Входная контрольная работа по английскому языку (Лексико-грамматический тест) 5 класс УМК Spotlight

Входная контрольная работа. Английский язык.
(Лексико-грамматический тест)
5 класс (УМК "Spotlight")
Выберите правильный вариант ответа:
1. I do sports ….. .
A) at the gym B) at the zoo C) at the hospital
2. We eat ice cream ….. .
A) at the museum B) at the café C) at school
3. We have English, Maths, Russian ….. .
A) at school B) at the zoo C) in the garden
4. My friends are roller-skating ….. .
A) at the café B) in the park C) at school
5. My grandmother watered flowers ….. .
A) at the market B) at the zoo C) in the garden
6. I ….. at the zoo.
A) is B) am C) are
7. We ….. from Russia.
A) is B) am C) are
8. My sister ….. a doll.
A) have got B) has got
9. I ….. a nice dog.
A) have got B) has got
10. There ….. two children is the classroom.
A) is B) am C) are
11. There ….. a banana on the table.
A) is B) am C) are
12. I’ve got ….. orange.
A) a B) an C)
13. I ….. now.
A) am reading B) read C) reads
14. We ….. tea every morning.
A) are drinking B) drink C) drinks
15. She ….. coffee at the moment.
A) is drinking B) drinks C) drink
16. They ….. to school every day.
A) are going B) go C) goes
17. I usually ….. at seven o’clock in the morning.
A) get up B) am getting up C) gets up
18. How old are you? - I ….. fourteen.
A) is B) were C) am
19. This is ..... teacher
A) ours B) our C) those
20. Those shoes are ..... brother's.
A) my B) mine C) me
21. Look at .....! She is a singer
A) hers B) her C) she
22. Mike and Nick are friends. ...... are from Great Britain.
A) We B) Me C) They
23. ...... is your mother? - In the kitchen.
A) Why B) Where C) What
24. ...... do you go to bed? - At 10 o’clock.
A) When B) Where C) Why