Презентация "Coolest inventions. Самые знаменитые изобретения" 11 класс

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  • Let's see to ten the most c l a s s InventIons
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Mobile phone with the built in videocamera
  • Sometimes the success of this or that invention is estimated not by its popularity, and speed from which it forbid.
  • Cellular telephones with built in by digital chambers were not in time to appear in the market as them began to forbid gradually. In the USA to use phones-chambers it is forbidden in sports halls and headquarters of large corporations, and in Saudi Arabia - everywhere.
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Respiratory tube with the built in radio
  • The inventory-Amphicom SA
  • If underwater beauty of coral reeves all the same cannot banish your boredom, take advantage of a respiratory tube of French company Amphicom SA.
  • It it is built in by FM-radio. Radio works, while the tip of a tube is above water. Any headphones! The sound generates by means of the vibration transferred in teeth and a jaw of the diver. All pleasure costs 129 dollars.
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Bikini from the fish leather
  • Inventors-Klaudia and Skini
  • Soft, pleasant to the touch and easy bikinis from a leather of a salmon not мнутся also do not lose natural elasticity. It is easy to assume, that they do not soak through. As a fish do not smell. Cost from 335 dollars and above.
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Grinder of CD-disks and credit cards
  • The inventor-company Royal
  • The invention of company Royal is a dream of the paranoiac. It destroys any supermodern mediacarrier - CD-disk, a diskette or even a credit card. To secure the owner, it erases number which has been beaten out on a credit card before cutting it on thin ленточки.
  • Costs МD 100 Media Destroyer 100 dollars.
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Die kontaktlose Jacke
  • Die Erfinder-A Uinton and Nugent
  • tatsдchlich shocking clothes have thought up Adam Uintona and Йолита Нугент. After a kind " the jacket without contact " is simply elegant jacket. If the owner (владелица) will solve jackets, that (it) threatens it danger the jacket will turn at present to the awful weapon of self-defense. Everyone will receive anrьhrend to a jacket impact in 80 000 volt.
  • Ernдhrung " jackets without contact " it is carried out from 9-volten batteries. It is isolated vollstдndig so electric impact does not threaten the owner. Even if the jacket is not accepted, run after it blдulichen electric categories which notify a vicinity: do not come nearer!
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Clever oven-refrigerator
  • Scientists have decided to combine an oven and a refrigerator. In what sense: you wake up in the morning, put the frozen semifinished item in this device and send for work.
  • From work, using the mobile phone, you send the refrigerator-oven connected to the Internet a command, and it turns to an oven. You come back home, and there you are waited already with a hot supper.
  • " The clever oven " is connected to the Internet and has two separate chambers. Each of chambers is capable to warm up and freeze products. They can do it even simultaneously: one chamber works as a refrigerator, and another - as an oven. Unfortunately, utensils the device to wash is not able.
  • On sale " the clever oven " will appear in 2004. How many it will cost, while it is not known.
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Winter bicycle
  • The inventor-Is given Hanebrinck
  • In 2000 traveller Dug Stoup became the first American who has reached from the Antarctic coast South Pole on skis. After the termination of expedition Стоуп has declared, that the main minus of its campaign was " devilishly small speed ". Together with inventor Danom Hanebrinkom Stoup has decided to correct this lack.
  • As a result of teamwork Стоупа and Ханебринка on light there was the Arctic bicycle intended for driving on a snow in conditions of extremely low temperatures.
  • The bicycle does not have plastic parts which could collapse at low temperature, and its superthick trunks allow it to pass there where other bicycles it is instantly stuck.
  • The bicycle has already passed successful tests in Antarctica. To buy it it is possible for 3 500 dollars
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Wings Skyray
  • The inventor-Alban Gysleir
  • Specially for fans of скай-diving German inventor Alban Gejsler has created wings from углепластика. Wings allow the person to not fall a stone downwards, and to fly on the sky with a speed up to 236 km/h. Also owing to Skyray in air it is possible to remain much longer, than it allows a parachute.
  • The aerodynamic form of wings creates the air stream allowing the parachuter to create a corner, necessary for horizontal movement. When there comes time to land, it is necessary to develop a parachute simply and smoothly to lower on the ground.
  • On sale wings Skyray will appear in 2004 and 3 300 dollars will cost.
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Neon small fishes
  • Inventor H.Dzh. Tsay
  • Specially for those who wishes to add a few bright paints in the house aquarium, scientific H.Dzh from National Taiwan university. Тсаи has created "neon" small fishes. They are shone in darkness by green or pink neon light.
  • Such colourful effect the scientist has achieved by injection in impregnated икринки colorless " rice small fishes " the protein taken from jellyfishes or from corals.
  • In order to prevent birth of multi-colour flickering small fishes-франкенштейнов, all "neon" small fishes before sale are sterilized.
  • To buy "neon" small fishes it is possible in the Europe and Asia at the price of 7,5 dollars for a small fish
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Raincoat-invisible being
  • Inventors-Susumu Tachy,Masahiko Inamy and Naoky Kavakamy
  • The command of scientists from the Tokyo university has managed to realize improbable idea. They have created a suit-invisible being.
  • The invention as follows works: the videocameras fixed in front and behind the person, write down surrounding landscape in real time and project the image on reflecting material of a suit. As a result the object (and it can be both the person, and the tank, and even the plane) as though disappears: behind on a suit the kind of a landscape in front is projected, and in front on a raincoat that is behind the person is visible.
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