Презентация "Is It Easy to Be Young?" 10 класс

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Is It Easy to Be Young? Violence
  • Violence
  • Aggressiveness
  • Cruelty
  • Drug addiction
  • Poverty
  • Problems
  • Alcohol addictions
  • AIDS
  • Discrimination
Use the following expressions:
  • It’s awful to learn that …
  • I was surprised to know that …
  • I was shocked to read that …
poverty cruel actions poverty cruel actions violence dependence prison lack of good life addiction kill oneself commit suicide place for criminals



family conflicts

drug addiction

school conflicts

personal affairs


You can choose the task: 1) To read and to translate. 2) To read and answer the questions. 3) To make a diagram of the most important problems.

I’ve worked


properly and hard


quickly and nicely

I’ve written with mistakes

I’ve learnt new words

I’ve spoken with mistakes

So, enjoy your teens and have some fun, Your life has only just begun!