Презентация "House"

Подписи к слайдам:

The 15th of October


At home


[θ] [ð]

[θ] – six, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, three

[ð] – the, this, that, these, those, there.

Read and translate the sentences:

  • The kitchen is on the fifth floor.
  • This is the tenth floor.
  • Bathroom is on the second floor.
  • Our flat is on the third floor.
  • We live in the block of flats.
Dining room bathroom Kitchen Hall Living room


Toilet. write ordinal numbers
  • 1(one) the f……
  • 2(two)the s…..
  • 3(three) the th……
  • 4(four)the f……
  • 5(five) the f…..
  • 6(six)the s…..
  • 7(seven)the s…..
  • 8(eight)the e…..
  • 10(ten) the t…..
Ordinal numbers
  • 1(one) the first 1st
  • 2(two) the second 2nd
  • 3(three) the third 3rd
  • 4(four) the fourth 4th
  • 5(five) the fifth 5th
  • 6(six) the sixth 6th
  • 7(seven) the seventh 7th
  • 8(eight) the eighth 8th
  • 9(nine) the ninth 9th
  • 10(ten) the tenth 10th
Home assignment.
  • Выучить числительные на диктант.