Презентация "Главная улица Тюмени" 5 класс

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  • Главная улица
  • Тюмени
  • автор Макаров А.Д., преподаватель
  • Тюменского нефтегазового колледжа имени Ю.Г.Эрвье ТГНГУ
  • Republic Street is  the main street of Tyumen. Its length is about 10 kilometers. It starts at the Tura embankment in the historic center of the city, runs from north-west to south-east. Republic Street ends Yalutorovsk tract -the federal highway P 402 "Tyumen - Yalutorovsk - Ishim - Omsk".
  • Republic Street is the longest street in Tyumen. It is located in two administrative districts - the Central district and the Lenin district. These administrative districts are divided with Kholodilnaya street.
  • The main Tyumen street began to form in the XVII century. Its first name was Spasskaya street. In 1703, the construction of the Blagoveschensky Cathedral was completed and the street was renamed to Blagoveschenskaya. Name of the street served until 1837.
  • Republic Street is renamed on August 10, 1917 in honor of the victory of the February bourgeois-democratic revolution. It was the decision of the Tyumen City Council. After the Bolsheviks came to power in 1919, the street name was left unchanged.
  • Before that it was called Tsarskaya in memory of the Tyumen visit of the Crown Prince Alexander II in 1837.
  • In Soviet times, the street has grown and radically changed its appearance.
  • After the reconstruction of the street.
  • The Street was expanded, new lights were installed and sidewalks were laid with stones. The underground passage is building now.
  • Many of the buildings
  • have been restored.
  • Historic square
  • Historic square is the place where Tyumen was started to be built. On the square there is a memorial stone. The Victory Monument is also on it. This Monument was erected by the Leningrad sculptors in 1968.
  • Embankment Since 2008 the Embankment of the river Tura is constructing actively.
Street Republic, 7. The Agricultural Academy.
  • In October, 1920 the Agricultural secondary school was organized in this building. Hero of the Soviet Union Nikolai Kuznetsov was studied here. In memory of this there is a monument to the hero.
Republic Street, 18. The former house of the merchant Kolokolnikova, where in August 1919, was the headquarters of V.K. Blucher, the Commander of the 51st Division.
  • Square Revolution Fighters During the civil war the soldiers of the Red Army were buried in a mass grave on this square. After that, the square was called Square Revolution Fighters.
Monument to Perished Graduates of Tyumen Schools
  • Near the Agricultural Academy - the house of the Tyumen State University (opened in 1973).
Tyumen philharmonic
  • Music has always attracted the attention of Tyumen's inhabitants. The town has its own philharmonic orchestra and the Tyumen Music hall has steady auditory. 
  • Central square In the XIX century it was the outskirts of the city, and the city authorities decided to make a commercial square there. Later on it was divided with the streets into several smaller ones. One of these "pieces" is the central square now.
  • After creating of the Tyumen Oblast in the middle of the XX century ​​the buildings of the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Committee of State Security, the Pochtamp as the Main Post Office and the building the Tyumen Oblast Committee of the Communist Party were built on this square.
  • The square has become a major political center of the Oblast. Today the seats of the Government of the Tyumen Oblast and the Regional Council (Tyumen Oblast Duma) are here.
In the middle of the square there is a statue of Lenin
  • Monument to Lenin was opened in October, 1979
From the east to the square there is the Tyumen State Oil and Gas University.
  • There is Giprotyumenneftegaz, Tyumenneftegeofizika and other research institutes on the street .
  • Monument to Raoul-Yuri Georgievich Erve - discoverer of the Tyumen Oil - in the central part of Tyumen.
  • Hero of Socialist Labor Yuri Georgievich Erve who went from a simple working to the First Deputy of the Minister of Geology. On the monument you can read: " To Yuri Georgievich Erve from grateful Tyumentsev ."
  •  Monument to  Muravlenko
  •  Monument to Shcherbina
  • In 2008 the Tyumen Drama Theater was opened in a new building which constructed by Turkish builders in the classical style. Today, a new theater building is one of the visiting cards of our city.