Maexner.
  • Hotel Clerk: How do you_______ (9) your last name, Mr. Maexner?
  • Man: M-A-E-X-N-E-R.
  • Hotel Clerk: Okay, Mr. Maexner, we look______ (10) to seeing you on March 20th.
  • Man: Okay. Goodbye.
Home assignment
  • Ex. 3 p. 102 dialogue