Презентация "Спорт в Тюмени" 9 класс

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Sports in Tyumen автор Макаров А.Д., преподаватель Тюменского нефтегазового колледжа The hockey club "Rubin" is the Tyumen region hockey team. It was founded in 1959. In 2001 by the decision of the Governor of the Tyumen Region Sergey Sobyanin it was made joining the hockey club "Rubin" to club "Gazovik" .
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  • In April 2010, the team had returned to its historical name – «Rubin».
The Sports Palace is an ice arena in Tyumen, the home playground of the Tyumen hockey club "Rubin".
  • FC "Tyumen” was founded in 1961. Originally in the championships of USSR and Russia, it took part as "Geolog" (1961-1963).
  • It was the Russian Champion in1985. In 2004 "Tyumen" began a new history.
  • In 1982, in the historic center of the city a new stadium "Geolog" was built. In the period of the most successful performances the FC "Geolog" gathered at home games full stadium. The Stadium "Geolog" is a sports complex and administrative office.
  • After the reconstruction "Geolog" is among the best Russian stadiums.
  • Tyumen racetrack is about 140 years old. The Tyumen Racetrack is one of the oldest in Russia.
The city has seven schools of Olympic reserve. In the suburb of Tyumen (the district of the village Michurino) there is a large biathlon center "Pearl of Siberia”.
  • Tyumen athletic club "Antey" was founded in 1966, in the sports hall of the main building of the Tyumen Industrial Institute, under the guidance of the coach Eugene Koltun.
  • Eugene Koltun – the President of Tyumen athletic club "Antey", Chairman of the Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness Tyumen region and the city of Tyumen.
  • Development of dance sport in the region and the success of the Tyumen dancers on Russian and international competitions began simply - with enthusiasm and talent of young athletes and coaches.
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