Стартовая контрольная работа по английскому языку 11 класс

Стартовая контрольная работа 11класс.
A. Read the text and do the exercises after it.
A. Pushkin was a Russian poet, novelist, dramatist, and short-story writer(A9).
He was born in Moscow on the 6th of June 1799. His father came of an old boyar
family. His mother was a granddaughter of Abram Hannibal, a close friend of Peter
the Great. Like many children of aristocratic families in early 19th century Russia,
Alexander and his brother and sister learned to talk and to read in French. From
his old nurse Arina Rodionovna Yakovleva he heard Russian folktales. During
summers at his grandmother’s estate near Moscow he talked to the peasants and
spent hours alone. He read a lot and enjoyed listening to the literary guests who
came to the house.
In 1811 Pushkin entered the Imperial Lyceum at Tsarskoye Selo(A10) and there
began his literary career. Here he wrote a number of verses following the style of
the Romantic poets.
While at the Lyceum Pushkin also began his first major work, the romantic
poem ‘Ruslan and Lyudmila’ using Russian folklore. It brought Pushkin fame, and
Zhukovsky presented his portrait to the poet with the inscription ‘To the victorious
pupil from the defeated master’.
In 1817 Pushkin accepted a post in the foreign office at St. Petersburg. He joined
the Green Lamp association founded for discussion of literature and history but in
reality a secret society. In his political epigrams he agreed with the ideas of the
participants of the Decembrist rebellion of 1825. For these political poems,
Pushkin was sent from St. Petersburg to a southern province.
He travelled in the Caucasus, the Crimea and wrote «southern cycle» of
romantic poems(A11): The Prisoner of the Caucasus’, ‘The Robber Brothers’,
and ‘The Fountain of Bakhchisaray’.
In 1823 he started work on his central masterpiece, the novel in verse Yevgeny
Onegin (1833).
From 1820 to 1824 he stayed in Kishinyov and Odessa. The poet led the life
of a society, fought several duels, and was sent to Mikhaylovskoye, near Pskov.
Although the two years at Mikhaylovskoye were unhappy for Pushkin, they were
one of his most productive periods. Alone and isolated, he wrote ‘Tsygany’,
Yevgeny Onegin’, the poem ‘Graf Nulin’, the historical tragedy Boris Godunov’.
Another extremely productive period is connected with Boldino, a family’s
estate near Nizhny Novgorod. There he wrote the so-called ‘Little Tragedies’.
Eventually, he was allowed to return to St. Petersburg. Soon marriage to one of
the leading beauties of the society, Natalia Goncharova, brought its problems.
Pushkin was mortally wounded defending his wife’s honour in a duel. The poet
died on February 10, 1837.
Pushkin is considered to be the greatest poet and the founder of modern Russian
literature. His novel ‘Yevgeny Onegin’ was the first Russian work showing
contemporary society and its disadvantages. His works are translated into all the
major languages (A12).
Choose true, false, non-stated.
A1. Pushkin’s great-grandfather was a famous person in Russia.
A2.There were four children in Puskin’s family.
A3.His first poem Ruslan and Lyudmila was not popular at that time.
A4.Pushkin supported Decembrists’ ideas.
A5.His «southern cycle» of romantic poems includes ‘Tsygany.
A6.The poet stayed at his friend’s house in Odessa.
A7.Pushkin took part in some duels and killed a man.
A8.The poet showed the problems of the society in his novel ‘Yevgeny Onegin’
Ask questions for the underlined sentences (A9-A12).
B. Grammar Test.
B1. You … smoke in the café. Children are eating near-by.
a) couldn’t c) needn’t
b) mustn’t d) shouldn’t
B2. … Urals separate ... Europe from … Asia.
а) -, -, -. c) -, the, -.
b) the, -, -. d) the, the, the.
B3. The Sahara … to be the largest desert in the world.
a) knows c) is known
b) knowed d) are known
B4. The dinner … by mum is very tasty.
a) cooking c) cooked
b) cooks d) is cooked
B5. - Where is Peter? - He … a car in the garage.
a) is painting c) has painted
b) paints d) has been paintng
B6. If he … his ball, we … football.
a) takes, will play c) will take, plays
b) will take, will play d) takes, plays.
B7. She is a doctor and works in … hospital in …Lenin Street.
a) -, - c) -, the
b) the, the d) the, -
B8. The room was decorated … balloons.
a) by c) -
b) with d) to
A1. True. (1 балл)
A2. False. (1 балл)
A3. False. (1 балл)
A4. True. (1 балл)
A5. False. (1 балл)
A6. Non-stated. (1 балл)
A7. Non-stated. (1 балл)
A8. True. (1 балл)
A9-A12. Возможны разные варианты вопросов к данным предложениям.
Правильно заданный вопрос даёт 1 балл ученику. Любая грамматическая
ошибка в вопросе аннулирует балл.
B1. d (1 балл)
B2. b (1 балл)
B3. c (1 балл)
B4. c (1 балл)
B5. a (1 балл)
B6. a (1 балл)
B7. a (1 балл)
B8. b (1 балл)
Итого: 20 баллов.
19-20 баллов – оценка «
16-18 баллов – оценка «4»
12-15 баллов – оценка «3»
11 баллов и ниже оценка «2»