Тест "Use of English" 10 класс

Use of English
I. Arrange the following words into sentences:
1. locked up, the, summer, will, for, the, house, be.
2. ten-minute, much, cost, call, how, would, a?
3. as, the, leaving, just, doorbell, was, rang, the, he, house.
4. ago, in, injured, two, accident, weeks, he, traffic, was, a.
5. to, Friday, uncle, is, my, dinner, coming, on.
6. doing, have, yesterday, you, been, what, since?
7. it, drink, hot, coffee, can, so, not, this, I, is, that.
II. Fill in the blanks using the correct form of the verb in brackets:
1. Nearly all business activities either (begin) or (end) in some forms of buying and
2. - Whom you (call) to ?
- I (try) to reach Lucy. I (try) to reach Lucy. I (try) for the last 10 minutes, but the
line is busy.
3. By the time we return from the South this house (build) already.
4. This letter is for Ann. Can you give it to her if you (see) her?
5. America (discover) more than 400 year ago.
6. The conference began after all participants (introduce) to each other.
7. Listen! The music of Mozart (play) by an orchestra.
8. After she (spend) a week in the country, Ann looked almost fully recovered.
9. I (read) this chapter since 9 o’clock. I (read) it four times, and I still don’t
understand it.
10. We (send) the documents to the parent company last week but we (not have) a
reply yet.
11. We (miss) the train unless we hire a taxi.
12. These machines just (put) into production.
13. A deposit account (use) for saving money.
III. Choose 10 suitable words out of 15 giving below and fill in the gaps:
The English Language
English is one of the most languages in the world . It has become a
language during the last few centuries, and now over three hundred million people
speak it. It is the official language of the United Kingdom, the United States of
America, Australia and New Zealand. As a second language it is spoken in many
countries of Africa and Asia which are the colonies of Great Britain.
Besides, millions of people in all parts of the planet speak it as a language.
The English language developed on the basis of the dialects of Angels and Saxons
who British Isles in the fifth century. Later it was influenced by the language of
Scandinavian Vikings and by Norman French. Many Latin and Greek came into
English during the period of Renaissance.
At the present time when there are close among nations, various languages
influence each… , and so English also experiences this and receives many new
words and features from some modern languages of the world. English has become
the of science, technology, education, literature.
ties, language, develops, world, influence, cooperation, spoken, other, tongue,
words, former, makes, foreign, defended, invaded
IV. Сhoose the right words to complete the sentences.
1. I like lemon in tea.
a) me; b) its; c) mine; d) my
2. It was hard for me to part with .
a) her; b) she; c) his; d) herself
3. It’s not my duty, it’s .
a) yours; b) you; c) our; d) your
4. Why doesn’t he try fishing …?
a) him; b) his; c) himself; d) yourself
5. Is John at home? Give his book, please.
a) her; b) hers; c) he; d) him
6. The girl desk is next to mine learnt a poem by heart.
a) which; b) who; c) whom; d) whose
7. Mr. Gray. I travelled to Athens last summer with speaks modern Greek very
a) which. b) who. c) - ; d) whose
8. This volume, contains lives of great men and women, has 496 pages.
a) which; b) who; c) whom; d) whose
9. tea is very hot. I must put some milk in it.
a) a; b) an; c) some; d) the
10. I want a glass of lemonade with sugar in it.
a) a; b) an; c) some; d) the
V. Сhoose the right words to complete the sentences.
1. He had money, however he decided to buy that expensive book.
(little / few)
2. As I have left my book at home, I one form a boy in another class.
(lent / borrowed)
3. What do you when you are tired?
(make / do)
4. Dr. Brown is very clever, but his are high.
(fares / fees)
5. Over a hundred people were killed in a terrible .
(event / accident)
6. I speak English than my sister does.
(bad / worse / worst)
7. At school children observe a number of rules.
(must / may)
8. Which is the month of the year?
(warm / warmer / warmest)
9. It is dark night.
( in / at)
10. He is a good-natured man. We get very well.
(on / over / in)