Итоговый тест по английскому языку 11 класс (с ответами)

Итоговый тест по английскому языку.
Класс 11
Лексико-грамматический тест:
1. ____ President of ____ United
States lives in ____ White House in
____ Washington D.C.
A. , the, the,
B. , the, , the
C. , , the, the
D. The, the, the,
2. ____ not any glass in the windows,
that is why ____ so cold in the room.
A. There is, it is
B. It is, there is
C. There are, it is
D. There was, there is
3. When the fog ____, we ____ to see
where we are.
A. lifts, may
B. will lift, will be able
C. lifts, will be able
D. lifts, must
4. You looked very busy when I ____
you last night. What ____?
A. see, do you do
B. see were you doing
C. have seen, are you doing
D. saw, were you doing
5. Mary hasn’t been in London, ____
A. hasn’t
B. did
C. has
D. didn’t
6. ____ breakfast yet? Yes, I ____.
A. Did you have, have
B. Had you had, have
C. Have you had, have
D. Do you have, had
7. I ____ a new house last year, but I
____ my old house yet, so at the
moment I have two houses.
A. buy, don’t sell
B. bought, haven’t sold
C. have bought, sold
D. had bought, didn’t sell
8. After failing his driving test four
times, he finally ____ trying to pass.
A. gave in
B. gave off
C. gave away
D. gave up
9. I ____ all of the questions correctly
since I began this grammar exercise.
A. am answering
B. answer
C. have answered
D. had answered
10. I have my English class ____
Monday morning.
A. in
B. at
C. for
D. on
11. I was late. The teacher ____ the
test when I ____ to class.
A. has already given, got
B. had already given, got
C. has already given, get
D. was already giving, get
12. They can’t have ____ more
strawberries. I want ____ to make
A. some, any
B. no, some
C. any, any
D. any, some
13. We all ____ his story as a joke.
A. thought
B. intended
C. treated
D. found
14. They ____ to return next Monday.
A. are sure
B. was sure
C. will be sure
D. would sure
15. My hair ____ very long.
A. grow
B. has grown
C. have grown
D. are growing
16. Nothing was stolen, ____?
A. was it
B. wasn’t anything
C. wasn’t it
D. was anything
17. I enjoyed the film last night. ____.
A. Neither do I
B. Neither did I
C. So do I
D. So did I
18. You are always ____ excuses for
not ____ your homework on time.
A. making, making
B. doing, doing
C. making, doing
D. doing, making
19. I can’t speak French. I wish I
A. can
B. would
C. could
D. had been able
20. What time does your plane take
A. off
B. out
C. to
D. from
21. When I ____ for my passport, I
____ this old photograph.
A. look, found
B. was looking, found
C. will look, will find
D. looked, found
22. I____ to the theatre for ages.
A. wasn’t
B. hadn’t been
C. won’t be
D. haven’t been
23. Did you notice Nick ____ another
student’s paper during the exam?
A. looked at
B. to look at
C. has looked at
D. looking at
24. I ____ to live with my family, but
now I live alone.
A. am used
B. used
C. am accustomed
D. was used
25. You ____ have a passport if you
want to travel abroad.
A. have to
B. can
C. may
D. might
26. She said that she ____ her present
flat and ____ to find another.
A. doesn’t like, tried
B. doesn’t like, was trying
C. didn’t like, was trying
D. doesn’t like, will try
27. If it ____ raining yesterday, we
____ the game.
A. hadn’t been, would have finished
B. wasn’t, will finish
C. weren’t, would have finished
D. weren’t, would finish
28. The new highway ____ sometime
next month.
A. has been completed
B. completes
C. will complete
D. will be completed
29. I have always enjoyed travelling.
My sister, ____, prefers to stay home.
A. although
B. though
C. however
D. but
Тест на понимание содержания текста:
THE EARL OF ST. VINCENT dates back to the 12th century, when it was built as
a boarding house for the masons who constructed the church. It was named after a
former Admiral who sailed with Lord Nelson. Lovingly restored by the present
owners, it is a most extraordinary pub, filled with antiques and hidden away in the
old part of the tiny, picturesque village of Engloshayle, in beautiful North
Cornwall, England. North Cornwall is one of the last, unspoilt places in the British
Isles to offer the visitor coastal scenery as magnificent and beautiful as anywhere
in the world, together with the facilities and hospitality to ensure that one returns
time and time again. The Earl of St. Vincent is to be found off the A389
Wadebridge to Bodmin Road. Close by there are the picturesque harbours of
Padstow and Port Isaac, some superb golfing and a great many historic monuments
and ancient sites.
30. Чем привлекает туристов описанный паб? Тем, что:
A. он расположен в доме, где в ХII веке находилась церковь.
B. в доме, где он расположен, жил соратник адмирала Нельсона.
C. до него удобно добираться путешествующим на автотранспорте.
D. в нем до сих пор сохранился дух старой Англии.
Ответы к заданиям:
1. D; 2. A; 3. C; 4. D; 5. C; 6. C; 7. B; 8. D; 9. C; 10. D; 11. B; 12. D; 13. C; 14. A;
15. B; 16. A; 17. D; 18. C; 19. C; 20. A; 21. B; 22. D; 23. D; 24. B; 25. A; 26. C;
27. A; 28. D; 29. C; 30. D