Конспект урока "Parts of the body" 5 класс

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Конспект урока
в 5 классе
«Parts of the body»
учитель иностранного языка
Рыжикова Ксения Олеговна
Советский 2011
Урок составлен по УМК И. Н. Верещагиной “English V”, учебник для общеобразовательных учреждений с углубленным изучение
иностранного языка, лицеев, гимназий, колледжей. - М: Просвещение. - 2008.
ТЕМА УРОКА: “Parts of the body”
ЦЕЛИ: ОБРАЗОВАТЕЛЬНАЯ: Совершенствование навыков говорения.
Задачи: изучить новую лексику по теме “Parts of the body ;
совершенствовать умение давать советы;
совершенствовать навыки диалогической речи.
РАЗВИВАЮЩИЕ: Развить память, фонетический слух, языковую догадку
ВОСПИТАТЕЛЬНЫЕ: Воспитать культуру здорового образа жизни, умение выслушивать мнение других и давать советы.
ОБОРУДОВАНИЕ: учебник, доска, презентация.
План проведения урока:
1. Организационный момент, приветствие;
2. Речевая зарядка;
3. Совершенствование навыков диалогической речи;
4. Изучение новой лексики “Parts of the body”;
5. Совершенствование навыков письменной речи;
6. Подведение итогов урока, объяснение домашнего задания.
- Hello, children. Sit down, please. I am really
glad to see you today.
- How are you today?
- What date is it today?
1 мин
Речевая зарядка,
домашнего задания
-And first of all let’s practice our
- Repeat after me: w, way, wear, what, wear it
Th - that, this, with, with us, that way, this
^ - us, bus, with us, the bus.
- Well done. Thank you.
- Now recite three parts of the poem.
- Look the fourth part of the poem. Listen to
me and read it.
- Repeat after me.
- Now read it line by line.
- Now read the whole poem.
6 мин
диалогической речи
- Let’s remember the new words and phrases.
Look at the screen and say what you see.
- Now let’s go to the doctor all together. Open
p.200, please. Read the dialogue by role.
- Let’s write the plan to this story. You’ll
learn it at home later. So you should
remember the order when something happens.
1. The patient coughs.
2. The doctor listens to chest and lungs.
3. The doctor takes a blood pressure.
18 мин
4. The central heating is broken.
5. The doctor takes a pulse.
6. The doctor takes a temperature.
7. Patient’s feet hurt every time he walks.
8. The shoes are bad.
- Let’s give some advice to people who are
- Open your books at p.202, ex.25.
- Look at the phrases and say what the people
should do to be healthy.
- Nowadays all people want to be strong and
healthy. Say what you should do to be
- Well done!
Изучение новой
лексики “Parts of
the body”.
- If we want to know how to keep our body
healthy we should know the parts of the body.
- Look at the screen, please, and repeat the
words (идет вся презентация, ученики
повторяют слова за диктором).
- Open your vocabulary and put down the
new words (при повторном просмотре
презентации учащиеся записывают новые
слова в словарики).
- Open your books at p. 194, ex.10. Look at
the picture and put the right number near the
pert of the body.
- Let’s check. Dasha and Artem come up to
the board. I’ll tell you a number; the students
in the class will say the part of the body. And
you, Dasha, will show us this part on Artem.
Is clear?
10 мин
- Very good! Sit down, please.
Отработка навыков
письменной речи
- Now lets look at the papers. There are some
words that can help us to write. They show us
the right order, the time when something
happens. They help us to write the opinion,
add the details.
- Let’s look at them and try to understand the
meaning. (приложение 1)
- Look at the text and find the linkers there:
“Being healthy is really important in our life.
You can do some things to keep your health.
Firstly, eat a lot of fruit and vegetables. 90%
of students eat fresh fruit every day. However,
70% of students eat fast food once a week.
Secondly, do some sports. This is really
important because it makes your muscles and
bones strong. Finally, go for a walk every
In my opinion I do a lot to be healthy. When I
am bored I go for a walk with my friends. I
like playing tennis. I also like dancing. I ran
every morning during the summer.
I think each person can do a lot to be
7 мин
Подведение итогов,
домашнего задания.
- Today at the lesson we have known parts of
the body. So, what part of the body do you
- Now open you record books and put down
your home work: English V, p. 202, ex.28
(write the text and change all the main verbs
into the past tense), learn the whole poem.
3 мин
- Thanks for your attention! Good bye!
Приложение 1 - Памятка ученикам.
To add more information:
I like football and tennis.
I like swimming. I also like tennis.
To write the details:
She went to the cinema but she didn’t like the film.
However однако, тем не менее
90% of students eat fresh fruit every day. However, 70% of students eat
fast food once a week.
To write your own opinion:
I think
I think, health is the main part of our life.
In my opinion
In my opinion, fruit are very useful for health.
To write the reason:
Dancing makes us healthier because it makes your heart strong.
To show the order:
After the match we go for a walk.
Firstly/ Secondly/ Finally
Firstly, I go for a walk every day.
Secondly, I eat a lot of fruit and vegetable.
Finally, I go run every morning.
To show the time:
When I’m bored, I love watching DVDs.
I learned to play during the summer.
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