Проверочная работа по английскому языку I четверть 9 класс

Проверочная работа. I четверть. 9 класс.
I. Choose the best word .
1. After the way he treated Millie, he … whatever happens to him.
a) observes
b) ignores
c) deserves
d) attracts
2. He … her the position she has achieved in her profession.
a) envies
b) attracts
c) betrays
d) ignores
3. … of the law is no excuse.
a) Ignorance
b) Observation
c) Appointment
d) ) Arrangement
4. I don’t really … of children wearing make-up.
a) deserve
b) attract
c) observe
d) approve
5. Marilyn Monroe’s life was extremely short to the great … of her fans .
a) appreciation
b) arrangement
c) disappointment
d) application
II. Say the following in one word.
1. A person who behaves dishonestly towards you and gives away your secrets.
a) an observer
b) a betrayer
c) a supporter
d) an entertainer
2. The practice of obeying a law, a rule or a custom.
a) appreciation
b) reservation
c) observation
d) application
3. Lack of knowledge of facts about a situation or a particular subject.
a) ignorance
b) insistence
c) approval
d) betrayal
4. Performances that people enjoy.
a) disagreement
b) disappointment
c) improvement
d) entertainment
5. Someone who is slow to reveal emotions or opinions and tends not to talk about or show his
feelings .
a) deserved
b) reserved
c) observed
d) incurved
III. Say the following using one of the words given below . The underlined words
should be substituted. Which word is the odd one?
ignore appreciate disappoint deserve envy observe betray avoid
1. The government shouldn’t neglect the advice it was given.
2. After five hours on your feet you need to have a break.
3. She feels that her friends don’t really love and understand her.
4. She realized that asking him for a divorce will make him feel unhappy.
5. To keep silence when a lecturer is speaking is a strict rule in our college.
6. Your friend may be jealous of your success with girls.
7. Trying to keep away from problems you put yourself in an impossible position.
IV. Choose the right affix to form the missing noun .
- ment - er -tion
1. He made an … to see me at two o’clock. ( ARRANGE )
2. He is an inveterate
… . Every summer he spends his holidays near the river. ( CAMP )
3. The … of religious customs and traditions is very strict among the native
population. ( OBSERVE )
4. TV is the most useful … and I don’t see any danger in it. ( INVENT )
5. What is the most available kind of … ? ( ENTERTAIN )
V. Choose the right word and complete the sentences.
ignore ignorance ignorant
1. I was … of the terms used in business.
2. They … the complexity of modern economics.
3. His comments showed his total … of the situation.
betray betrayer betrayal
1. She is very loyal and would never … a friend.
2. In wartime … should be executed.
3. It was hard to avoid the sense of … .
observe observation observer
1. He was a witty and cynical … of the social scene.
2. We may … similar trends in most modern societies.
3. She made an excellent … in her essay on Charles Dickens.
disappoint disappointment disappointing
1. The show may … some viewers.
2. Jackson cancelled his concert to the great … of his fans.
3. This year’s sails figures were very … .
reserve reservation reserved
1. I’ve made a … for you on the morning flight.
2. Saturdays are busy, restaurants and cafes are crowded. Can we … the table in advance?
3. He is a … man of a great ambition.
encourage encouragement encouraging
1. The news from the doctors is very … .
2. We … students participation in our classes.
3. We would run up and down shouting … to the team.
appreciate appreciation appreciative
1. He was sincerely … of their support.
2. The prize is given in … of his great contribution to Russian literature.
3. I … this opportunity to put my point of view to the committee.
VI. Change the words in brackets and complete the sentences.
1. The award is given in … of her huge contribution of the film
business. (APPRECIATE)
2. To Edward’s … Gina never turned up at the party. (DISAPPOINT)
3. He spent two nights under close … in hospital. (OBSERVE)
4. The town’s main … is a thermal lake. (ATTRACT)
5. There is not much in the way of … in this town – just a
cinema and a couple of pubs. (ENTERTAIN)