Контрольная работа по английскому языку за год 5 класс

Контрольная работа за год, 5 класс
1. Прочитай письмо Дженны о ее городе. Выбери подходящее слово.
Hi Amy
My town is great! There is(1) a/an big river and there is a beautiful old (2) bridge/ bridges over
it. There (3) is/are two sports centres. There isn't (4) a/any railway station, but there's a big bus
(5) park/station.
2. Выбери подходящее слово, составь словосочетание.
1) have a snack/ dressed/ home
2) go dinner/ to bed/ homework
3) wake in/ at/ up
4) get at/ dressed/ to bed
3. Выбери Present Simple или Present Continuous.
1) What do you do/ are you doing now?
2) I usually tidy/ 'm usually tiding my room on Saturday morning, but today I do/'m doing
my homework
4. Раскрой скобки, поставь прилагательное в подходящей степени.
1) Marina is ... (young) than Olga.
2) Valera is ... (fit) than Kate.
3) Angelina Jolie is the ... (beautiful) actress in the world.
5. Составь предложения в Past Simple.
1) I/ close the window.
2) You/ wake up early?
3) He/ not make the bed.
6. Составь вопросительные предложения.
1) go to bed/ time/ What/ you/ last night/ did?
2) did/ weekend/ go/ Where/ you/ last?
3) How/ this morning/ you/ did/ to school/ travel?
4) you/country/ last summer/ Were/ in/ the?