Презентация "Я люблю Россию"

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I love Russia

Russia is my country. It is the biggest country in the world. Russia is situated on two continents: Europe and Asia.

. Volga is a most long river in Europe. She flows in Caspian Sea.On coast much beautiful old , as greater so and small All of these - have its history.




The Other symbol to Russia is a birch. You may find these tree everywhere. People has packed beautiful canto about this tree

Moscow - a capital in Russia. In Flint possible, see that tsar- bell and tsar - a gun, , monument founder Moscow YUriyu Dolgorukomu and poet Alexander Pushkin

The Big theatre, Tretiyakovskaya галлерея, Zoo.Ostankino and Eternal flame

Seven miracles to Russia:

Palace ensemble in Petergofe

Pokrovskiy cathedral cathedral Vasiliya Blessed in Moscow

Ma Burial mound and Native land-mother

Lake Baikal

Valley geyser on Kamchatke

Natural Poles in Lump

Mountain Elbrus - the most high in Russia

Russia always meets guests by bread and salt



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