Презентация английского языка "Homes and Houses" 6 класс

Подписи к слайдам:
Homes and Houses Match the proverbs with their translation My home is my castle. a)В гостях хорошо, а дома лучше. There is no place like home. b)Лучше дома места нет. East or West, home is best! с) Мой дом -моя крепость. Match the words with their translation 1.loft a)ванная 2.upstairs b)туалет 3.bedroom с) сад 4.bathroom d)внизу 5.toilet е)наверху 6.garden f)чердак 7.downstairs g)спальня 8.stairs h)прихожая, холл 9.kitchen i) гостиная 10.dining room j) столовая 11.living room k) гараж 12.hall l) подвал 13.garage m) лестница 14. cellar n) кухня Match the words and the place ex 15, p.28

to take off your coat


to clean your teeth and wash


new recipe,to cook, buckwheat porridge

living room

to watch a documentary


Describe a house Describe one room using the picture above 1.There is/ are a... 2.There is/are ... Insert is/ are It's a bedroom.There...a desk in the bedroom, but there...no carpet on the floor.There...a shelf on the wall.There...some books on the shelf. There...a wardrobe and an armchair.There...two chairs in the room. the room ...nice.But...there a bed in the room? Reading Open your books p.28. Let`s read ex.17 and match pictures A-E with paragraphs 1-5 Today we have done a lot of work. What useful words did you remember? Where can you use new words? Was the lesson interesting? What did you like most of all? If you liked the lesson and the tasks were not very difficult for you, colour your house green. If you had a few mistakes, colour it yellow. If the tasks were very difficult for you colour the house red. Homework You can choose your task.
  • make up dialogues p.29 ex.18
  • make a description of your flat or house
  • make a project (My home)
  • Thank you for the lesson. Have a nice day.
Thank you for the lesson. Have a nice day!