Административная контрольная работа по английскому языку по итогам I четверти 7 класс

Административная контрольная работа по итогам I четверти
по английскому языку
Task 1. Translate into English.
1. Путешествовать на поезде
2. Авария
3. Избегать
4. Уезжать из Лондона
5. Регистрироваться
6. Прибытие
7. Взлетать
8. Объявление
Task 2. Fill in the blanks with the following words. Use only one word in each space.
part, world, chance, luck, have, in, win, million, lucky, round, worth, prize, competition,
Hello, Mike!
I am in Australia. It's great. A lot of sunshine and fresh air, parrots and other fantastic birds, warm water
and beaches. You are surprised to get my message, aren't you?
As you know last summer I tried my ... and took ... in the World Teenagers' Competition. It was a
chance in a .... But it was ... trying to ... something for nothing. I was ... luck and won the ....
Now I and 49 other ... winners will travel ... the world. I enjoy visiting new places and finding new
friends all over the .... I will send you postcards from the countries which we are going to visit.
But you also ... a chance to visit them. Take part in the same ... next year. Don't ... your chance.
Good ....
Best wishes, Pete.
Task 3.These sentences are the answers to the questions. Write down the questions. Begin your
questions with "How".
Example: Martin is ten years old. How old is Martin?
1. It takes him 20 minutes to get to school.
2. Sir John Bouring (1792-1872) could speak 28 languages.
3. Everest is 8848 metres high. It's the highest mountain in the world.
4. The Thames is 334 kilometres long.
5. This nice dress is only 25 dollars.
6. They have 6 lessons on Monday.
4. The word in capitals above each of the following sentences can be used to form a word that fits
suitably in the blank space. Fill each blank in this way.
Example: IMPRESS
Her dance made a great ... on my friends. Her dance made a great impression on my friends.
The girl was awarded a prize for her English ... of the poem.
The ... has already begun.
Hong Kong is famous for its quick economic ....
4. WIN
At the award ceremony the ... collected a gold medal for his excellent Russian.
Her last ... in the theatre was successful.
The National Park is visited by thousands of ... every summer.
We'll discuss this important question at the ... tomorrow.
Task 5. Choose the correct answer.
1. My brother hates ... the dishes.
a) to wash b) wash c) washing
2.1 would like ... my chance.
a) to try b) try c) trying
3.Could you, please, stop ... to the walkman?
a) to listen b) listen c) listening
4.The book is worth ....
a) to read b) read c) reading
5.I'm sure they can ... the competition,
a) to win b) win c) winning
6.Would you mind ... the window?
a) to close b) close c) closing
*Circle the correct answer.
1)The UK is divided into four parts:
1. England, Scotland, New Zealand, Wales
2. England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales
3. England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales
4. England, Scotland, Southern Ireland, Wales
2)The flag of the UK is called:
1. Union Jack
2. Union Dave
3. Union Jim
4. Crazy Jack
3)Choose the right capital of each part of the UK:
1. English capital a) London
2. Scottish capital b) Birmingham
3. Welsh capital c) Edinburgh
4. Irish capital d) Belfast
4)Choose the right symbol for each part of the UK:
1. English symbol 1) thistle
2. Scottish symbol 2) shamrock
3. Welsh symbol 3) daffodil
4. Irish symbol 4) red rose
5)What is the capital of the USA:
1. New York
2. Las Vega
3. Washington
4. Los Angeles
6)How many states are there in the USA:
1. 53
2. 50
3. 52
4. 51
7)How many stripes are the on the American flag:
1. 13
2. 14
3. 15
4. 16