План урока "Save the energy" 9 класс

Lesson plan
Theme: Save the energy
Date: 16.05.2018
Aims: формирование коммуникативной компетенции учащихся на основе изученных
лексических единиц, речевых и грамматических структур по теме “Охрана окружающей
- активизация лексики, закрепление грамматических навыков говорения с использованием
грамматических структур.
- развитие личностной активности учащихся, познавательного интереса, познавательных
способностей (речь, память, внимание, воображение) мышления.
- формирование уважительного отношения к природе и ответственного отношения к
экологическим проблемам, чувства любви к природе и ответственности за ее сохранение.
Тип урока: систематизация и закрепление знаний по теме.
Оборудование: компьютер; мультимедийный проектор.
Оснащение урока: видеоролик “The Earth is our home”; иллюстрации, карточки с
заданиями, знаки по охране окружающей среды.
Ход урока
Основное содержание
Стадия вызова
Good morning, boys and girls. I am glad to see you. I hope you are OK today and ready to work
hard. I`d like to begin with a little poem:
The sun, the trees, the grass, the sky,
The silver moon that’s sailing by,
The rain and dew and snowflakes white,
The flowers sweet and stars of night.
The song of birds, wind whispering
Such lovely things to bear and see
Belong to you belong to me.
Could you tell me what you imagined when you listened to this poem?
We live in a wonderful world. It is our Earth. The Earth is our home. But now our planet is in
danger. We have very serious environmental problems on our Earth. And today I want us to talk
about them.
Let`s remember the words which we can associate with environmental problems.
5 мин.
(дети называют слова по теме damage, disturb, pollute, spoil …)
Стадия содержания
Many people try to pay our attention to environmental problems. And now I want you to watch a
video and tell me what problems it is about.
(просмотр клипа на песню М. Джексона «Earth song»)
Well, tell me, please, what environmental problems this clip shows.
(дети высказывают свое мнение It tells us about animals which are killed, this film shows us that
people damage our nature…)
You`re absolutely right. And you know these problems are really serious.
On the blackboard you can see the names of some other important problems. And on your desks
there are their symbols and descriptions. Look through this information and match the symbols with
the names of the problems and their description.
(дети выполняют задание в микрогруппах, а затем зачитывают свои ответы. Полученные
данные фиксируются на доске.)
I hope you understand that people damage nature a lot. And they don`t understand how terrible it is.
But, fortunately, there are differet organizations which try to protect our environment and make the
world a better place. Imagine that you`re in such group and tell us what people should or shouldn`t
do to help the Earth. I think these signs will help you.
(дети продолжают работать в группах, а затем высказывают свои предложения: People should
sort their rubbish, they shouldn`t kill animals…)
Thank you. Good work. And at home I want you to make your own 5 signs and write what people
should do to save environment.
(дети записывают д/з)
Certainly, you understand that everybody should start from himself Everybody should remember the
rule of three R`s. Reminnd me, please, what these three R`s mean.
(reduce, reuse recycle)
Well, let`s see what we can reduce , reuse or recycle. Open your books, please, on page 75 and find
here exercise 3. Read the words, please. OK and now answer the question.
(We can reduce using water and electricity.
7 мин.
7 мин.
6 мин.
2 мин.
6 мин.
We can reuse glass bottles.
We can recycle paper and cans.)
How can we do it?
(We can reduce using water by turning off water when we brush our teeth.
If we don`t use computer or TV-set too often we can reduce electricity. )
On your desks you can see the contract of Ted Bryan. Let`s read what he want to do in order to save
(дети читают контракт)
Now try to make your own contract. And write, please, what will you do in order to…protect nature,
save animals, save forests, save the environment. Use Ted`s contract as an example.
(дети пишут контракт в течение 5 минут)
5 мин.
Стадия рефлексии
It will be interesting to read your contracts. I hope they are great.
So, thank you for your good work at the lesson!
You are hard-working children.
You can see the environmental problems and you can tell how we can solve them. Now, please, give
points to your groupmates and tell me the number of your points.
2 мин.