Контрольные материалы проведения среза знаний "The United States of America" 10 класс

проведения среза знаний по учебному предмету «Иностранный язык»
10 класс
Тема: The United States of America
Choose the necessary
1. The USA is …, a union of 50 states
a. A constitutional republic
b. A presidential republic
c. A federal republic
d. A constitutional monarchy
2. The USA consists of …
a. 49 states and the state of the Hawaii Islands
b. 50 states and the District Columbia
c. 49 states and the District of Columbia
3. The population of the United States is over 250 million people, including more than 22 million
a. Europeans
b. Spaniards
c. Hispanics
4. The nation`s ethnic diversity is chiefly due to large scale immigration, most of which took
place before 1920. Though mainly in origin, Americans are derived from nearly all races
and nations, including Chinese, Arab, Polynesian, Eskimo, and what is left of the native
a. European and Indian
b. Spanish and European
c. European and African
d. English and Spanish
5. English is … language
a. The official and predominant
b. The official and preferred
c. The first minority and preferred
6. is the preferred language of sizeable minorities in New York City, Florida, and along the
Mexican border
a. Italian
b. Spanish
c. German
d. French
7. The U.S. uses dollars as the basic unit of exchange. There are two types of money, bills and
coins. The coins are: cents (pennies), nickels, dimes, and quarters. A is a coin of 25 cents.
These coins are used in most pay telephones and coin operated machines.
a. Penny
b. Dime
c. Nickel
d. Quarter