Самостоятельная работа "Степени сравнения" 9 класс УМК "Spotlight"

Самостоятельная работа «Степени сравнения» для учащихся 9 класса к
УМК Spotlight
1.Complete the gaps with the correct form of the adjectives and adverbs in brackets.
1I’m afraid the problem is much…(complicated)
2. This bag is slightly …(heavy) than the other one.
3. Yesterday was..(hot) day of the year
4. The …(soon) we leave,…(soon) we will arrive.
5. I spent (little) money than you
6. Who is..(good) student in the class
7. What is…(popular) sport in your country?
8. Could you speak a bit ..(slowly)?
9.The longer she waited, …(impatient) she became
10.What was…(enjoyable) holiday you’ve ever had?
2.Complete the gaps with the correct form of the adjectives and adverbs in brackets.
1. What …(long) river in your country?
2. Don’t go by train/ It’s a lot…(expensive)
3. Your English is improving.It’s getting..(good) and …(good)
4. …(young) you are, the (easy) it is to learn
5. He is ..(young) as my brother
6. . This bag is slightly …(heavy) than the other one.
7. The garden looks …(good) since you tied it up
8. You must be… (seriously) at your work
9. Last year was by far…(good) the company has ever had
10. She is the least..(clever) person in our class.
Выберите в скобках правильную степень прилагательного:
1. Nick is (happier, the happiest) boy that I know. Ник самый счастливый мальчик, которого
я знаю.
2. Of the six cars, I like the silver one (better, best). Из шести машин мне нравится
серебристая больше всего.
3. Jane’s notebook is (cheaper, the cheapest) than mine. – Ноутбук Джейн дешевле, чем мой.
4. This is (more delicious, the most delicious) cheese-cake I have ever had! Это самый вкусный
чизкейк, который я пробовала!
5. This bookcase is (more beautiful, the most beautiful) than that one. Этот книжный шкаф
красивее, чем тот.
6. Do you feel (better, the best) today than yesterday? Ты чувствуешь себя лучше сегодня, чем
7. I think my cat is (prettier, the prettiest) of all the cats in the world. Думаю, что моя кошка
самая красивая кошка в мире.
8. Steve Jobs is (more famous, famouser) than Stephen Wozniak. Стив Джобс более известен,
чем Стивен Возняк.
9. This week the weather is (hotter, more hot) than last week. На этой неделе погода жарче,
чем на прошлой неделе.
10. Our new house is (more expensive, expensiver) than the old one. Наш новый дом дороже,
чем старый.
11. Girls are usually (cleaner, more clean) than boys. Девочки обычно более чистые, чем
12. Chemistry was (harder, the hardest) subject at school. Химия была самым трудным
предметом в школе.