Конспект урока "Houses and flats" 6 класс

Theme of the lesson: « Houses and flats»
Мақсаты (aims of the lesson): 1) To practice pupil’s monological and dialogical speech,
to teach pupils to work creatively and introduce new words , expressions according
to the theme.
2) To develop pupilsskills and habits in critical thinking. Listening, reading and writing.
3) To bring up pupils interests to own houses and flats and to widen their scope, to help
them to love and respect foreign languages, to teach the pupils to share their
Visual aids: flipchart, pictures of the rooms, slides, cards, buklet.
The type of the lesson: Introduction of the new lesson
Form of the lesson: Combined Duration: 45 min
Course of the lesson
Organization moment.
T: Good afternoon, boys and girls!
P: Good afternoon, teacher!
T: How are you! I am glad to see you today. Sit down, please!
T: Who is on duty today? Who is absent today?
What date is it today?
What day is it today?
T: All of you look at the active board and let’s listen and read the
tongue challenge. Listen and read.
Warm-up! Listen a poem!
(оқушылар үйде
орындап, бүгінгі
Жазып үйде аударып келу, оқып келу,есте сақтау.
Living room Bed room Kitchen Dining room
A fridge –тоңазытқыш A washing machine- кір жуатын машина
Wardrobe- гардероб Sink-суға батыру Garden-бақ
Cooker-газ плитасы Vacuum cleaner- шаңсорғыш Curtain
перде Next to қасында, жанында Banana –банан Architect
құрылысшы Teacher -мұғалім
Engineer –инжинер Orange-апельсин Pomegranate-анар
Apple-алма Accountant –есепші
II кезең
The new theme: Жаңа сабақты меңгерту тапсырмалары.
Т: Our new theme is about houses and flats.
I group. Say about “ House
We live in a flat or in a house. Old people like to live in a house
because our granny want to plant flowers, trees and vegetables. They
have garden. But every young people like to live in a flat. Because
they like all conveniences.
II group. Say about “Flat”
In the living room there is a carpet a fireplace a rug a sofa a stereo, a
table , television, a mirror and a lamp. There are armchairs, candels,
chairs, curtains, pictures , shelves and vases.
In the living room there is a bed, a chest of drawers , a table, a
mirror and rug. There are curtains, a blanket, a window, a pillows,
desk, a clock a lamp and vase.
In the kitchen
I want describe our kitchen. There is a gas stove, refrigerator a
sideboard and few other things in the kitchen. We have meals in the
«Білу» теория
Сөздерді дұрыс қойып жаз.
Auding work. Listen to the text. Тыңда! Flipcharts
Тақырыпты оқып ,сұрақтарға жауап бер.
We live in a three-room flat.
The room I like best in our flat is mine. I use my room as a study and
a bedroom. It is very nice and beautiful.
I like my room very much. When my friends come to visit me, I
invite them into my room.
My room is a nice place for both rest and work.
1) Do you like this text?
2) How many rooms are there in the flat?
3) Do you like your room?
анықтама бер.
жүйеле, кесте,
сызба, т.б.
Look at the picture and complete the paragraph with the words
in the box.
This large house has two lovely (1) bedrooms and a (2) -------- with
bath and shower. Downstairs there is a very comfortable (3)--------, a
(4)--------,a large-----and a (6)------with a door going out into a
beautiful (7)-------.
Bathroom bedroom dining room garden
hall kitchen living room
Мына сызбаға қарап, қандай бөлмеде не бар екенің қойып
шық . Here are pictures. Сomplete the chart.
a bed room
«БІЛУ», «Баға
Қашан? Қандай?
New words
hostel- жатахана
single rooms-бір бөлмелі
double rooms-екі бөлмелі
billiard table-бильярд үстелі
І деңгей
Read the text about “Buckley house”
Buckley house is a hostel for students. The hostel has a view of
the sea. It is only five minutes from the train station and ten
minutes from the bus station.
There are twenty-five single rooms and eight double rooms, on
three floors. Each floors has its own kitchen, shower-room and
toilets. There are four double rooms with en- suite bathrooms.
On the ground floor there is a very large hall with TV. There
is a small coffee bar and a games room (with a billiard table and
two tennis tables).
ІІ деңгей
(Неге? Себебі?
Неліктен? Не
Match the words in column A with B(individual and pair work)
To cook in the living room
To watch TV in the bathroom
To take a shower in the kitchen
To water flowers in the dining room
To sleep in the garden
To have dinner in the bedroom
Who knows more? «Кім көбірек біледі?»/ Әріптерді қалпына
келтіру керек/.
I group II group
1)Dining room 1)Architect
2)Kitchen 2) Clocks
3) Pomegranate 3) Sofa
Which word is the odd one?
I group
1. house , flat, room, living room, bedroom, kitchen
2. TV set, sofa, fridge, lamp, lion, table, chair.
II group
3. day, week, month, sun, year, season
4.study, speak, learn,say, play.
ІІІ деңгей
тау» (қорытын-
ды шығар,
анықтама бер,
мазмұнды жүйеле,
кесте, сызба,
сөзжұмбақ, ребус
т.б. тапсырма-лар )
Тест - (активоит
арқылы алу)
Test (Activeboard)
Where is Buckley house?
a)From the train station to the bus station
b) bus station c) train station
How many kitchens are there?
a) 3 b)4 c)5
How many double rooms are there?
a) 9 b)4 c)8
How many pay telephones are there?
a) 3 b)2 c)5
«Баға беру»
(Сен қалай
Не істер едің?)
1.Auding work. Listen to the video.
№2. After that to complete the advertisement. Тыңда және
жарнама құра!
I group
II group
Үйге тапсырма
1)Ex4,7 p173
2) Draw your own flat.
3) To learn by heart new words.