Промежуточная контрольная работа по английскому языку 8 класс

Промежуточная контрольная работа 8 класс
I. Fill in the articles where necessary.
1.__Europe is bordered towards the north by__ Arctic Ocean, towards the south by ___
Mediterranean Sea and ___ Black Sea, towards the west by ___ Atlantic Ocean and the
east by __ Asia.
2. My dream is to visit ... Lake Baikal in ... Russian Federation.
3. __ British Isles are separated from ___ Europe by ___ North Sea, __ Strait of Dover,
and ___ English Channel.
4 __ USA is the fourth largest country in the world.
5 ___ Lundy is a rocky island at the entrance to ___ Bristol Channel
6 . __ Himalayas include more than a hundred mountains.
7. __ Gobi Desert covers some parts of __ China, a part of ___southern Mongolia.
II. Fill in the missing words.
1.The British Isles is the name of two islands _______________and ____________.
2.In the British Isles there are two states
3.Great Britain is divided into ______________,________________ and
4. The UK is the political name for the country , which is made up of
__________,_______________,____________ and ________________.
( England, Wales, Great Britain, Scotland, Ireland, The United Kingdom of Great Britain and
Northern Ireland, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland)
III. Translate the words.
Coach- _________________ abroad-______________
To attract-__________________ destinations-_______________
A reason-_______________ to prefer-__________________
A resort-__________________ a holidaymaker-______________