Конспект урока по английскому языку в 9 классе «Путешествие, как способ познать мир»

Муниципальное бюджетное общеобразовательное учреждение
«Средняя общеобразовательная школа №2
р.п. Базарный Карабулак Саратовской области»
Конспект урока по английскому языку
в 9 классе
« Путешествие, как способ познать мир»
Подготовила: учитель
английского языка
Малева Галина Геннадьевна
План – конспект урока в 9 классе «Путешествие , как способ
познать мир» ( УМК « Enjoy English» Биболетова М.З., Бабушис
Е.Е., Морозова А.Н..)
1) Контроль усвоения ГМ ( употребление определенного
артикля с географическими названиями)
2) Аудирование ( Биография Витуса Беринга)
3) Чтение с полным пониманием текста.
Ход урока.
1. Орг.момент.
Good morning , dear pupils!
How are you?
2. Цель.
Teacher: What’s the best way of understanding , exploring the
Pupils: Reading
Watching TV
3. Well, we’ll continue to speak about travelling.
What means of travelling do you know?
Why do people travel?
Do you like to travel and why?
What countries have you just visited?
4. O’key. Let’s check up your knowledge, how you learnt our
grammar rules.
The 1
variant. The 2
1. Asia 1. Europe
2. Pacific ocean. 2. White sea.
3. Black sea. 3. Indian ocean.
4. Everest. 4. Elbrus.
5. Alpes. 5. Urals.
6. Nile. 6. Volga.
I’ll give you 2 minutes fill in “the” if it’s necessary and then
change your sheets , your neibourgh ’ll check up your work.
5. Let’s pay your attention to the blackboard and read the dates.
Now, listen to the story about a famous traveller. Make notes
about what happened during the dates or periods indicated in
your book ( ex. 25).
« Vitus Jonassen Bering was born in 1681. He was Danish by
birth. His family was noble but not rich. As a young man in
1703 , Bering met a Russian admiral, who was looking for
experienced sailors. So Bering joined the Russian fleet. He was
a brave sailor and a very well- educated man. He did a lot to
explore and to map the northern part of the Russian Empire. In
1725, he headed his first expedition to the far north eastern
part of Siberia. When the expedition crossed Siberia in 1728,
Bering sailed to the north through the strait that was later called
The Bering Strait. So the existence f the strait between Asia and
America was proved and the way from Kamchatka to Japan was
discovered. In the same year, Bering discovered the southern
way around Kamchatka. On his next visit there in 1741, the
town of Petropavlovsk was founded. The name of the city
consists of two names because the expedition consisted of two
ships St.Peter , commanded by Bering, and St. Paul,
commanded by Aleksey Chirikov. Bering died on his way back
from Alaska on the eighth of December 1741. The island
where he died was later called after him. His ship was wrecked
there and the sailors had to stay on the island for the winter.
Only a few people survived and managed to get to
Kamchatka. »
6. Well, you’ve listened to the story , open your text book ex.25
and check if your notes are correct.
7. We’ve spoken that we can travel by the different ways but how
do you think what means of transport is more dangerous by
ship, by plane, by car, by bus ?
Open your book at the page 66, ex.19. Let’s read a text about
the great tragedy of the Titanic and answer the questions.
8. Reflection.
Now , tell me, please, what have we done during our lesson,
what have you learnt ?
Your marks are….
Thank you for your job. Good bye.
Список использованной литературы:
1. Учебник « Enjoy English» Биболетова М.З., Бабушис
Е.Е., Морозова А.Н..)
2. Книга для учителя УМК « Enjoy English» Биболетова
М.З., Бабушис Е.Е., Морозова А.Н..)