Контрольный срез по английскому языку в 9-10 классах

Контрольный срез по английскому языку в 9-10классах.
Choose the correct variant.
1. John and Kelly … yesterday. Did you know?
a) get married b) got married c) have got married
2. Allie … eat meat. She is a vegetarian.
a) did not eat b) doesn’t eat c) hasn’t eat
3. I promise I … to you again.
a) did not lie b) doesn’t lie c) will not lie
4. They … each other when they were studying at university.
a) have met b) met c) have been met
5. At this time tomorrow we … on the beach and … cocktails.
a) are lying and drinking b) will be lying and drinking c) isn’t lying and drinking
6. …you … your keys? They are on the table in the kitchen.
a) are… looking for b) will… look for c) do …look for
7. What …you … next Friday?
a) are… doing b) will… do c) do …do
8. What … you … at this time yesterday?
a) was… doing b) were…doing c) had …done
9. Hey! You … on my foot!
a) aren’t standing b) are standing c) were standing
10. When I saw her last time she … already … her hairstyle.
a) have changed b) had changed c) has changed
11. I … over the phone when they brought me the letter.
a) had talked b) was talking c) had been talking
12. He quickly forgot everything he … at school.
a) had learnt b) learnt c) had been learning
13. The musician … the piano for a whole hour when we came in.
a) had learnt b) learnt c) had been learning
14. First I …the phone, and then I read your letter.
a) answered b) had answered c) was answering
15. And I began writing to you instead of going to the seaside, as I … before.
a) planned b) had planned c) was planning
16. Teddy’s words made me … uncomfortable
a) to feel b) feeling c) feel
17. Our English teacher told us … shy and speak English as much as possible.
a) not to feel b) felt c) not feel
18. What makes you …such rash actions?
a) do b) doing c) to do
keys: 1b, 2b, 3c, 4b, 5b, 6a, 7a, 8b, 9b, 10b, 11b, 12a, 13c, 14a, 15b, 16c, 17a, 18a